18 Youngsters do another dragon

The dragon roared at the kids surrounding him. They where eighteen of the finest, youngest girls, barely fourteen and ready to slay the beast with the strength of their muscles and the sharp of their lances.
Barefoot and only covering their pelvis the girls watched the dragon. They knew they could win. Against so many girls the beast would not have any chance.
They stood in a circle. A girl on the dragons left flank started the attack. She ran on and ram the lance into the side with full force.
The dragon let out a scream, many girls went hornier and smiled. He jerked his head back and to the side to attack the girl back.

But she jumped back and on the right side another girl did the same thing.
The animal roared loud, rearing his neck up to the sky, receiving further three lances into the sides and a single lance into the chest.
Behind him, two girls with hard, tighten muscles tried to hit the abdomen by stabbing the lances between his legs.
As they succeeded the dragons abdominal muscles spasmed and he threw his neck back again and again.

“Time to rear up, evil beast”, a girl shout. She got very horny in anticipation of the dragon’s body lifting up to show his belly.
The girls shouting from all sides as the dragon started to rear up on his hindlegs.
They watched the soft, white belly for a short time. Then nine girls ran against it, bringing their lances into it.

A loud, agonized scream emerged from the dragon. All muscles thightening up, unable to stop their weapons. Most girls almost came as they watched the dragons torture. He threw his head to the sky countless times.
Then the girls retreated. They wanted to see the dragon recovering a bit to attack it again. But lots of blood flew out of the belly wounds to the ground and the dragon squirmed and wrothe before he went on his belly.

It was a fascinating view for all girls, to see the dragon tortured and suffering. Many of them got hard bellies and came.
After some minutes of rearing and arching the dragon gave up and rolled on his side.

All girls jubilated and collected before the free belly to give the dragon the ultimate blow. Together they ram their lances into the defencless, bleeding belly. They saw the undulations of the soft flesh and all of them came again.
They went to their knees, rubbing their vaginas only to cum again, two, three and four times.
And as the dragon did his last breath they came a fifth time watching the destroyed belly.

2 Responses to “18 Youngsters do another dragon”

  1. 1 xenodragon
    September 24, 2009 at 4:59 pm

    very hot story i like it alot

  2. December 26, 2009 at 8:44 am

    This story is very hot. The combination of the many blows and what it does to the slayers

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