Danielle in the dragon’s nest

The twelfe year old girl Danielle hung between the clouds.
High on a mountain she climbed with her long lance into her hands and using her bare feet further upwards, looking for the dragon into his nest. When she reached the top she saw the dragon lay down in the middle of the nest.
His wings where still, his neck hang down. He was sleeping. A good oppertunity for Danielle!
On bare soles the skinny girl sneaked into the nest, near to the dragon, until she was able to reach him with the long lance. She put the lance with caution under his unprotected stomach and concentrated.
She moved the tip to the center of the dragons underside.
Then she lifted the lance and with all of her strenght she pushed the lance deep into the large, soft belly.

The dragon lifted his head, then he craned his neck upwards and screamed loud.
Danielle ripped the lance out and pushed it in again. She stood behind the dragon, so he did not see her.
The girl turned the lance a bit around and moved it in and out of the soft stomach.
The pain of the dragon grew worse and so he decided to stand up.
Danielle was forcing the lance deeper into the white stomach, which started to become the first red spots. Now the dragon stand she ducked and changed the angle of her weapon and tortured the beast more and more.
The dragon reared up and screamed, having his belly further wounded. Danielle went on.
She grew excited and her nipples stood erect. She moved the lance deeper into the dragon’s bleeding belly.

The beast flapped his wings, lifted up into the air. Danielle grabbed the lance, which stuck deep into the dragons underbelly and was lifted upwards too. The screaming dragon was flying over the nest.
Danielle climbed up on the shaking lance, very slow because the lance already started to slide out of the dragon’s body. She climbed further and the dragon started to fly over the sea.
But the beast did not know that many friends of Danielle where waiting for him, their longbows ready.
In many ships they stood barely covered with and very skinny. As they saw the dragon they wanted to shot, but they saw Danielle hanging on his underside and did not want to harm her.
She was reaching the belly, took her hunting knife out and stabbed it in very fast and hard.

The dragon felt his belly getting stabbed, screamed and twisted in the sky.
“Yeah, Danielle, do him”, yelled the horny girls loudly.
The dragon finally grabbed the lance, pulled it out of his stomach while roaring and arching his back and pushed it together with Danielle into the sea.
As the girls saw that Danielle fell into the water, they all started to fire arrows at their target : the big unprotected belly of the dragon.
The animal screamed and turned around, clawing at the small weapons.
But it was fruitless and more of them hitting his big, vulnerable underside.

Danielle looked up in the sky and was happy. She still had her lance and waited for the dragon to come down.
After the dragon got his underbelly spotted he moved back to his nest.
But he was wounded and the arrows into him ached so he was forced to lay down with his red belly upwards.
The girls watched the dragon whrite and squirm the whole night in the moonlight and masturbated very often while watching him.
On the next day the dragon stood up and left his nest. He had no sleep and was very angry now.
The girls under him started to fire arrows again. Danielle was now on one of the ships.
She wanted to lure the dragon, so she used burning arrows to hit him.
Only a short time late the dragon dove to the ship of Danielle, but she lifted her lance and when the dragon came down he impaled himself on the lance.
The dragon crushed Danielle through the first deck of the ship but then he collapsed on the ship.
All girls jumped with swords to the beast, beating the long neck of the beast.
The dragon screamed again and again, lifting his neck and trembled in pain. The lance was deep into him and into Danielles hands. The girl ram her weapon from the lower deck constantly into the soft underside of the dragon.
The beast roared and screamed and bent his neck backwards while the other girls beat at it.
While Danielle stabbed the dragons defenceless underside over fifty times, he ripped with his claws the ship apart, piece by piece.
The girls flee into the water and when the ship broke, the dragon swam towards the beach. Some girls kept under his belly, ramming the swords upwards many times.
The water under the dragon became red and the animal roared and trembled very often.
Danielle hold on the lance, following the dragon too. Sometimes the beast had no power left, then the girls stabbed, stabbed and stabbed until the body reared up hard and he continued swimming.
Finally on the beach his big body collapsed on his side, his tail moving fast.
Danielle, lance still in hands came out of the water too and watched the exhausted beast suffer with a grin onto her face. The girls with swords came out of the water, got goosebumps and hard nipples as they saw the dragon whrite on the side.
Danielle and two other girls now raped the dragons belly with the lance, whole thirteen minutes.
The others stroked their tight girl bodies many times as they orgasmed in endless rows.
The dragon suffered from his big belly getting impaled many times and being helpless with the big belly and suffered, he arched backwards the whole time.

Finally a last scream went through the air.
All girls smiled and grinned. The lance went in a last time and the dragon quivered, spasmed and undulated.
He slowly reared up a bit and collapsed death on the beach.
The girls jubilated, many of them came again in sight of the death beast.
Danielle and the girls let the lance deep into the dragon’s stomach as sign of his defeat and their victory.

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