Nina and the yellow Dragon

Nina was walking in the forest when she noticed a small village but she saw nobody there. As Nina got closer to the village she noticed the village was destroyed and nobody was around. Then Nina noticed a big yellow Dragon which was chained tothe mountains, Nina saw that he was reared up on his hind legs, Nina looked around before going to the Dragon and started to pleasure his penis by rubbing up and down the penis. The dragon moaned in pleasure as his penis became erect. Nina smiled as she could cause a huge amount ofpain to the Dragon and all he could do is stand there as she slowly kills him. Nina pulls her dagger outand stabs it into the top of the Dragons belly causing the Dragon to scream in pain. Nina then shot four arrows into his belly,two into his chest and shot a arrow into the Dragons bollocks this really hurt the Dragon as he roared to the sky. Nina put herspears and lances next to the Dragon before firing a arrow into his erect penis then Nina went looking for acatapult. The Dragon looked down his belly nd roared in anger that his white belly and penis are more red than white. Nina found a catapult and dragged it to the Dragon,when the Dragon looked up he saw Nina load the catalpult with one of her spears the Dragon was trying his hardest to free himself but stopped and looked down with his eyes closed as Nina pulled the lever and sent the spear into the Dragons left leg and into the mountains. The Dragon looked as Nina fired the second spear into his right arm the pain caused him to scream in pain and start to tremble. Nina loaded the lance but went back tothe Dragon she grabbed thearrow in his penis and started to twist it the Dragon was in real agony he tryed to bite Nina but he just couldnt reach her. Nina grabbed the dagger she stabbed into the belly and started to cut downwards slicing the flesh as she cut to his penis then Nina cut away all the skin covering the dragons belly showing his stomach muscles and vital organs. The dragon screamed in pain as his belly had been skinned by a young slayer. Nina then cut the skin covering the penis away leaving just muscle Nina grabbed the penis and stabbed her dagger into the hard erect muscle causing the Dragon to scream and roar in agony. Nina started to rub her hands over the Dragons stomach muscles. The Dragon stopped roaring and looked at Nina, Nina liked the fell of the stomach muscles so she then started to stab the Dragons bollocks each time she stabbed the Dragon trembled with agony and fear as he knew she will soon kil him. Nina then cut his bollocks for the dragon to scream in pain andstart to tremble more as Nina cuthispenis off and with her knife Nina impaled the knife into the Dragons chest, the Dragon started bleeding from his mouth and nose, so Nina cut away his stomach muscles making sure not to damage them and after doing that shestabbed her sword into his intestines theismade alot of his blood gash out and over Nina. The Dragon looked as Nina went back to the catapult and watched as the lance was fired into his chest ad through his heart killing him. Nina picked up the Dragons stomach muscles and returned home.

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