Nina and the Red Dragon

Nina was resting at home for the last two weeks as the Dragons were hiding affriad toleave their caves incase they were tortured to death all execpt a big red Dragon who was very hungry after just waking from his sleep. A farmer told nina that a Dragon was killing his animals and he was to old to fight a Dragon, so Nina grabbed her weapons and went after the Dragon. Nina found the Dragon on his back with a 19 year old female slave called Suzie pleasuring him by rubbing his penis. Nina climbed up the large rocks above the belly of the Dragon and threw a spear down and into the top his his bellythe spear stabbed his belly deep and causing him a lot of pain, with gravity on Nina’s side Nina shot two arrows into the Dragons arms implaing him to the ground and just for fun nina shot a arrow into the Dragons penis which really hurt him. Suzie laughed at him and started to twist the arrow in his penis as nina climbed down to hurt the Dragon even more. The Dragon looked down his body and watched as Nina shot a arrow into his belly while she was standing on his chest, nina pulled the spear out of his belly and the arrow out of his penis to hve more fun with his body as she wanted his death to be very painfull. Nina gave Suzie a dagger and told her tostab the lower belly for five minutes. Suzie climbed on the Dragons belly and stabbed the dagger into the sft flesh making the Dragon scream in five miniutes Suzies stabbed the belly thrity times. Nina drew her sword and cut both his arms off making him scream andthrash about, Nina and Suxie let the Dragon get up when he got to his knees Nina sliced his neck forcing him to scream in agony and pain. The Dragon managed to get up on his hind legs knowing he couldnt hide his belly he tryed to escape but Nina stabbed his back with her lance dropping him to his knees, Suzie then stabbed his belly a further twenty times as Nina set a trap. The Dragon tryed to escape again and ran into the trap which he triggered by walking into the rope Nina put along the ground as ten arrows were stabbed into the centre of his belly implaing him onto the trap, the Dragon pulled himself off the trap and screamed to the sky as he fell on his back. Nina stabbed her dagger into the Dragons bollocks causing a lot of internal damaged and forcing the Dragon to scream again then she cut his penis right down from the top to the bollocks lots of blood gashed out of the wounds this was more pain thanthe dragon could take. The Dragon tryed to get up but his was in far to much pain and he was too weak and bleeding heavily. Nina cut away all the skin on the belly and then one by one cut the stomach muscles watching as the Dragons stomach muscles failed after her blade cut through each muscle. The Dragon stopped moving and just looked at Nina as she stabbed her sword intothe belly againand again before the Dragon stopped breathing and died. Nina cut off the Dragons head and cut of his penis and bollocks abd gave them all the Suzie as a trophy.

The End

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