The herogirl on the dragon’s stomach

The many girls and boys jubilated. They had thrown a young dragon on his back, bound him with many ropes and lassos. Now the party could begin.
The six metres long beast laid between them, heavy breathing and moving. Some boys threw lassos over his neck and pulled the neck backwards many times when he tried to lift it up.
They nailed and fixed his wings onto the ground.
His legs where bound and spread apart. The tail was fixes with many ropes.

Now two big, bare girl’s feet went upon the dragon’s body with caution. The heroine climbed with her spear onto the dragon, slowly and carefull the barefoot one went to the middle of the softer dragon-belly.
She had her long spear and the boys had difficulties to hold the neck to the ground.
The herogirl was wearing a white dress, ending over her knees. They stared upon her bare legs and feet, until the girl stood straight and lifted the spear.

With a loud yell she buried the tip into the stomach of the dragon, who started to coild around wildly. He tried to attack that girl, which stood right between the trashing legs.
But the boys where pulling them apart.
He bend his neck to the girl. But she took her knife and stabbed it into the attacking neck from beneath.
“Hehe, strike”.
Now the dragon squirmed and stretched his defenceless belly upwards. The barefoot herogal pulled the spear out of the stomach and rammed it into it again with full force.
The beast screamed, bent his neck to the side, the belly went up, got hit again.
“Yes, stab him deeper, harder”, a boy screamed.

Bit by bit the girl made holes into the belly, stabbed again on different places. The dragon trembled in agony and the barefoot one grinned at stabbed the spear home again.
After some time went by the girl stabbed him very hard and the dragon laid back.
“Yeeah, you defeated him”, many yelled.
She started to place her bare feet onto the belly anew and with hard, deep trusts she destroyed the dragon’s belly. He reared up, screamed without pause and tightened up his abs, the girl went further, she went into her knees, buried the spear deeper and deeper into the stomach cavity, let the blood flow in rivers.

The dragon coiled around wildy and finally collapsed with a roar.
“Now, kill him”, a young girl yelled.
The barefoot heroine went on, ripped the innards of the defeated dragon apart, who quaked and shivered and had no power left to rear up.
The boys let the neck go.
“it shouldnt take long”, they supposed.
The dragon wriggled on his back as the girl penetrated him deeply. That let him collapse again.
Everyone jubilated.
The beast moaned in a deep manner when he received the death blow from the barefoot gal and all laughted and danced around.

Smiling and covered with blood she went down from the dragon’s body and everyone celebrated her.
She was very excited and searched for boys and girls and took them into her tent.
They stripped her body completely. Then they spread lots of dragon’s blood over her tight tummy and finger-fucked her very hard until the evening went by.
Countless times she came and stretched her hard, sexy abs upwards, towards the others whe shared lots of the dragon’s blood on it.

1 Response to “The herogirl on the dragon’s stomach”

  1. 1 xenodragon
    September 20, 2009 at 9:43 am

    nice story the dragon was tortured bad and having his inards ripped apart

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