Jennifer and the dragon

This is the story of the poor peasant girl Jennifer, who managed to defeat a dragon with the help of her friends.
Amorra, the home town of Jennifer was attacked frequently by a dragon, a scaly red beast setting everything on fire.
So, no man, woman or child dared to fight him.
Except of Jennifer.
But she did not wanted to be burned to, so she went to Lucas, her dwarven friend and asked him to make shield and sword for her.
The shield had to be so big that she could completely hide behind it and the sword just right for her.

The young dwarf worked for days until he finally had the shield and sword made.
Jennifer took the sword. It was heavy for her, but she could use it. But the shield was to heavy for her, because it was her size.
So she needed the help of her friends, Lucas the dwarf and Nadine, the elven girl.
Armed with bow and arrows, Nadine was a welcome support for her small team.

Together they carried the shield and sword into the dragons cave while the dragon was sleeping.
They fixed the shield so it stood upright to protect them.
All three friends went behind the shield, Nadine took her bow, loaded an arrow and aimed for the dragons head.
The dragon slept on his side and woke up, but instead of standing up he kept down and blasted a bit of fire in Nadines direction.
She dodged and went behind the shield, shot in an upwards angle more arrows, hitting the neck and shoulder four times.

The dragon breathe fire, after the fourth arrow he blew a constant stream. That was the thing Jennifer hoped for.
She knew that the dragon had to wait two minuted after his fire is gone to blew further blasts. She knew it by observing him when burning huts down.
He blew fire for a very long time, the shield started to glow, but protected the young people behind it.

Then the fire was over and the dragon was growling. He saw the young, barefoot girl with the sword running to him.
He tried to blow fire, but didnt manage it.
Jennifer jumped to the dragons underbelly and jabbed her sword into it.
The beast started to scream and fall down, his tail moving quickly. The beast roared, Jennifer inflicted much pain on him, ramming her sword, one time, two times and six times into the vulnerable stomach.
The more she stabbed, the more the belly got exposed and stretched out. The dragon roared and suddenly hissed flames to the ceiling of the cave.

Jennifer left the sword into him, running as fast as she could to the shield, reached it only a half second before the dragon blew fire at her.
“Very good”, said Lucas and smiled.
Like the last time, the dragon blew all the fire at them and finally stopped.
Jennifer ran to him, grabbed her sword and stabbed at the belly again. The dragon arched in pain while Jennifer attacked the belly over twelve times.
Then he lifted his head with a roar, looked at Jennifer and tried to blew new fire at her.
But she looked back, driving the sword over and over into his defenceless underside, smiling at the heavy convulsions of his long neck.

Then the beast collapsed on the floor.
He was still alive, but unable to do anything.
“You can come out, he is defeated”, Jennifer said.
They all came to her, watching the dragon dying, the sword and lots of belly-wounds and smiled.
Nadine made a small cut with her hunting knife on the belly, moved her arm in and out while grabbing at the dragons bowels.

He grunted some time, trembling. Nadine did this for fifteen minutes and everyone watched, until the dragon laid his head back and died.

1 Response to “Jennifer and the dragon”

  1. September 10, 2009 at 3:14 pm

    another great story the dragon was butchered and in agony

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