White in the sky

Silvana was a 13-year-old girl.
Barefoot as always she rode on her fast horse over the plains following a big dragon, flying in the sky.
Silvana watched the long dragon with silver scales, watched his big, muscular stomach, which was white, seperated in two sides with a long groove in the middle and easy to hit for her arrows.
She tried many times to hit the underside, but the dragon always curled his hot belly out of the way.
It was as if he would knew how the arrow would hit his stomach.

Silvana wasted many arrows before meeting her friend Judith.
She was the same age like Silvana and understood what she had to do. She aimed for the other side of the belly but with really fast and clever manouvres the dragon always moved the belly out of the way. Desperately they decided to follow him without trying to hit the stomach.
They wanted and they needed to see the underside spotted and see the dragon react.
Two more girls joined them and together they attacked again. The new girls rode on and attacked from the front while Silvana and Judith aimed for the abdomen.
But it was strange, not a single arrow hit the dragon. They needed more girls, Judith and Nadja started to search for them, while Silvana and Hanna followed the beast.

Silvanas heart beat faster as Judith and Nadja returned with three girls each. She knew that the dragon wouldnt be able to whrite out of so many arrows. So they started to spread on the ground and fired. The dragon bend to the left, made a loop in the air, circled around but finally a roar emerged from the dragon.
He stopped his movements. An arrow stuck between his abs and all muscles where tightening on like mad. That was the scene Silvana longed for.
“Shot him, now”, she yelled.
Ten arrows hit ten different places on the underside and screams of pain came out of his mouth. He further realized that he would not be able to dodge their arrows and that his agony would made his movements labored. So he turned his belly upwards, the eleven arrows stuck and he curled his stomach muscles together.
The girls enjoyed the sight.
But he had to return to normal position because he was unable to fly with his back turned to the ground.
He wanted to make it for the girls as hard as possible, but very soon two arrows hit him, followed by five more. He made his body s-shaped and screamed in agony.
“Yeah, we do him”, barefoot Judith yelled, smiling and aiming again.

He went up straight in the air, a try to escape.
Seven arrows went deep into his underbelly and all muscles reared up again. This stopped him from rise, made his body turn around in circles.
It was harder to hit him because he was pretty high in the air.
He rose further, twentythree arrows he took with him. His belly hurt. Here, in the air the girls couldnt reach him. He was eased and flew towards his nest.
The girls barely saw his silhouette and followed him, unsure if they could defeat him.
They hoped that his nest wasnt on a high mountain.

After a long ride they rejoiced. They saw a cave.
Unsure if that really was the dragons cave they waited before that cave, hiding behind rocks in front of it. When the dragon came he saw no child and thought he escaped them. But as he tried to land, his hard belly forward, they stood up and fired arrows into the muscles.
With a big roar he reared up, getting hit a second time into his vulnerable belly. He bent, squirmed and wound in all directions while the girls shoot the big underside many, many times.
Then they ran on their bare feet into the cave.

The dragon finally landed. Seventyfour arrows stuck into his stomach and he reared up more than twenty times in pain, while the girls giggled.
They waited for him. When he went into his cave they withdraw further and deeper into the cave.
Finally ten barefeeted girls stood into the inner cave.
When the dragon saw them he clawed at them.
Silvana and three other girls jumped to the entrance to block the dragon’s escape path.
Judith ran to his belly, ramming her knife up to the hilt, letting him shake madly.
“Yes, Judith, stab him”, Silvana yelled.

Further stabs made him lift up. Barefoot Hanna jumped to the other side, attacking the belly very hard with her dagger and Nadja jumped on him and climbed up his neck.
This irritated the dragon badly and he stomped around into his cave. Some girls went under him, trusting knifes and daggers into the muscles.
A scream of agony, followed by deep roars came from the dragon.
“He sounds defeated”, Nadja said with a smile.
The neck went upwards and at the same time the beast went crashing onto his side. All jumped to his now bleeding belly area. Totally defenceless he laid before their knifes.
Silvana took her sword, placed it on the dragon and pushed it into the vulnerable, but hard underside until only the handle was outside.
All muscles strained and they watched for a moment, then started to jab, cut and stab madly at the defencless muscles. The beast squirmed and twisted in torment while the girls destroyed his underside.
Five minutes later not a single muscle was intact, all stabbed through.
Silvana cut the belly open while the agonized body bent back, shivered and finally collapsed.
They yelled, danced and laughted about the death dragon.
His former hard, white belly in the sky had become a soft, bloody mess on the ground laying before ten barefoot teenage girls with a wild glitter in their eyes, knifes in their hands and tight, blood covered, muscular tummys.

1 Response to “White in the sky”

  1. 1 xenodragon
    September 19, 2009 at 11:46 am

    great story i like the dragon twisting as his belly is destroyed

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