Young Amazon Girls and the Dragon

Suzie war riding over the grass of her homeland.
She was fourteen years old, had three short spears on her back. Like all amazon girls she rode barefoot, had just a small leather skirt and top, leaving her legs and her flat, muscular stomach bare.
She was hunting there, but not ver successful today and kind of disappointed and sad.

But in the distant she saw a big creature. She was curious about this thing and rode towards it.
As she came near, she found out that it was a dragon she was about to encounter. Suddenly all her sadness went away, she took out a spear and got ready to throw it at this big thing.
But then she saw that the dragon was to big for her and even if she would manage to bring all her spears into his body he wouldnt care.
He was green, as big as four elephants, had strong legs and a scaly, long neck. His belly was on the ground and Suzie assumed that this meant something.
But she had to ride back, telling the others about her discovery.

Riding as fast as she could she hoped the dragon wouldnt disappear.
And she thought about how they could manage to kill it. She always thought about the hidden underside. Perhaps the beast could be defeated there?
Suzie reached the village, jumped from her horse and landed on her bare feet.
She ran into the main tent and yelled and spoke wildly about their discovery.
The others, girls like her, always looking for a good hunt or fight, confident, sexy and strong started to rejoice.
Although they had not fight a dragon up until now they knew for sure they would slay it.

Soon fourteen barefoot girls went riding. One of them was twelve, five where thirteen, three where fourteen, two, including Suzie where fourteen, and three of them where sixteen.
Every girl had a knife, most had spears, some had bows and arrows.
All of them, even the youngest had leather top and skirt, showing much skin. Every girl had slim, firm abs and rather big, bare feet.
After they reached the place the dragon should be, he wasnt there.
Suzies eyes got filled with tears, but Ariane, the 12-year-old pointed at the ground and stated that she saw the steps of the dragon.

She rode slowly from there to there and after fifteen minutes, Jule, a fourteen year old amazone saw the silouette of the dragon on the horizon.
Yelling and riding fast the girls approached the dragon.
The beast turned towards them, lifted his head and roared.
Nadine threw her spear and hit the base of the long neck. The dragon stomped forward. Manu and Jenny rode from to the side, hitting the front leg and the flank. The dragon turned his long neck to them, while three of the girls started to fire arrows at it.
The 16-year-old Dani stood up on her horse, jumped from the horses back to the back of the dragon and ran to the middle.

As the dragon realized that something was on his back, he bucked, bowed his long neck towards the girl, snapping at her.
She dodged and hit the underside of the neck, making the dragon swirling the neck around and screaming.
In the meantime more spears hit the dragon, until the legs and flanks where pierced.
But the dragon was strong as before, Dani stabbed the back, but the scales where to thick to harm the beast.
The girls encouraged her, and then the dragon lifted up on his hindlegs.

All of them saw the belly, big soft and defenceless.
To find it out how vulnerable it was, Luna, sixteen too, rode on and throw her spear into it. A loud roar and shudder of the dragon was her answer.
The stomach was indeed very unprotected and easy to hit.
The problem was, that most weapons already stuck into the dragon, but Jane remembered that they had a big crossbow in their camp which was still working.
It shoot long lances with great force at any target.
If the underside of the dragon got hit, once or twice it was just a matter of time to see him go down.

So the girls lured the dragon into their camp, while some of them prepared the crossbow.
They brought six long lances to the weaponry to play it safe.
When the girls with the dragon came the first lance was into the bow and was ready to launch. They had to get the beast rear up at any cost, so five girls jumped on his back, moved over it and tried to cut scales loose with their knifes.
The dragon roared, the other girls rode around him in circles.
His neck went into impossible directions and with a deep roar he stood up, all girls fell from his back.
They all looked to the crossbow, Ariane pulled the trigger and the lance went through the air and invaded the dragon’s big stomach.

A big loud roar emerged from the beast, while it bend over a bit. Ariane, Nadine and Fabienne armed the crossbow again.
The amazon girls jubilated as the dragon reared up in agony, the stomach still exposed.
But before the weapon was ready, the beast went to the ground again. This pushed the lance further into the belly and the animal screamed again.
It went up a bit, but then it reared up again, accompanied by yells from the girls.
They lauched the second lance, hitting the center of the belly and the dragon arched back, letting out many screams of pain.
The girls saw the dragon stomp a bit, guessing that he will broke down soon.

The third lance hit the stomach, this time deeper, perhaps the resistance of the muscles grew weak.
With a loud roar the dragon went to his knees, balancing on his tail, the belly still exposed. He screamed and bend his neck upwards.
They readied a fourth lance, unsure how they really needed to defeat the dragon, but the belly was bleeding and he was agonizing.
In the very moment he stood up, this lance entered the belly too and he crashed down again.
Trails of blood run down on the white stomach.
As fast as they could the prepared the fourth lance and bring that one into the belly to.

Instantly the dragon bent his neck backwards and fell down on his back.
The girls lifted their arms and yelled and danced a bit. But as they saw that the dragon was trashing around they wanted to end him, jumped to both sides of his big, defenceless belly and ram their knifes into it.
The beast craned his neck upwards while his belly was convulsing, hit so many times and again and again.
They cut and stabbed the belly from the sides and shoving the knifes from above the belly down into the soft flesh many times.
With convulsions the dragon squirmed around, the belly hit five times per second, finishing him fast with hard blows and making him finally collapse.

Lots of blood went out and the girls danced and screamed, cutting the belly open.
A few minuted the dragon trembled, his open belly rise and fall, util he was finally death.

2 Responses to “Young Amazon Girls and the Dragon”

  1. September 10, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    love it espalliy the part when the dragon goes to its knees after being stabbed in the belly and when the spear goes further in when he hides his belly

  2. 2 Jim
    October 7, 2009 at 11:30 am

    This is a wonderful story!

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