Sofie and the Dragon

Sofie was returning from a hunting trip when she saw a purple Dragon with a large white belly, the Dragon was sleeping on his side. Sofie sneaked upto the Dragons belly ans with her dagger she stabbed the top of his belly, the Dragon woke screaming in agony he rolled onto his back with his defencless belly exposed for Sofies pleasure. Sofie allowed the Dragon to get up as she would have more fun torturing him and seeing his belly become more and more hurt each time he reared. The Dragon managed to get up to his hind legs and looked at the dagger in his belly and the blood dripping down his belly then he hid his belly and raored at Sofie, Sofie shot two arrows into the Dragons neck causing him to look up screaming in pain, Sofie fired six more arrows into his neck causing the Dragon to rear up ang show his bleeding belly. Sofie shot thrity arrows into the Dragons belly, the Dragon turnt round and roared in agony he struggled to walk out of the forest and into a clear field to fly away from being slain by a young adult. Sofie shot twenty arrows into the dragons back causing him to stop and roar, the Dragon was tryiing to remove some of the arrows stabbed in gis belly as he struggled to retreat. Just as the Dragon got into the field Sofie stabbed her trident into his back dropping him to his knees infront of three farmers all with very sharp pitch forks the Dragon scream in pain then looked at the three farmers knowing he was in a lot of trouble and should have retreated when Sofies dagger was the only sharp object stabbed in his body. Sofie shot her last five arrows into the Dragons chest then allowed the farmers to butcher the Dragons belly. The Dragon could only look as the first farmers fork stabbed the centre of his belly the second stabbed his side and the third stabbed his fork into the Dragon penis for intense pain the Dragon tyring to free his wounded body screamed in horror as his belly was being ripped apart. The three farmers then stabbed the lower belly causing the Dragon to arch back and fall onto his back, the farmers then stabbed the belly over thirty times before Sofie cut the Dragons throat. The Dragon arched back and stopped moving as blood dripped out of his mouth, Sofie then cut his head of and returned home.

3 Responses to “Sofie and the Dragon”

  1. 1 susibarfuss
    September 19, 2009 at 4:27 am

    Thats really a hot story. I can feel Sofies pleasure by watching the beast die.

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