amythsy the draconian

Amythyst a 18 year old female Draconian was trianing with her master before they go on a hunt for a evil and deadly Dragon.  Amythyst has spent the last 8 years learning to fight Dragons and to exploit their weaknesses which include a soft belly.  The Dragon had just attacked the town they live and killed more than 500 towns people had needed to be stopped before killing again.  Amythyst had only fought one Dragon and it was old and wounded but was still good as she found the weak spots of the Dragons belly and was amazed how much pain the Dragon could take before dying.  Amythyst lined up with around 80 other warriors all with the dream of bringing the ~Dragons dead body home.

Amythyst was cleaning her armor when the alarm sounded telling everyone the Dragon was attacking, Amythyst was charged with firing the first arrow into the Dragons body this was something she had hoped to do soon but the Dragon was only flying around the towns outskirts.  As the Dragon flew closer to the town Amythyst fired her arrow and it deep deep into the Dragons stomach making it flee back to its lair.  After the Dragons retreat Amythyst when back to cleaning her armor so she was ready to go hunt for the Dragon, but first she needed to train and with her best friend Abi a female Tigerwarrior, she started sparing and using weapons at targets.  Amythyst was one of the best hand to hand fighters in the town but she still had a lot to learn with axes and swords.  Amythyst and Abi were training in only lioncloths so they were showing their breasts thius was the best way to train as the lack of armor made training easier after about three hours of thraining Abi left to clean herself and her gear.  Amythyst continued to train, she was training with her sword to better herself and become a deadly opponant for the Dragon.   Amythyst had been training non-stop for six hours when her a master a Tigerwarrio entered the colosseum to watch her train, he was 37 years old and called Jake he had killed twelve Dragons since he was Amythyst’s age almost twenty years ago.  Jake had found Amythyst when she was a baby lost in the woods on her own he took her in and raised her as his own daughter Amythyst is the only Draconian raised by a different species.  Amythyst parents were killed by a Dragon when she was 3 years old.  Jake went to Amythyst and began to train with her, Amythyst was getting very tired Jake noticed sweat drip down her body she had been training for six hours without rest so Jake told Amythyst to have a wash and get some sleep as the next day she will join a small team of eight to hunt the Dragon.  The following morning Amythyst lined up with the other seven warriors readt to slay the Dragon, Amythyst was armed with a bow and twenty arrows, two swords and a spear.  The Dragon had pulled the arrow out of his stomach but caused alot of damage as it cut into more of the stomach so he had to rest and heal but he has only about four hours to resr before Amythyst and her team reach his lair.  Amythyst was looking worried as they should have been ambushed by the Dragon but he had not attacked when they got to the clearing four hundred yards from the Dragons lair, the team heard roars of pain coming from the Dragon, Amythyst’s arrow had hit deep and stabbed into a vital organ in the Dragons stomach and what Amythyst and her team didnt know was the Dragon had ripped the arrow out causing more damage to his stomach but it would take more to defeat him.

Amythyst and her team were all waiting for the second team to arrive at the Dragons lair.  Before the second team could get the the lair the Dragon charged out, Amythysts team hid so not to be seen by the DRagon but the Dragon saw the second team and attack them.  Abi(Amythyst Tigerwarrior friend) ordered her team to attack the Dragon as Amythysts team set a trap in his lair.  Amythyst and another Draconian named Rex set up a trap so if the Dragon triggers it by walkinig into a rope inches of the ground a large spear will be implaed deep into his belly or back.  The Dragon lunged at Abi just as she drew her sword but Abi was just a second to slow as the Dragon slashed her stomach with his left hand.  The two archers on Abis team fired arrows at the Dragons but their arrows were just bounching of his back, so a elder warrior a 48 year old Lizardman named Max ran to the Dragon and rammed his sword into the Dragons sidetrying to help Abi.  The shocked Dragon lashed Max with his tail sendng the Lizardman smashing into the trees breacking his legs, Abi managed to get into the trees clutching her stomach she was joined by just one more member of her team Jake a young 17 year old Dragonwarrior who hid in the trees when the Dragon attack.  The Dragon turnt to the two archers who just froze with fear as the Dragon breath fire at them roasting the two Human archers before eating their burnt carcasses.  The Dragon wtched Max trying to escape but he didnt get far as the Dragon stabbed a claw into Maxs back, Max screamed as the claw was pushed through his body and out his belly killing him.

Amythyst knowing their is a chance no-one will survive ordered two of her team to get the Dragons to runb into the trap by being bait and allowing the remaining two team members of Abis team to return home.  A female Human named lucy and a male Coyote called Marcus got the Dragons attention only for a male Jackal called Anubis to fire three arrows into the Dragons belly turning the Dragons attention from his lair to Anubis, Anubis tryed to run but the Dragon sliced his legs dropping Anubis to his knees before biting his arm and ripping up to Anubis’s elbow off.  Anubis crawled to the trees line just out of the Dragons reach as Marcus got the Dragons attention and ran into his lair.   The Dragon followed Marcus into the cave and watched as Marcus by accident trigger the trap as he turnt round the large spear went straight through his body killing Marcus within seconds.   The Dragon attacked Amythysts team as they spilt up and tryed hiding, the Dragon firstly got a male Tigerwarrior and with both hands pulled him apart ripping his torso in two killing him.   Then the Dragon felt a sudden poain in his right leg as Rex plunged his lance into the Dragons thigh and twisted, the Dragon reared in agony but no-one was quick enough to stab the beasts belly as they were hiding.  The Dragon thurnt to Rex and grabbed him by his left hand anf threw Rex into the charging Amythyst they were both knocked out for a few moments.   The Dragon limped out of his cave watching the remaining three warriors flee into the forest.  Amythyst and Rex quickly got to their feet and lay in ambush for the Dragon whos leg was bleeding badly and making it harder to walk on.   Amythyst and Rex both ran to the Dragons sides and rammed their swords into the Dragons side making the Dragon thrash about forcing them to stumble backwards, the Dragon swiped at Rex with his tail knocking the Draconian into the wall knocking him out.   Amythyst charged towards the Dragon only to be hit by his claws on his fornt legs cutting her armor and just missing her scales, Amythyst threw her spear into the Dragons shoulder forcing him to scream in agony and allow Amythyst enough time to remove her now usless armor so she was standing infront of the Dragon wearing only a lioncloth and holding a sword and a dagger, she lost her bow during the fight.

The Dragon on his hind legs limped towards Amythyst who was just waiting for the Dragon to make the first move before she ends his life, the Dragon pulled the spear out of his shoulder and charged in pain at Amythyst as the Dragon went to bite her Amythyst rolled under his belly and thrust her sword deep into his soft stomach causing the Dragon to tremble as the blade went deeper into his stomaxh cutting through his belly.  Amythyst jumped out of the way as the Dragon reared again from the pain he received this had given Amythyst the time to throw her dagger into the Dragons belly.   Amythyst was happy to see her dagger inbedded in the Dragons belly as it was her fathers and he gave it to her just before he was killed.
The Dragon charged again and caught Amythyst off-guard and with his left arm slashed Amythysts belly with his claws, Amythyst let out a roat of pain as she clutche her belly.  The Dragons right leg had become so painful that the Dragon was noe dragging his leg as he walked and it wouldnt be long before his shoulder gave way and he was open to attack, knowing this Amythyst kept slicing the Dragons legs before she plunged her sword into his side for a fourth time this forced the Dragon onto his back leaving his belly for Amythyst to stab.

Amythyst woke the injured Rex and together they plunged their sword into the Dragons belly over and over all the Dragon could do was roar in agony as his belly was butchered, Amythyst then plunged her sword into the Dragons chest piercing his heart as Rex cut the Dragons throat and they watched him squirm as he bled to death.

Amythyst and Rex waited about 2 hours until the Dragon stopped breathing and died before grabbing his tail and dragging his dead body to the village, the Dragon would make a nice meal for the villagers after the dragons attacks over the past 2 years.

On the way back to their village Amythyst and Rex were ambushed by a small group of Orcs despite Amythyst and Rex both being around 8 foot tall they were surrounded by 12 4foot tall Orcs and their leader a large Troll.  Amyhtyst drew her sword and charged at three Orcs before they could react she had cleaved two of their heads off and run her sword through the third Orc.  Just as Rex drew his sword he felt a sharp pain in his back as an arrow was shot by the Troll, Rex dropped his sword and dropped to his knees.  As Amythyst turnt she watched as the Troll knocked Rex out using a large hammer, Amythyst roared at the Troll as she cut down a further four Orcs before her left thigh was shot with an arrows and this casued her to stumble backwards just keeping her balance.  The remaining five Orcs surrounded her with bows pointed at her so she dropped her sword and dropped to her knees, just before the Troll could kill her Jake the Dragonwarrior shot two arrows into the Trolls chest the Orcs all turnt and fired arrows towards Jake giving Amyhtyst time to grab her sword and attack the Troll.  Jake managed to dive out of the path of four arrows but his left was hit with the fifth arrows as he pulled it out three Orcs fired arrows into Amythysts back stopping her attack and dropping her in agony to her knees.  One of the Orcs then shot an arrows into Amythysts belly causing her to put her hands to the wound and roat in pain, Jake threw a dagger into Amythysts attackers head dropping him dead, as the four remaining Orcs regrouped Jake pulled the arrows out of Amythysts back before drawing his claymore and charging the four Orcs.  Amythyst crawled to Rex and rested next to him as she waited for her pain to subside, the Troll was watching as Jake killed three of the Orcs before charging at the Dragonwarrior, just as Jake turnt to face the Troll the Troll smashed his hammer into Jakes chest kinocked him flying next to the dead Dragon also smashing five of his ribs.  The last Orc went upto the wounded Jake and ripped his armour away from his body and with his dagger slowly pushed it into Jakes belly causing Jake to roar and cough up blood.  The Orc stabbed hid dagger into Jakes belly ten times casuing him to raor in agony.  The Troll grabbed Jake by his throat and tied his arms and legs to a tree before going to kill Amythyst and Rex, the orc shot more arrows into jakes body as a small group of female PantherWarriors came to the aid of Amythyst, Rex and Jake.  The six Panthers all fied arrows into the trolls body in an atempt to give Amythyst time to recover and get Rex uo and to safety.  As the Panthers attacked the Troll the Orc rammed his dagger into Jakes belly and began to cut him open all ~Jake could do was roar in agony.  Rex finally woke to see Amythyst next to him and Jake being gutted this got Rex angry and he threw a dagger into the Orcs back the Orc fell onto the daagger pushing it into his heart but ~Jake was bleeding badly and still had the Orcs dagger in the lower part of his belly.  It took the panthers just over one hour to kill the Troll then they tended to Amythyst, Rex and the dying Jake.

Two weeks later Amythyst and Rex were making their way back home with the Dragon and an escort of ten PantherWarriors they had been watched over as the wounds healed but Jake is still is a seriuos condition as he had lost alot of blood and was unable to move or eat much as his ribs are smashed.  It took Amythyst and Rex five hours to drag the Dragon to their home where they were greeted by Abi and Anubis who has got a new arm with a small hook great for keeping hold of prey.  Amythysts master gave both of them a medal for killing the Dragon and bringing it home for a victory feast.  The Pantherwarriors returned to their village as Amythyst went to her home to rest and sleep before she goes back o the Panther village to check on Jake.  When amythyst got to her home she put her sword and dagger back in their shelves and put the armour given to her by the leader of the Panthers into a closet the AMythyst washed herself and went to rest as the rest of the village partied and enjoyed Dragon for dinner.

22 Responses to “amythsy the draconian”

  1. 1 Rez
    October 11, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    Nice story. By the way have any of you heard of “cock vore”? yea, I know sounds sick. I see people write these type of stories where a really, really big dragon eats/kills people by swallowing them into the penis. But, there is never any kind of story where a dragon tries that and loses, but there should be!

    • 2 xenodragon
      October 12, 2009 at 9:12 am

      sounds cool i have done stories with dragons cocks but the dragon ends up with its cock being stabbed or cut off by a female warrior

  2. 3 Rez
    October 12, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    Yea, those stories are real strange. I dont 100% understand how even a dragon can swallow something into them using the penis but there are still stories about it, and never any stories where they die doing that. I think though that if anything, a dragon trying to force a human inside the penis would be more dangerous since the human could probably cause a lot of pain from the inside.

  3. 5 Rez
    October 15, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    Well, is about time somebody did it. Too many of those weird story-writers think dragons are these big, unbeatable, invincible things but they forget there are lots of stories of just one human killing them by finding out their weaknesses!

    • 6 xenodragon
      October 16, 2009 at 9:03 am

      give me a week or two and i should come up with something
      like a female warrior eing swallowed in the penis and she uses two swords to cut the penis open inside out

      • 7 .
        October 27, 2009 at 7:01 am

        and what do you say that a dragons scales are weak that they can be easily killed, they are smart you just choose to make up weak little “hatchling” dragons in your mind, all dragon slayers think alike that they try and take the myths of how to kill a dragon to heart, humans are by far not a superior creature, i mean, we are destroying our own planet

      • 8 xenodragon
        October 31, 2009 at 11:45 am

        it is just a story

    • 9 .
      October 16, 2009 at 2:19 pm

      and i like how people think dragons are slow stupid beasts, dragons think on the same level as humans, dragons are as humans for the reptiles in that sorta way, and with there size, fire breath, raw power and intelligence, i would like to see one human beat a dragon in a FAIR fight, not the coward kill it in its sleep way, and useing a shield for a fire breath will heat the shield up so there it burns his hand, if it doesnt suck up there air around his lil safe area..

  4. 11 Rez
    October 16, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    Sounds good, looking forward to more stories.

  5. 13 Rez
    October 19, 2009 at 8:40 am

    Nice, extra large size dragons dont know how much a disadvantage it is to try stuff like that. Bigger dragon = bigger penis = more meat to destroy!

  6. 15 Rez
    October 23, 2009 at 8:05 am

    Yea, a smart dragon won’t ever do those sort of thing. Alot of blood goes to the penis when it is out, and a dragon’s penis would be very big and easy to see where the veins are. Most dragons though are not too smart, they are either too proud and arrogant or sometimes they have too little intelligence and are like an animal.

    • 16 xenodragon
      October 24, 2009 at 6:43 pm

      yeah if i had a dragon i would make sure his penis was never showing in front of other people

      • 17 dizzy
        October 27, 2009 at 7:04 am

        hey xeno, can you do a story for me where a female cuts open a dragons chest and plays with the dragons beating heart please? like rubbing it and causing it pain, squeezing it and at the end causing it to have a heart attack?

      • 18 xenodragon
        October 31, 2009 at 9:58 am

        yeah sure do you want a male or female dragon

      • 19 dizzy
        November 1, 2009 at 9:30 am

        male or female works, im not picky :3 just cut the chest open and play with the dragons powerfully beating heart till it dies of a heart attack ^^ preferably hurtting its heart by rubbing it, or cumming on it and so on, pressing down on it and squeeezing it tightly as it trys to beat

      • 20 xenodragon
        November 1, 2009 at 12:46 pm

        ok ill get on with it

      • 21 xenodragon
        November 13, 2009 at 11:00 am

        hi dizzy i have posted the dragon storie you asked for is it called dragon death i hope u like it

    • 22 xenodragon
      October 31, 2009 at 10:02 am

      yo ive done the story of a dragons penis being stabbed it is called dragon penis pain hope u like it

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