Five barefoot kids on dragon hunt

Ten young, bare feet moving through the grass. Three boy and two girls feet. Those Kids are on a hunt. A hunt for a young dragon.
They wear short clothings, exposing their feet, legs, bellies and shoulders.
You can see their hard, muscular bellies with outie navels. All of them are skinny and strong.

The kids follow the small trail of blood on the ground. The dragon already has one knife into his abdomen, placed there by the smallest girl.
The beast screams and wriggles in pain while walking forward.
But the kids are faster. After twenty minutes they reach the stomping dragon.
They went into attack formation. The girls in front of the dragon and the boys from behind. The dragon is hiding his big, defenceless belly on the ground.

After some hisses and jabs from the girls all barefoot boys jump onto the dragons back.
They stab the back with their spears. The dragon is growling and turns around. The girls are follwing the dragons movements, keeping in front of him.
The boys continue to stab, to trust the sharp tips of their spears though the scales into the muscles on the back.
The dragon screams, the girls are laughing and waiting for the dragon to rear up.

“Yes, boys, stab him, make him rear up”, Samantha said, 12 years old.

The boys trust their spears deeper, rip them out and stab them back in. Blood runs from the dragons back, while he runs forward a bit and suddenly rears up on his hindlegs.
His big, white belly with the dagger inside becomes exposed and the girls throw their weapons with full force.
A shiver goes through the beast as both spears hit the belly.

He screams and wriggles his neck to all sides.
The belly keeps exposed and with bow and arrows the girls attacked the white stomach further.
Arrow after arrow is going into the belly and the girls enjoying every moment of torture.
With every arrow the dragon is going higher and higher. Suddenly his legs give up and he lands on his big belly’s bottom.
More than one hundred arrows sticking into it.

All kids take their swords out and walk to the big belly, while the dragons neck is whriting around.
They aim all together for the belly and with a single thrust they shove their swords up to the hilt into the white, vulnerable mass.
The dragon let go horrific screams of pain. His body rears back and trembles.
The kids pull the swords out and watching the blood flow. Another stab into the belly follows and another.

The whole belly becomes red and the kids stab a fourth, fifth and sixth time.
Painful roars emerge from the dragon. Stab seven to eighteen somehow hurt the beast badly. The dragon fell on his back and the kids climb on the belly.
The let the swords into it this time and with their spears they start to attack many different places on the dragons underside.
They stab neck, legs, chest and most of the time the big, defenceless belly.
They going wild on the dragon, stabbing faster and harder. Twenty minutes later they see the exhaustion of the beast.
They see that it was time to end the dragon.

They make a circle on the softest spot on the belly. They aim for a place without bones or muscles. They lift their spears above this place.
And with a big, hard thrust they shove all their spears into.
The dragon collapse on his back, only the big belly move a bit up and down, but finally went still. They defeated the dragon.

1 Response to “Five barefoot kids on dragon hunt”

  1. 1 xenodragon
    September 24, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    great story the dragon suffered greatly

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