A true story

Some years ago I was chatting with a five girls in my chatroom ‘herogirls’. I told them I wanted to roleplay and to create a dragonfight. There was a user ‘Red Dragon’ controlled by me. I know that most of my visiters where lesbian girls.
I took the name ‘Julia’. There where Pamela and some others I do not remember.
Just for girls. We fought the red dragon naturally and I do not remember the details of the fight. But I do remember that I wrote: “I roll under the dragons belly”.
I asked for an knife. The girls applauded and said it was a good idea and threw me one. I wrote: “I drive my knife into the yellow underside of the dragon”
I was letting the dragon scream in pain and wrote: “I pull it out and push it in again”. “I rip my knife out, watch the belly and drive it back in”.
“I take it back, move it to another spot of the squirming underside and shove it in again”. “I pull it out and ram it back in”.
The red dragon was rearing up helplessly under the constant stabs. The girls yelled things like: “Yeeah, Julia. Do him, make him bleed”.
I suppose they liked to see the strong beast so defenceless and in a hopeless situation.
I described: “I stab the knife into its yellow belly again. And again. And again”. “I pull it out, see it bleed and ram it five times”.
Then I encouraged the others to attack the dragon which was rearing up when they did it. I said: “I run my knife again into its defenceless soft belly”.
“This is hot”, said one of the girls and Pam agreed. “Yes, this is soo hot”.
I let the dragon arching his back, making the belly more vulnerable to my attacks.
I wrote: “I stab further into the soft, exposed underbelly, without the dragon being able to react. I pull it out and again, I stab, stab, stab and stab”.
Suddenly Pam wrote: “Yeessssss, stab your long knife into his soft, helpless belly, make him squirm, kill that beast, this is sooooo hot”.
And this surprised me and showed me I was not the only one liking this. They filled the chatroom with horny girls.
“Stab it, stab it, defeat the big dragon, little girl”, they yelled.
I wanted to hear more and wrote how I stabbed more. Again and again into his underbelly and “Red Dragon” was rearing up under those stabs.
“Right into the yellow tummy. Stab that bastard”. So I did. Again and again.
They called my name. I wrote: “I ram my knife further into the squirming beast”.
And after some more stabs they screamed: “Finish him, finish his belly. Kill him, aaaahhh”. “I want to see him collapse, just make the beast collapse”.
I described how I constantly rammed the knife into the soft belly.
The “Red dragon” was loosing it. I wrote: “I use my knife to make a long cut on his belly, open a part”.
“Cut him open, cut his damn belly open, kill it”, Pam wrote.
“Another long cut on his belly, and another. I stab into his belly again, again and again”, I wrote.
“Oh Julia, stab more, stab it, oh yeaahh”, Pam said.
So I did, stabbed for another thirty times. Every dragon would have collapsed by now and I suggested that “Red Dragon” could die soon.
Every five stabs something hot came from the girls. “Yeaahh, full in”, “Rear up you big beast”, “Defeated by a little girl you are”.
Together they impaled his flanks with spears while I was constantly ramming my knife in. This was the hottest thing I ever created and I wish to do it again.
The dragon reared back in great agony. I stabbed and stabbed, the girls seemed to masturbate.
To heaten them on I stabbed further my knife into the dragons unprotected belly. “I ram my knife again into the dragons abdomen, rip it out and shove it in again”, I wrote.
I bet in this moment they came to orgasms, because shortly after that they killed the red dragon with me.
First they gave me a sword and “I ran the sword up to the hilt into the dragons defenceless, arched belly”.
“Make him squirm”. “Kill him”. “Wow, up to the hilt”, Pam said.
After three further long stabs I let the dragon rear up high, stumble, fall and roll over on his back. I had not to say anything, most of the girls wrote:
“I jump to the dragon and impale his abdomen with my spear/sword/dagger/knife”. Lots of girls overwhelmed the dragon at once.
I let the red dragon get hard abs just once and then the overkilled beast finally broke down and died.
The room was empty in seconds, just Pam and her friends stayed, promising to do this again soon and “how hot this was”.
None of the questions about normality of sexuality or that stuff. Not even bare feet. Just pure lesbian girl carnage.


Killing the Land Dragon

It was the year 1361. Jeanne was a 13 years old girl and the leader of a gang of assassin kids, doing jobs for local warlords. Part of her group where Lola, 12, Jasper, 14, Lina, 13, Karilla, 13, Sepia, 14, Annabelle, 11, Surana, 12, Madina, 13, Juri, 13, Denara, 13, Parina, 12, Entara, 11, Nidara, 17, Zirpi, 12, Amitera, 14, die Schwestern Halana und Onala, both 13, Dulcan, 13 and Filus, 14.
Sixteen girls and four boys. Normally they worked in small groups, but their new task neede all their participation.
“Kill the land dragon”, the mail from their lord said in big red letters.
Jeanne knew. There are only one land dragon around, the long dragon of Kiliathan. This animal was 30 metres long, green, scaly with a long neck, sharp claws and a tail with an black tip. It was sayed that the tip was poisoned.
All kids met in their cave talking about the tactics of the fight. It was important to sort all their options before going into war.
They also talked about their equipment.

“What do we knew about this dragon?”, Jeanne asked.
“He is deathly”, Sepia answered with a sad look.
“His claws are sharp and he is deathly”, Lola agreed.
“His body is very long, the perfect target”, Denara said with a smile.
“Did you ever encountered someone who broke through his scales?”, Juri asked.
“No, but..”, Denara said.
“It makes no sense then”, Juri interrupted her.
“I just wanted to say that..”, she said.
“Spare us your ideas”, Juri interruped again.

Jeanne was angry. Zirpi wanted to raise her mood.

“Perhaps this dragon has some, some, weakness”, she said.
“Yes, so we just need to find out”, Halana and Onala said at once.
“Hm, weak spot, weak spots. There is a legend about dragons. Lets see”, Jeanne answered.

She took a big book out of the board.

“Here it is, ‘this dragon was vulnerable just on his eyes. But after we blinded the beast it turned over. His belly was totally white and soft and we wasted not time and opened it’ – They cut the belly open”, Jeanne said.
“And if this is just a story and the dragon is not so vulnerable on his tummy, then we all die”, Juri said.
“Yes, we all die. Are you afraid, little boy?”, Nidara said, manacing him.
“Nnno, i am not”, he stuttered.

“I would say we go in with 5, trying the dragon and flee”, Jeanne said. She picked Lina, Dulcan, Sepia and little Annabelle.

The Landdragon was there, it was big and not to pass. Annabelle was sneaking barefoot near the beast. It seemed longer than thirty metres and was very massive. But this little girl was faster than anyone else. She probed his flanks without him noticing and realized they where hard. She saw a small part under the scales, near the belly and probed there. Her knife went in without problems.
The dragon started to turn his body to the left, she removed the knife and saw blood.
Before the dragon could act, the girl ran her blade, one, two, tree, ten times into that spot, jumped up, on the dragons back, ran on her bare, tiny feet to the neck and probed the neck underside. It was softer, but she still was not able to penetrate it. The back was far too hard, eyes not to reach, the chest too dangerous, so she jumped into the high gras and disappeared like a mouse while the dragon still was turning to the left.
Annabelle came back with a smile. She lifted her bloody knife and said: “The belly is vulnerable, like in the story, perhaps the rest is true too”.

“Dulcan, could you hit the dragons eyes?”, Jeanne asked.
“Nope, too far away”, he answered.
“Are you sure? And when we bring the big head down?”, she asked.
“When you bring his eyes near to my bow I can shot and hit the eye and blind it after some arrows”, he said.
“Good, then I have a plan”, Jeanne said.


Ideas and suggestions please 😀 I have many and will write on.


Sonja and her gang

After some miles walking the group of teen and preteen girls reached the place where the beast was dwelling.
All nineteen girls had bare feet, a bow with arrows and a knife.
The dragon was roaring. It was more a wyvern than a dragon but I hope you do not mind. Surrounding it was the first task of the girls what was not easy. The beast was mobile and fast. And it was tending to attack single girls which was mean but effective. Sonja the oldest of them, a young woman of 21 jumped in the way of the dragon to protect an innocent child warrior.
Like her teenage friends, Sonja she had pretty bare feet and less clothes then her underaged, skinny counterparts. She had her spear in front, excited about slaying the dragon. When the beast got her attention, the little girls aimed for its wings with arrows, managing to hit them hard and often.
The wyvern, confused by the attack from the rear while fighting Sonja, screamed and looked back, screamed again and reared up, watching the girls behind it. Sonja had a look at the softer underside, yellow, slimy and scaly.
“Stab it, go for it, make it bleed”, she thought. But somehow the excitement took over and she was barely able to attack at all. She only hit the base of the neck what was a great hit. But not the one which would let the beast reeling back forever.
The girls yelled, some on the ground stood up and even aimed at the flanks which where to hard to be penetrated by arrows and so wasting them.
When the dragon was back on its belly, screaming and bleeding from its wound on the neck, Sonja was its primary target. It used the long hard tail to know her down, to beat her hot body into submission.
Indeed one hit could be enough to kill her but the first hit knocked her over and out of fear and the drive to survive Sonja fled behind a tree. The wyvern followed her, the shoeless children and teenager shot the wings further, amazed by the endurance of the beast and the disciplin.
Attacking any other big beast caused the inability to choose a target but the dragon was different.
It was unable to take flight and it would not be wise either, because the underside was not hard at all and all kids shooting at it would make the dragon go off in convulsions.
But on the other hand it was wasting time with Sonja, allowing the little ones to attack further. Weak spots where the wings, the underside of the neck, the eyes. Vulnerable spots where all over the belly.
The wyvern inspected the tree for a while, Sonja turned left, but there was no weakness on the dragon.
Instead the beast attacked the tree, shaking it hard.
For that the wyvern turned around, beating the tree with its tail. Sonja walked out, aiming for the left hind leg and was driving the spear tip into the joint. At the same time girls shoot the neck.
The wyverns leg sunk in, in pain it turned around, slower that before. Sonja on her bare soles instead was fast, ran to the other leg, rammed it, once, twice, as often as needed until this leg collapsed too.
When the young woman was running to the the right front leg the dragon realized it and hit her legs with its dangerous tail, making her stumble. The wyvern was walking towards her. Alina, a 14 year old heroine ran to the tail, took her sword, aimed and stabbed the tail base as often as she could.
When the dragon screamed it terror and lashed at the girl she was reacting fast, jumping up on the back of the beast, stabbing the tail again and again. The dragon knew that this young girl was about to defeat its best weapon of defense and that its hind was attackable then. With a loud scream the dragon had its tail destroyed and the barefoot girl yelled, jumping off, assisting Sonja in bringing the dragon on its knees.
More often the beast was rearing up the long neck and Alina waited, watching and it the right moment she stepped up, drilling her sword inside the neck, pointing towards the chest und shoving it up to the hilt.
The dragon was rearing up and screaming, the sword stayed and Alina was running away.
In absolute agony the dragon reared up again and again, finally exposing its belly.
“This time I get you”, she thought, pointing the tip of her spear towards the dragons soft underbelly, ran for it and stabbed through the abdominal wall right into the guts, sending the dragons body off in convulsions.
The barefoot kids jumped up and down. They knew now it was the time to hit the dragon hard. The incredible pain it was feeling made the beast unable to fight back or hide its delicate bodyparts.
Sonja pulled the spear out, watched the dragon squirm and reel in horror. The kids ran in front of the beast, pulled their strings and started to shoot the writhing body all over. Time was essential. They hit flanks, legs, neck and they hit the belly, making a mess of it. Some arrows stuck into it up to the feathers.
Again and again the dragon exposed its underbelly, which in the meantime was tighten on, rippled and twenty arrows stuck in it. The center was still bleeding. The beast knew that they would defeat its body soon and was finally bending over to protect its belly. The pain was not to bear and the now hardened belly was trembling, shaking.
They did their best, the dragon was not not much of a danger anymore. With destroyed tail and hind legs it was slow, an easy target. The girls just had to walk away when the dragon came.
The arrows has penetrated the stomach and the dragon was suffering from beginning organ failure. The girls knew that in time the dragon would have to give up. While it was so slow, barefoot girls with good marksmanship abilities climbed on the trees, aimed for the beasts eyes, knowing that a blind dragon was easier to kill. Sonja was happy about the kids showing so much potential. So the young, short haired, barefooters blinded the beast in long, agonizing attacks.
The blind dragon was screaming, its undersided pressed on the ground. After some minutes, it was finally giving up and the kids, inclusive Sonja met on one side to roll it over and finally kill it.
Because the beast knew it was dying, it was merely an errand of mercy to expose its long stomach, taking out their knifes and start the slaughter it.
It was an amazing sight to see the squirming giant beast, helpless and vulnerable with uncovered belly getting slaughtered by lots of barefoot girls with knifes.
Sonjas nipples went stiff. The dragon did its best to arouse her, instead of laying still it was bending over, tighten on its partially destroyed abs, convulsing in front of the young girls who attacked so fast.
Much blood was flowing out, the children stabbed and jabbed the big tummy and the dragon was squirming for ten minutes in its own blood before finally screaming out.
The kids stepped back, satisfied. The underside was still moving but the dragon was dying. Sonja stepped up and with five hard stabs with her spear she killed the beast.
The girls lifted their hand with the knifes, having the dragon killed together.


Dragon on the Outpost

When the dragon was see on the first outpost of the village the small army prepared for attack. Two boys armed with heavy hammers, so they could barely lift them started to come out from the rock, the first started to crash his hammer against the dragons hindleg.
The long tail was moving and the underside of the tail was open to attack from time to time, so a fourteen year old, barefoot girl with a long lance approached.
Aiming carefully she jabbed the lance into the dragons tail, so that the beast roared.
She also saw a small part of the underbelly behind the legs open and while the tail was still swirling around she thrusted through the soft, yellow skin and brought the tip of the lance into the dragon.
“Yeah, Jenny. Shove the lance deeper”, the boy nearby yelled, hammering against the dragon again.
The other boy was watching the dragon and when he was stomping and turning around he ran to the same side like the other boy, but to the front paw and with full force he beat upon the ankle.
At once the dragon was shaking, bending his neck towards the boy, but in this moment the girl behind him shoved the lance far deeper into the underbelly.
The dragon screamed and lifted his long neck. The lance stuck into the small, free area and the girl was on her toes to be able to shove it that deep.
Both boys hit again and two younger girls ran to Jenny to help her.
“Let’s impale the beast there”, Hiljanna said. With the help of Orina she got a very long lance. The boys hit again. The tail was still dangerous. Jenny had been lucky, but now the dragon was cautious.
Daniel, a skinny twelve year old was running over a big rock and jumped onto the dragon.
It was impossible for him to hurt the beast, but his plan was merely to distract him. But when he saw the three girl yelling and pointing at the slashing tail and the shaking pelvic area.
He called two other kids, a thirteen year old boy and a fifteen year old girl, both with a lassos.
They caught the long tail with the help of the girls on the ground.
Together they pulled the tail backwards, upwards. The girls damaged the tail with lances while the boys pulled it up. Then they fixed the weak, bleeding tail on the back.
The whole time the dragon was rocking and shaking. Now realizing that part of the underbelly was naked he stomped and roared in discomfort. While he was turning around further the girls aimed and stabbed three or five times into the yellow, small area. The dragon roared, reared his neck upwards, before trying to catch the boy with the hammer, beating against his forepaw.
But when he snapped after the boy hiding between two rocks, the girls finally trusted longer lance beneath the first one into the dragons body. Furtunately the hindlegs of the dragon gave up and he collapsed down.
The long neck reared up in great pain. So the girls took each other on their shoulders and after pulling the lance out the rammed it in again and stabbed the whole lance through the dragon.
After another hit on the forepaw the upper part of the dragon collapsed too. But when he tried to stand up again, his left hindleg was broken.
His right leg lifted the abdomen and moved it to the side. The yellow underside was visible the the girls went very happy.
The kids on the back threw the second lasso over his head on the neck and lowered themselfes down to the ground.
While the neck was still squirming the kids held the first lasso, used a second and third one to restrain the long, wild lashing neck. More kids with lassos brought the neck down. After all, ten lassos where needed to finally fix the neck so that the second part of the fight could begin. When the girls started to jab their knifes into the softer belly of the dragon, every time they pulled back, some blood was flowing out of the wounds.
The dragon managed to lift his neck, so great was the pain. Most kids used this to jump over on the dragons shoulders, to the other side and started to pull him back.
When he felt the force the beast was shaking. Three lances on shoulders, base of the neck and on the leg where set.
The three girls attacked the underbelly with smiling faces. But that was not enough to let the dragon roll over.
Because the neck would not reach them the both boys hammered down on the front leg.
He had no chance. Although the leg was withstanding many hits it finally broke, the chest went down.
With all their strenght they pulled and pushed the dragon slowly to the side. More and more yellow skin appeared. When they almost got it the dragon was not moving anymore, he laid upon the broken leg.
So one of the girls grabbed a spear, knelt down near the cheast and ran the spear many times into the underside.
The dragon screamed, kicked with the healthy leg in pain and then they where able to roll the beast over on the side.
The kids all came to the yellow belly, watching it, touching it and feel the dragons vulnerability.
Now the neck was free and bent in all directions for the dragon has lost sense of that one. The kneeling girl stood up, went on her bare feet to the center of the belly and with a quick jab the spear stuck into it.
The dragon screamed, the whole belly changed, it tightened on and a boy wasted no time, ramming his dagger constantly into the flesh.
A girl took her sword, shoved it in to the hilt, while the dragon was kicking the healthy legs. The boy threw their hammers upon the dragon and climbed up, hammered down on both legs.
The girl turned the blade, two boys shoved a lance into the lower belly, who went soft and then hard again.
New knifes and daggers entered when a boy and two girls joined the slaughter.
The legs gave up, the neck swirled around, grabbed one boy on his arm and took him up into the air. The girl who saw this ran her knife deep into the abdomen of the dragon, slicing towards the chest, opening the whole belly.
Several times now the neck fell down and the girl with the sword made the long wound deeper, gutting the dragon.
The kids stabbed into the wound, turned their weapons and ripped the innards out. They ram and pulled until the big dragon finally collapsed.
All boys and girls yelled and lifted their weapons while the belly was still moving in spasms. But then also the belly gave up and the dragon was death.


Arrowgirl Nadine, Part 1

This is a story about a young warrior girl. With bow and arrow she was able to hit any target she was aiming at.
It started on a party for kids. A rather big dragon was bound on a giant pole. On his belly was a big butt and dozens of kids tried to hit the middle.
The dragon was suffering big time. Many arrows stuck out of his stomach. The kids tormented him without being able to kill him.
But then the two bare feet of our warrior girl appeared. She aimed carefully and shot her arrow into the center of the mark, the center of the belly.
The arrow went so deep that only the feathers went out.
The dragon roared so loud that everyone took notice. She shot a second arrow beside the first. The dragon laid his head backwards, screaming and hissing.
She shot the third, fourth and fifth arrow. Never on a child’s party the kids slayed the dragon with arrows.
Generally they used swords and made a bloody mess out of the stomach. But our arrowgirl was about to kill the dragon. Some of her arrows hitting the ones already stuck into the dragon, driving them deeper. The dragons belly went hard. All kids cheered for her.
She drove arrow after arrow into the one spot on the belly. The dragon laid his whole neck back. She shot further. With a scream and a quivering belly the dragon was about to die. Our barefooter shot more arrows into the dying dragon. Roars of pain and agony emerged from the beast.
Then it was shaking, receiving further arrows into his spot and his weight made the pole go sidewards.
The death beast, defeated by our barefoot heroine, went down. She did it, she brought her first dragon down.
She took her knife and started to cut the arrows out of the dragons big belly.
All knew, also the adults that she was going to become a dragon-slayer.
Walking barefoot all the year our young heroine grew up. She became fourteen years old and watched two dragon-slaying parties without permission to kill the dragon herself. That made her angry at first, but on the second year the kids tortured the dragon for five whole hours and she sat in her chair and watched in excitement.
The beast had arrows all over his big stomach and stretched in all directions.
Roars of agony arose the whole afternoon. As the dragon was still alive when the party was over the parents gave their kids long blade-spears and they first made cuts into the stomach and later stabbed into the open wounds.
Our shooter watched with open mouth when the dragon bend his long neck backwards and shivered.
“This is sooo hot”, she thought, moving restless upon her seat. Fifteen kids shoved their lances into the dragon. The neck went backwards, again and again.
“We almost got it”, a girl yelled. They moved the lances around into the big helpless belly.
With a roar the dragon bend backwards and kept there. Just a few stabs later the creature died.
The girl was dazed in excitement and could think clearly. Her sexuality slowly awoke in the last months, but this was simply the hottest thing she watched until then.
In the night she let her fingers circle, re-imagining the dragon and the long “fight” with the kids.
Her hips bucked against her hand, her abs went out and her breath became faster. At the pivotal point she saw the dragon rear up and collapsing.
She went on her back, still breathing hard. The pictures gave her no sleep and she rubbed herself again, this time faster.
Arching herself up, her firm stomach became rippled and her body quivered hard. She went on, rubbing for another three minutes until she came a thirth time.

“I will kill dragons with my bow, I just want to torture them in every possible way and so long they can stand. I want to watch their helpless fat bellies spotted with my arrows and watch their long necks elongate in all directions. I will make their bodies collapse and stand up again. When no one else is watching I will torment those beast endless.”, she thought.
“When I bring them on their backs I climb on their bellies and destroy them. It will take hours before they die.”

She moved her toes and pat her belly and then she slept. In her dreams she was destroyer of fat dragonbellies. She was surrounded by them and shot ten arrows at once in every belly, until the beast all fell backwards.
Barefoot she jumped high in the air and shot hundreds of arrows into the bellies under her. They lost blood, the many necks knotted and guts erupted from them.
The beasts became a sea of blood and guts and roars emerged from everywhere.
Still into the air she shoot arrows into the sea and after a high pitched scream the sea turned gray.
The second dream was about a long dragon, burning everything on his path. But then hundreds of cute little angels with silver spears appeared, flying under the dragon and started to dig the muscles of his belly out with their spears. Rivers of blood fell from the sky and where it hit the earth, more angels arise, joining the fight. When they cut all the muscles out, his guts fell down and his empty abdominal cavity bend in the air.
The little barefoot angels parted, watching the dragon squirm and fell down.
When he reached the ground he rolled over, arched his body up, although that was not possible and all angels started to sing. That made him roll and twist on the ground and after a very long time it laid still and the angels went through an interdimensional rift into another universe.

Time to give our barefoot herogirl a name. Nadine? Is that ok. At least it is her name.
She woke up with a smile. Yesterday was fun. The death dragon with the belly butt still was on the pole. She studied his anatomy and enjoyed the thought that such a strong beast could be hit so easily into the belly.
Enough arrows on the right spot could kill it. The dragons vulnerable spot was destroyed completely by the kids but she supposed that every dragon had such a spot. A single trust into that spot on the center of the belly would agonize or even kill the dragon.
She had to find out. No time to wait for next years party. She grabbed her bow and arrows, searching for some real dragons. And of course her sword, long and pointy.
It was early morning and she hoped to find sleeping dragons on their side.
While those beast did not fear any animal and became careless they even showed their stomachs and even slept outside the cave. It was a bit cold so dragons where an easy target for her. In the valley it took not long to find one.
In fact there where so many that she could not look anywhere without finding one. With a grin she took one arrow out. She sneaked to the first dragon, watched the uncovered belly of the big creature and saw the vulnerable spot.
She knew if she would kill it fast, it would not be such fun. Instead of she took the arrow into her right hand and with a fast stab she pushed trough the vulnerable spot, ram the arrow in and rip it out again.
As fast as her bare feet could make it she ran to the next dragon, shoved the arrow in and out and then to the next and within two minutes she saw all the dragon squirm in pain and roll over and heard them roar and moan. It was fun. The spots on their stomachs went red and they suffered.
They rolled on their backs, suffering and bending their convulsing bellies.
The cold air had made them dull. She could kill one or two now. One of the dragon roared with a snarling voice and bend his neck back. He still was on his side and she went to him, aimed for the spot and did it again. In fact she permanently pierced his vulnerable belly hole with the arrow. The animal just coiled up.
Nadine took the arrow out, taking her sword and ram it in completely to the hilt. With a loud roar the dragon went on his back.
With bare feet she was climbing on the bending, arching, curving, buckling beast which arched up and doubled over the whole time. The squirming, writhing body shook and shiver, twisting and flexing in all directions. Grabbing the sword, she pulled it out, letting it sink into again.
The belly made waves she had to hold the sword handle. When the waves subsided Nadine finished the dragon off. With many blows into the spot she destroyed the animal completely and watched it collapse. It was still alive.

“Lets see whats in there”, she said.
Removing the sword and grabbing into the hole, Nadine found out that there was a very thin layer of bone under the muscles she stabbed through.
That’s why she was able to slay the dragon on the kids party two years before.
The arrows of all kids only went through the muscles while her arrows went straight into the organs and even deeper. That’s why she killed the dragon.
“Now that is hot!”, she said. “I definitely want a dragonslayer as boyfriend. He can love me upon the dying dragon then.”
Nadine reached the age her interest on boys grew. And there where many fine boy dragonslayer she knew.
But they did it in the arena with land dragons. They had no idea of vulnerable spots, they just fought, slashed and stabbed, jumped on their backs, leaving their belly uncovered for their friends. She often got off watching them finally ram all their weapons into the soft belly.
Nadine got an idea. It was forbidden for girls to fight in the arena. But with her boyish look, her small breast and her hard abs anyone could think of her as boy.
She would love so much to join a dragonfight and slay the worm with her tricks. Everything was allowed into those fights.
Some boys tortured the dragon in front of the visitors for fun.
Nadine got hard nipples. She remembered one fight where after the dragon was down the boys of all teams surrounded the beast and tormented it with daggers until it was death. Nadine laid down on the death dragon, fantasizing about boys killing dragons together.
“Would they get horny too?”, she asked herself.

It took her just two weeks to dress as a boy and join the dragon fighter school.
She befriended with some boys and in a weak moment she asked about ‘boy things’.
“Of course we get horny when the dragon suffers”, the boys told her, “that’s why we jerk off before and after each fight”.
Nadine’s face went purple.
They started to laugh. “Hey, don’t tell us you wouldn’t. We see how you enjoy to torment those beasts, but your weenie keeps down”.
“So you masturbate, or you..”, a boy told. Nadine was afraid to have them find out. “..are impotent”.
Everyone was laughing. Nadine was relieved. They had no idea. She started to grin too, the same boyish grin she used to practice earlier.
“Are you slaying wild dragons too?”, she asked.
“Only on holidays. We have a whole month no dragon to slay, so we join and slay such a beast. Why?”, they told her.
“Can I take part?”, she asked nervously.
“Of course, just bring the weapon of your choice and some wood”, they said.
“For what is the wood?”, Nadine said.
“We take parts of the dragon and roast and eat them”, a boy said.
“And remember. No masturbation before dragonslaying. If it hurts you can fight without panties, the dragon wont bother”, they sniggered.
So Nadine was on the school, slayed a small dragon after two weeks, without exposing her two secrets, her gender and her knowledge about the defenseless spot.
Everybody tapped onto her shoulder after she fought the dragon barefeeted and with a short sword.
Her beats against the head of the dragon made the creature stagger, she avoided the bites, jumped to the left and stabbed into the shoulder, then she hit the softer flank, attacking the head again. After she was stabbing the legs of the left side and beating like mad against the head the dragon went to his side and she lost no time and found the spot and ram the sword into it. All boys smiled when she continuously drove the sword into the belly, killing it.
“Wow, that was fast”, a boy said while the dragon was still twitching. They got horny for sure. Nadine saw the bulges on their pants. One moment she thought about touching it, rubbing them off hard. But she focused.
“I was lucky, I guess”, she said.
“No, more than lucky. Your style is superb, your aim at the underside, when you are reaching it, the beast has no chance.”
“We like to have you on our team”, the teamleader said almost tender, looking deep into her blue eyes.
In the night Nadine woke up like so many times. She heard fapping, smiled and this gave her the opportunity to make some noise herself. She had to learn to suppress her moaning, because it was really uncommon for boys to moan in such a high voice.
She was gasping, that was strange enough and the fapping boys made her hot too. The masturbation on a daily basis got her a pretty muscular abdomen.
The sound woke her up when she was finished with dragonslaying in her dreams. It was perfect. Just once she let off a piercing shriek and got such a red head because of that. Good that it was dark. One the next day, no one asked her about that noise she made or delivered a mean comment.

On the holidays she went back home for a week and the boys told her that the dragonslaughter would start on the weekend. Realizing her parents and her younger brother where not home, she stripped herself naked, sat in front of a mirror and touched herself, watching her body react and scream and cry as loud as she wanted to.
She recognized her hard abs tighten and she loved that.
Her hips bucked and whipped constantly and she came over and over again.
She slept a bit and when her parents came home they where happy to see their daughter again.
Her father was proud of her, because she was able to trick the whole school committee into being a boy, her mother was proud to about her doing boys work.
Her brother was not coming home so she asked their parents and they told something about a curse and that her brother is no longer human.
Nadine was curious what happened to her brother.
“He became a dragon”, her mother said with a shivering voice. “We could barely hinder our townspeople to slay them. He fled into the jungle”, she went on.
“Of all things a dragon. And into the jungle where no other dragons live”, Nadine muttered.
“I have to find him before some others do”, she said.
“If anyone can find him than it is you”, her father said. “But this night you should sleep, you need rest”
“You can say that!”, Nadine said with a smile.

Her night was marked by nightmares. She saw her brother into the dark, naked with green skin, but not as dragon. He had thousands of muscles on his belly and in every muscle was a small dart. He opened his mouth and the roar of a dragon sounded.
Lot of girls came, every girl looked like her. They took a ueberdimensional long arrow and drove it into his navel.
The other muscles started to pulsate and the darts fell out one by one. The girls started to laugh and drove the arrow deeper and deeper. He laid the head back and roaring more. When all darts laid on the ground his legs gave up and the cheering, yelling girls threw millions of spears into his belly.
Shocked and confused Nadine woke up. She had to find him.
She dreamed about his brother in dragon form, already defeated and the girls stood around him, caressing his big erected penis with their spears until he shoot off fountains of cum out of his long member and the girls yelled and screamed again.

On the next day Nadine was eating breakfast and then walked barefoot in her room, grabbing her weapons and stopped for a moment, remembering herself that this was not a hunt. She did not know what to do when finding him.
Barefoot through the jungle was fun. She felt everything under her naked soles. She called her brother: “Julius, its me, your sister”.
Then she heard a hiss and a dragon appeared. Nadine was stiff and her hearth was beating fast. He was so close!
“Is thathat yyou, Julius”, she asked.
The dragon nodded. Nadine was smiling with tears in her eyes. “Oh, I am so glad I found you. You cant speak, hm?”, she said.
Julius was shaking his head. “I thought about how to protect you. Most dragons have a spot on her belly, giving hunters the chance to slay him.”, Nadine said.
“Could you please lay on your side so I can search for your spot?”, she asked.
Julius did it and Nadine drove with her hand over the belly and saw the very big spot of her brother, bigger than any other she saw.
“You are in great danger, your spot is as big as our kitchen table, a single hunter could kill you”, she told him.
“I love you and we make a plate for your belly, I promise. No one will ever hurt you”, she said.

Back at home, Nadine told her parents everything. They made a plan for the brass amour, ordered it from the blacksmith and after two day it was ready.
With fifty leather belts on each side the plate should stay on its place. She and her parents went into the jungle find her child unharmed and fixed the plate under him while his sister Nadine was on his back, binding the belts together and after alot of work they where done.
They first made an error and pressed his penis under the plate to protect it too.
But when Nadine started to feel hot she lifted her shirt and knotted it over her precious navel, exposing her hard, firm stomach her brothers who still hit puberty became a hard-on, pressing the plate down. So they had to readjust the plate with his stiff penis hanging out.
It was so hard that Julius could barely walk.
“I think we have no other choice”, Nadine’s mother said, pointing at Julius’s hard member.
So she went under it and rubbed the massive organ up and down. She went did it faster, jumping aside when Julius was rearing up and bucked against her hand, shooting stuff out of his penis and she massaged until it was over. The penis shrink.
“See you, Julius”, the parents said.
“If any warriors should approach you, take care that nobody jumps on your back, ok?”, Nadine asked.
Julius nodded and caressed his sister tenderly.
“And be aware of female warriors, don’t let them touch your penis”, she added.

Nadine feared that any female warrior would distract him into massaging his sex, while removing his plate.
On the next day, Nadine was back into the jungle, heard a guttural sound and followed it.
There laid his brother, surrounded by barefoot warrior girls, two of them massaging his penis until he came, most of them dancing around naked, yelling things to him.
Three stood behind him, removing the belts of the plate.
In front of him the two girls finished him and two others replaced them, which started all over again.
Nadine had no idea how often they made him cum, but he looked a bit weak and ignored the girls on his back completely. They also got spears they supposedly planned to drive into Julius’s stomach when he was exposed.
“STOP”, Nadine jelled.
The girls looked at her, but continued their work. Nadine took one arrow out, shooting at a girl who rubbed him and hit her leg.
Now she got their attention. Three spears where hurled at Nadine, who jumped aside.
She aimed again and hit another girl.
One of them stood behind Julius and placed her knife on his throat.
“Back off or I kill him, I swear”, she yelled.
“Leave him alone”, Nadine said loudly.
“Why?”, the girls asked.
Nadine could not say that the dragon was his brother so she said: “It is my dragon”.
“Whats your problem with a bit dragon torture? Here is the deal. You let us remove his plate and attack his underside a little bit and I promise we dont kill him”.
Nadine saw she had no choice.
“Ok, do it. But don’t forget, I shot your head if you attack too much”, she answered.
While jerking him off again, the girls removed the plate and when the muscular, but vulnerable belly came in sight they forgot everything.
They stood in a row in front of him, readied their bows and waited for another orgasm.
The whole belly was tightening on when he came and dozens of arrows hit him deep.
“That’s enough”, Nadine said.
Julius roared and bend himself backwards.
“Don’t you see how hot this is?”, a girls asked her.
But the problem was that Nadine knew how hot this was and she got horny herself. She was fighting it. But the next attack let Julius go off in convulsions and she completely lost her mind.

She went to the girls and just watched. With a growl the boydragon went on his back, arching up.
Nadine was hating herself. Plus she had no idea how to fix the plate under her brother without ripping the arrows out and doing more harm.
“Come on girls, let jump upon his belly”, a girl yelled.
“I said stop”, Nadine yelled and jumped against one girl, fighting with her.
They others took their chance, went on Julius and finished him with many blows against his stomach. He collapsed several times on his back and because the big vulnerable spot they hit everytime right into the mark.
Now Nadine was doing everything to save her brother. She shot a girl so severe that she collapsed and the others jumped from the belly and fled.
When they all where gone, Julius still arched up in torment.
“Damn, Julius, I told you not to let yourself tricked by girls”, Nadine said under tears.
“How can I save you now?”, she said. “Can you move to your side?”
Under pain the boy dragon rolled onto his side and Nadine saw the arrow, some as deep as they could into him.
“I pull the ones out that are not too deep and leave the other in”, she said and did it so. “Lay yourself upon the plate”.
Julius did it and she went on his back, binding the first belts together. Then he moved to his side so she could leave the penis out and on the back again she bend the rest of the belts together.
“I search for a cave”, she said. “Somewhere they could not find you”.
After the young barefooter returned she took her brother to the cave. It was big enough for him. Total exhausted he went to his side and went asleep.
“I am back tomorrow”, she said and went off for home.

As she was back on the next day in the cave her brother laid sick on his side.
“The arrows are tampering you?”, she said with a face full of sorrow.
Julius nodded.
“I brought some medication against inflammations”, said Nadine and gave it to him.
They talked a bit and Nadine said something about dragonslaying with the boys on the weekend.
“I am so sorry, how reckless I was. Of course you are now a dragon, but as boy you would have like to hear it how we slay a dragon together”, Nadine said.
Julius nodded. “You still want to hear it?”, Nadine asked with a smile and Julius nodded again.
“Ok. Well, I found out about the vulnerable spot every dragon has and how attacking there gives them great pain, so you had to experience by yourself.”
“The boys think I am a normal dragonslaying boy like them. But I am a girl and proud of it and I know all vulnerable spots of a dragon”.
Julius nodded and pointed his head towards his penis.
“Dddo you w want me tto?”, she stuttered.
Julius nodded. “Do you think it is good in your situation?”, she asked.
He did not answer and Nadine thought by herself, that perhaps this would prevent him from being seduced by girls again.
“I do, but promise me to bite every girl in half that want to near you, except me of course”, she said.
Julius nodded and Nadine made his penis stiff with a few strokes.
Julius pointed to her shirt and Nadine removed it. Julius ran his tongue over the stone hard abs of his sister while she was rubbing him off.
Just before he came he was so horny that he rolled on his back, taking Nadine with him so she finished him off and let cum rain on her while he was jerking and grunting. “I can do it better than any of those girls, right”.
Julius moaned and nodded in excitement. “I can rub you off on a daily basis as long you promise to defend yourself against those barefoot bitches”, Nadine said.

Barefoot herself Nadine went home still excited how hot it was as the dragon aka her brother suddenly rolled over.
Tomorrow it was dragonslaying day with the boys and she was hot when thinking about the damage they would do on the big, uncovered beast.
In the night Nadine had the strangest dreams ever. It was about a person who wrote into a big book and all things he wrote she had to do.
She also dreamed about the girls, holding lances and over them they had Julius pierced upon their lances, squirming and wriggling like mad, getting the weapons deeper into him. She dreamed about her, rubbing her brother off nonstop until blood came out.
She dreamed about the boys finding her dragon brother and mistreating his stiff penis in a very bad way. Putting spears into the hole and make him cum, so that the spears hurled through the air with great speed.
They reached a yellow plane and suddenly changed direction and stuck into the belly of Julius.
One dream she loved most. A really giant red dragon surrounded by hundreds of boys and girls, attacking his white belly over and over. They where unable to slay him, although the beast was wriggling in agony around.
Then Nadine came, her feet suddenly had twice the size. She shot arrows upwards while standing under the dragon and after she shoot the arrows became spears and every time she hit the spot! The next spear hit the first and so she pushed them deeper and deeper into the squirming animal.
With a loud roar the beast collapsed.
Nadine woke up. It was early morning and she was dripping hot. She rubbed herself over an hour, came so many times that she went asleep from exhaustion again.
But she had holidays so she could sleep in. The hunt was planned afternoon so she even forgot her brother.

Happy to see her friends again they searched together for a dragon.
“What kind of dragon would you like to fight against, Nathan?”, the teamleader asked her.
“A very long, big and tough dragon with a long, big belly”, she said with a smile.
“Do you think we can defeat such a big one? We are just ten boys.”, he answered.
“But I am a gir.. um, I am gird for the battle well. I know the weak spots of a dragon. If you distract him, I can weaken the beast so much that we can defeat it for sure”, Nadine said.
“Do you see the mountain over there?”, he asked. “Yes, of course”.
“Well THAT is no mountain. That is a big-bellied beast waiting for our spears”, the teamleader named Sebastian answered.
Nadine got hot. Slaying such a big beast, watching his movements in great agony, slayed by barefoot cute boys and be me, the most barefoot tomboy girl, the greatest danger for dragons, destroyer of beast bellies and killer of walking mountains. A shoeless, fast killer-girl, a barefoot teenage matadora.
“Lets kill it”, she said and ran towards the mountain, followed by boys.
It was a long way and in the middle the boys wanted to stop because the dragon proved bigger than they thought.
But Nadine encouraged them. “We can do it”, she said.
Her aim just was to see such a big, slow beast die. She was longing for the fall of the dragon, the point of the fight where his legs would be too weak to hold himself. He just would drop down, collapse and expose his belly for their weapons.
But when they came near, she saw that his belly was reachable and she yelled: “Piece of cake” and ran faster.
The red dragon didn’t even recognize her until she was under him and the first arrow hit the vulnerable spot, that was unharmed until this very time.
When the boys saw the dragon rampage, they surrounded him, distracted him and started to spear his body.
All their spears had lines so they could pull them back or fix the dragon. Of course not a dragon of this size.
Nadine shot again. And again. She shot arrow after arrow and the dragon did not know in which direction he could move. Fast and deadly the barefoot girl shoot more and more arrows, spotted the area where the vulnerable spot was over and over and finally drove the arrows deeper.
The dragon bent his neck down, stomped, then reared himself upwards on his hind-legs.
They attacked the belly. Sebastian watched what Nadine did and when the dragon stood he threw the spear deep into the vulnerable spot.
Immediately the dragons hind-legs gave up and he was forced to get back on all fours.
He was unable to stop or rampage again, suffered more and more. Sebastian was climbing upwards on the lasso fixed on his spear and Nadine knew he would reach the spot and impale it with his longsword. This thought made her so extreme hot her nipples went hard.
Most boys had become hard members too. She was about to watch the beautiful young boy destroy the giant dragon.
When reaching the spot, Sebastian took his sword, stabbed it to the hilt into. The dragon roared, the whole body shaking. He still was able to tilt to left and to right, but it was useless. The boy was defeating him and everybody was horny and looked for his collapse.
Sebastian drove the sword in. One time, two times, nine times. He did it in a row.
Then the big beast collapsed, first the weaker hind-legs then the front and then the whole beast rolled over on his side.
All kids cheered and yelled. They decided to weaken the beast further. The long lance they used to give dragons a final blow was used here to reach the vulnerable spot from the ground. The dragon squirmed on his side, roaring and moaning.
Together they brought the lance deeper and deeper. Some boys with swords stabbed the big belly all over on different places. Lifting his neck upwards, the dragon had to endure the torment of the lance that got deeper and deeper.
He was convulsing and trying to tighten his muscles, bis upper body arched upwards while the lance went deeper and deeper. They must have hit something important because the dragon suddenly collapsed. He was still alive, even convulsing hard.
The boys dropped their pants and started to jerk off their meat. Nadine stood there, helpless and horny, not sure what to do. She could not masturbate in front of the boys, that was sure. Then a boy went behind her, yelled “Whats the matter with you?” and pulled down her pants.
“Its a girl”, he yelled. Everyone was looking.
“Don’t be afraid”, the teamleader said. “Just enjoy”.
He went behind her, grabbed her firm stomach and started to rub her wet spot up and down. Faster and faster. Her muscles worked, her breath went faster.
Watching the dragon die she was fingered by a pretty boy, feeling his cock between her cheeks.
All her abs went hard, the boy said: “Wow is your stomach hard” and fingered slower but harder. She came with waves of convulsion, felt the boy behind her come too.
In this moment the dragon screamed very loud and was about to die.
She was stretching her chest that her ribs and her hard abs where visible and let her hips jerk around. The dragon died with a growl, all strength gone out.
Most boys came upon his defeated belly. Sebastian was still massaging her spasmodic abdomen.
He was kissing her neck, she was unable to react to anything. That was the best she felt. Sebastian rubbed faster again, her breath was accelerated again.
“I see to it that everyone keeps your secret and you can keep into the team. But tomorrow I want to met you. Alone.”
With moans and quivers, Nadine came again, her legs gave up and she sat barefoot on the ground.
The boys went home, she was left there, today she saw a big dragon die and they found out her secret and Sebastian made her cum twice. Sexy Day.
She saw the dragon, saw the white stuff on the belly, touched it. She had the same stuff between her cheeks, her movements must have gotten Sebastian off.
Nadine pat her belly. “Good to have you. Making Sebastian hot.”
She took pants and weapons and run into the jungle to his brother Julius. When reaching the cave she heard snigger from around. And moans.
In the cave was her dragon brother, alone. The plate was gone. A big lance stuck into the center of the belly.
And with a knife someone wrote: “Vulnerable spot”, all over the belly. And under the lance stood: “We come back”.
“Those damn, evil girls. What did they do to you? They must be near, I can get them, I get them all”, Nadine yelled, ran out of the cave and heard the voices.
They tried to lure her away from the cave, but Nadine stayed nearby. They must heard her conversation about weak spots on his belly.
It was her fault, her brother was barely alive.
Then three slender, barefoot girls with hard, exposed stomachs encountered her. She shot an arrow into the navel of one of the girls, making her go down.
The others fled. “I will destroy your bellies like you did with my brother”, Nadine thought by herself and followed them.
After a while she heard a loud roar and was shocked. Julius!
She ran back to the cave, heard another roar and another.
In the cave she saw five girls thrusting the third spear through the dragon. His penis was hard and he suffered.
She was to late. The third spear impaling him just finished him.
They went to the belly and before she could act, all girls driven their swords into the soft underside and killed him.
Nadine aimed and shot an arrow into the navel of the girl next to her. Then the next. Girl after girl went down with washboard abs.
When she was done, they all laid on the floor, holding their bellies.
She went to Julius, saw him die. With tear in her eyes she went to ever girl, ripped the arrows out and watched their hurt bellies tighten and ripple.
“Who is your leader?”, she yelled with a thrilling voice.
All hand pointed at the oldest girl, who also had an hurt tummy. She went to her, took her knife and drove it merciless into the hard muscles of the girls stomach, over and over again, until she was death.
Then she left for home.

End Part 1


I Am The Dragon

What follows is an account from the dragon’s perspective. I will forewarn you that it is pretty graphic. If that’s going to bother you I suggest you not read it. Nor do I want to hear criticisms that it was “too violent”  since I’ve already warned you. If you like it…Thank you much.

‘What is this strange, dark place’, I wonder. The last thing I remember is stopping to take a drink from a clear pool of water. I had admired how well the horns on the top of my head had grown, curving back ever so slightly over the bright green scales of my dragon head. Already longer than my father’s, they would be the envy of my fellow dragon friends when they saw them.

 I had been on my way to meet them and go on a human hunt when something happened. What that something was I was not sure but I felt a sting on my side, low on my side where my green scales began to fade to white, then a dizzy feeling, then nothing only to awake here in the dark place. I hear the roars of other dragons and other creatures that I do not recognize. I hear the sounds of humans, many of them all joined in a chorus of cheers and happiness. Usually the screams of humans I hear are ones of terror as my jaws close around their squirming bodies or when one my dragon comrades flay their bodies open with a swipe of a sharp claw.

 I inspect the room in which I’m held. The walls are thick stone with the only light coming from torches mounted on the walls. More faint cries of a dragon in pain echo from outside this time the screams are more intense and high-pitched. Whatever dragon it is it is in agony. More cheering human voices follows those cries. For a few minutes there is silence then one of the walls of my prison begins to move. With a grinding sound the heavy stonewall slides to the left allowing bright light to filter in. I see a heavy-set of iron bars behind the wall and beyond that a wide-open space surrounded by tiered seats in which hundreds of humans sat. Slowly the iron bars rise upward into the ceiling allowing me access to the open space.

 I move forward slowly, cautiously. I sniff the open air with my keen dragon nostrils at the end of my long snout. I hear the crowd of humans boo and jeer me as I enter the open, oval-shaped arena area. I realize with horror where I am. I am in the Arena. That place I had been told where humans from a far off place will capture my kind and bring them to fight to their deaths. A sick feeling wells up within me. Was I really about to die this day? I did not want to die. I had many plans for my life. I had not even mated yet…dammit! I can’t die!

 More boos and taunts come from the crowd as I enter the arena. They hate me and rightly so. I have killed many of them even though I was but an adolescent dragon. I had planned to kill more this very day before my capture. I snap and roar at the crowd. I wish I could get at them but long, sharp spikes of iron extend all the way around the top of the arena wall perimeter. I could never get up and over them without ripping my soft underbelly open. I move ever forward on my powerful hind legs. My long forearms bulge with muscular biceps & triceps and my talons at the ends of my hands are sharp and extended, ready for combat. I let out a fearsome and very loud bellow of a roar that lets my humans know I will not die a sniveling coward. If it was fight they want it was a fight they would get. I hoped to take as many of them with me as possible.

 In the center of the arena was a large pile of boulders stacked in random fashion. On the far wall was another iron gate. I saw it open and three human females entered the arena to a welcoming chorus of cheers. The three girls were not full-grown adults but neither were they small ones. All were barefoot and wore just straps of cloth around their waists and across the lumps on the chests. They had blond hair and apparently were attractive for humans. But they also carried weapons.

 The tallest girl had a long spear with three large barbs. I had seen these before. I knew if that barbed point was to get into my body it would never come free. I had to avoid that at all costs. The other two girls carried spears too but they were not barbed. They were long and had sharp oval-shaped tips that could stab and be removed over and over. I had seen how effective these weapons had been on dragons before. I was frightened. I didn’t want to feel pain but I resolved to fight bravely and not die easily. Perhaps I could even escape somehow. But first I would have to get past these 14-year-old females.

 They surrounded me with the tall girl with the barbed spear to my front. I kept my neck & head extended toward her keeping my underbelly close to the ground. I could feel my fat stomach scrape against the dirt. One of the other girls struck at my side trying to hit the soft area below my ribs where my stomach started but she missed. I swiped at her with my claw and connected. I felt the satisfying slash of my claws ripping through her body. I saw a spray of blood and heard her scream as she collapsed flat on her back totally disemboweled. The crowd booed and screamed at me. But my confidence was boosted. I quickly turned at the other girl to my side.

 She had a look of fear in her after seeing her companion killed. She turned to run but I whipped my tail around and slammed it into her chest. I heard her ribs break as she went flying into the rock formation where she clumped to a sitting position. Blood dribbled from her mouth and fell onto her heaving breasts. I ended her suffering with a quick slash of my front claws that sent her head careening across the arena ground. Then I turned and snarled at the last girl, the tall one with the barb tipped spear.

 Her eyes were wide with fear. She dropped her weapon and ran. The crowd booed her. But she didn’t go far. I was on her in three quick strides and brought my mouth down and bit into her torso from above. My long top fangs pierced her chest as my lower ones impaled her back. She shrieked in pain as I lifted her off the ground. She thrashed wildly in my mouth and her blood flowed but there would be no escape. I bit down harder and felt her ribs crunch in my mouth as my teeth came together. She went taunt then limp. I tossed her lifeless & bloody body aside and reared up on my back begs and roared the roar of victory. The crowd booed. Whether the boos were directed at me or their disappointing human gladiators I did not know. Nor did I care. I did know that they would send more.

 And indeed they did. The iron bars rose up once more and this time three more female human warriors appeared. But these three were much different from the ones I had just slain with relative ease. These three were older, perhaps 25 years of age. They were bigger, their muscles bulged on their arms and thighs. They breasts were enormous with their nipples being barely covered by leopard skin cloth. A small triangle of this same cloth was worn at the junction of their powerful legs hiding the secret hole beneath. Their huge tits bobbed and swayed as they strode toward me all wearing scowls of anger. They too carried weapons.

The largest, a tall raven-haired warrior carried another of the spears with the tri-barbed tip. The second, a red-haired woman carried one of the same long harpoon type spears with no barbs for easy stabbing. Its long oval-shaped sharp tip glinted in the high afternoon sun. The third, a blond-haired barefooted woman, carried one of those curved sticks with a string and a container of sharp projectiles on her back. I think I heard my father call such things ‘bows and arrows’. I knew these three would be much tougher to best.

The crowd sensed it too as they cheered wildly for their new champions. The two spear carriers came at my head lunging their weapons into my snout, annoying but not painful. They yelled, “Haa! Dragon! Haaa!” I snapped at the red-haired one but she evaded and brought the club end of her harpoon up and caught me under the chin. That hurt a bit. Then something whooshed past my face. Then another. I had no idea what it was then I realized as the third arrow struck me in the side of my face just under my right eye.

I looked to the large formation of rock and saw the blond archer loading another arrow. The arrow shot so quickly I could not see as it hit just below my left eye and bounced away. ‘My eyes’ I realized in horror. She was trying to blind me. There were only a few places I was vulnerable but my belly and eyes would be the easiest to get. I had to stop her. If I could not see I would surely lose my fight. I ignored the taunts and “Haaaas!” of the spear-women and charged the rock formation to kill the arrow shooter.

 She ducked behind the taller part of the randomly stacked rock formation. I leapt up onto the lower part of the rocky structure and saw her just above me. I am well suited to rock climbing as that is where my kind dwell. I easily get closer to her. She cannot fire her arrows with me in pursuit. She scrambled higher going to the very top of the formation. I snap at her but she evades dodging around the side of the craggy peak. But my teeth catch the bow and it comes free from her grasp. I crunch it in my jaws. ‘Ahhh success’ I think. She can no longer try to blind me.

 I watch as she scrambles down the rocks. I see a chance to slay her and dart after her. She runs across the lowest tier of rock and I follow. As she leaps off back to the arena floor I realize all to late my predicament. The dark-haired woman is in a gap between two boulders. She raised her nasty spear with the barbs. I am directly over her my soft underbelly is wide open and she wastes no time in jabbing her spear upward and into it.

 At first there is no pain just an oddly soft ‘popping’ sound as the sharp metal punctures through my tender flesh then the pain hits and it is terrible. I roar as I stand up and jump away from her. I leap off the rocks landing on my hind feet. But even though my pain I know I’m in a battle. I see the red-haired woman come at me with her harpoon. Instinctively I lower my body to protect my belly. That was a mistake. The end of the spear stuck into me hits the ground and my own falling body weight pushes it deeper into my guts.

Such horrible pain fills ever corner of my mind. The big spear tip had been into my muscle but now I can feel it lodged deep inside my guts. I feel the coldness of the metal against the warmth of my intestines and find it terrible painful. I toss my head neck and roar in agony. I hear the human crowd cheering. I hate them.

 I walk away on my hind legs to ponder my situation. Even wounded I am still faster than the women and soon I am at the far end of the arena. I lean my right foreclaw to the wall and look down and see the metal pole sticking out from the very center of my plump, snow-white belly. The shaft moves up and down with the rhythm of my breathing. I can feel the spearhead move about inside my guts with each breath I take. The pain is till intense but I’m regaining my composure. I’m hurt but not dead, far from it. Oddly there is little blood maybe the spear itself is blocking the blood flow. I turn to see the three females closing on me.

 The dark-haired one has the barbed spear of the slain girl. The others each carry two harpoons one each from the dead girls apparently. I will meet them again in battle. At the very least I will kill the one who has stabbed me.

 Unable to protect my vulnerable underside I feel I must act faster than my opponents. I charge quickly at the dark-haired one but the other two cock their arms back and throw their harpoons. Both hit my soft stomach one harpoon to either side of the first spear. More pain hit me. I roar as I’m stopped in my tracks. But my fore-claws are free and I grasp the spears and pull them from my gut. Blood flows from the two new holes. The warrioress with the barbed spear lunges forward by I snap at her and she back off.

 But as I’m fending her off the other two attack from the sides and stab me with their harpoons. The sharp oval tips sink deep into my stomach. I snap at one then the other. They pull their weapons free and dodge away. Again and again this process is repeated.

 I snap at one but the other lunges in and stabs me. The women and their harpoons have now stabbed me ten times, five on either side of that horrible spear in the center of my gut. Blood is now flowing in torrents from those wounds. The dirt beneath my hind claws is wet with mud created by my own blood and yet I cannot get close enough to the women to kill them. I shake my head vigorously as I try to keep my senses clear as I find myself growing dizzy and light headed.

 “ROOOOAAARRRRR!” I scream as I get another stab into my stomach from the blond. That gets more cheers from the audience. Vaguely I’m aware that the red head is gone. But then I feel something, something very painful it comes from my backside, from the place where I drop my waste. Sharp and horrible pains emanate from my ass that spreads into my lower abdomen. Whatever this is I must top this pain, as it is simply unbearable. I rear back and see with total horror that the redheaded warrior has stuck her harpoon into my body up through my asshole. She darts away and picks up her second harpoon, I rear back further hardly able to move at all now with the whole of her harpoon lodged inside my belly.

Now, totally open to attack as I rear back the raven-haired one darts in with the second barbed tip spear. She catches me in the lower portion of my soft belly and drives it deep into my guts. I feel the two spear points with their barbed tips collide in the center of my abdominal cavity. And somewhere, intermingled with them is the entire harpoon from the blond. The pain now has gone beyond merely feeling it. It’s almost as if it is a natural part of me. It is so intense I begin to not feel it. Perhaps my brain is dying.

 I stagger forward. The attacks have stopped as the women admire what they have done to me. Breathing is hard now. My breath comes in heavy gasps with each exhalation a fine mist of blood sprays from my nostrils. Blood runs out the corners of my mouth. I shake my head. I’m not trying to lose the dizzy feeling anymore I’m just trying to keep on living. I take a few more steps. The metal spears inside my belly clank and grind together chewing up the precious contents that they have stabbed into.

I crane my long neck back and roar a roar of misery toward the blue sky. Maybe just because they still have them the redhead and the blond rush in and stab their harpoons into my stomach and leave them there. I’m vaguely aware of the crowd’s cheers. I fall. My forelimbs catch the ground as the first spear is driven even deeper into my body. I feel the pain somewhere but it’s of no consequence any longer. I feel my body shudder and from deep within my butchered insides comes a torrent of blood and bile which I vomit forth. I shake my massive head choking and yet again the blood vomits forth.

With my last remnants of strength I flip myself to me back. I see the sun and feel its warmth on my body. I see the spear shafts sticking from my belly and notice them dancing as I suck wind desperately fighting the inevitability of death. I blink a few more times, then my eyes close. My tongue flops from my gaping maw as blood runs down it into the dust. I hear the humans cheers as if they are very far way. I hope they are happy at what they have done to me. I wish death upon them all as the darkness overtakes me.


The Shepard-boy and the dragon

The village was silent. It was dark. Only a deep growl was hearable. A big dragon stomped over the place.
Kids and woman hide themselves in their homes, while the man prepared an ambush for the dragon.
With forks and knifes, yelling and cursing they attacked from all sides.
But the dragon was unimpressed.
They did not succeed in placing a single weapon into the body of the dragon.
Instead of it the beast bit five men in half while the others desperately tried to dove their weapons into the beast.
But the skin of the dragon was too hard so they fled and the dragon walked further.
Unable to stop the beast they all left the village, the dragon behind them.
He was catching a girl then creeping out of the village.

A young boy named Milutin with a small knife followed him. He saw the beast, saw that the underside made a path on the ground.
“Maybe his underside is soft and vulnerable?”, the boy thought.
On bare feet he followed the dragon further, saw him taking his snack from safe distance.
It was terrible, the poor girl was ripped apart.
After the dragon finished eating it grew tired. Without thinking about a possible threat the beast went to its side and fell asleep.
Milutin sneaked to the dragon found it sleeping and realized that the belly had no scales at all.

He took the knife out, went to the middle of the unprotected stomach of the dragon.
He was waiting just a little bit, aimed and shoved his knife as fast as he could repeatedly into the soft belly.
The beast woke up, started to flounder on the side and roar.
Milutin stabbed ten times within seconds.
In pain the beast failed in standing up, received blow after blow.
Then, while standing up it collapsed in pain on the side and Milutin stabbed again and again.
Finally the dragon stood up, but the boy had stabbed him thirty-five times.

The neck reared up and it collapsed on his belly.
Milutin circled around the dragon, mocking it. Unable to catch him, the dragon stood up, turned around.
But when it was on the other side the boy was behind him again.
The blood went out of its belly and the beast screamed in pain.
When Milutin flew the dragon followed him. He had a plan, walking to the near lake.
With his knife in hand he went into the water, hoping that the dragon would follow.
And it did.

When the boy had lured the dragon into the middle of the lake, he started diving.
The dragon unable to dive looked confused.
But soon it started to roar.
Milutin was under it, stabbing the belly again. The dragon swam to the shore, getting stabbed continuously into the defenceless
underside on different places.
The beast bucked and twisted in torture while the boy attacked further.
When reaching the shore, the beast fell on the belly again.

Over fifty holes the boy made into it.
The neck went up in pain and agony.
“Yes, that is fun”, Milutin yelled.
“Now, collapse on your side!”.

All strength was gone. The beast lifted its neck, lost balance and rolled over.
Instead of its side, it landed completely helpless on its back.
The boy jumped onto the belly and gored the underside of the dragon, who was squirming around.
Stab after stab hit the stomach.
He was ramming the knife in for minutes. After his weapon sunk in the hundredths time the beast shivered and died with a last roar.
One small shepard boy freed his whole village.