In a land, filled by vicious, big creatures, a small tribe of teenage amazons was trying to survive.
They had to expell attacks by dragons, entering their village almost on a daily basis. They never could defeat the dragon, they could only drive them off, carrying the girls long spears into their big bodies.
But this time they got a very clever idea.
While the teens girls fought the big, green dragon in their midst, a 9-year-old girl named Kathleen run with her knife under the dragon.
She was just small enough to fit under him.

Soon they heard the dragon roar, watched him rear up his neck.
Kathleen drove her knife into the dragons underside. The amazons yelled and could attack the dragon better, he wasnt defending anymore.
The girl moved the knife constantly into the soft belly, some girls kneeled down, watching her and cheering for her.
With great roars the beast stated his mispleasure and pain, moved forward, but the girl had no problem following him.
She stabbed and stabbed, the dragon reared up and turned around, trying to flee.

Kathleen kept under him, trusting the knife upwards hundreds of times. She was covered with blood, the neck went up in pure agony.
The beast crawled further away from the village, but this time they did not want to let him escape.
Jule, fifteen years old yelled to Kathleen, throwing the sword under the dragon.
Kathleen got it and ran it to the hilt into the dragon.
“Yeah, Kathleen, finish him”, the girls cried.
The 9-year-old made many blows against the belly, always to the hilt and the beast suffered and suddenly stood there with quivering legs.

“Cut him open”, someone said.
“Yes, open his belly”.
Kathleen run to the chest, ram the sword in there and moved the blade along the underside.
The pain got so great, that the dragon stood up, showing his bleeding belly to everyone.

Soon the arrows flew and get stuck all over the belly, the dragon screamed and bent backwards before he went back on his legs.
Kathleen opened the belly further.
She reached his middle an with great pain he went upwards again. Some of his bowels already hung outside.
“Yes, you kill him”, they yelled.
Exhausted the dragon went down, letting his abdomen opened by the child and then falling to his side.
In great pain the dragon squirmed and hissed, belly opend and destroyed.

All teens meet before him and played with his dying body by throwing spears into his organs for a whole hour.
They jumped up and down in joy on their bare feet.
From time to time the dragon squirmed around. Arrows, spears and even lances found their way into his bowels.
After that hour the dragon started shaking an the teens laughing at him.
Short roars emerged from him and everybody watched until his big body laid still an rose no more. The gave high five to each other, celebrating their first victory over the dragon and knew it wouldnt be the last.
Kathleen did a tremendous job finishing the dragon with belly-blows and cutting him open with the sword. They celebrated her.

1 Response to “Kathleen”

  1. September 10, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    hi great story love the pain the dragon goes through

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