Dragon penis pain

deep in a jungle a large male dragon was resting on his side with his large white belly and white erect penis showing to anyone wanting to slay him.   two young topless female warriors were hunting for a dragon in the jungle when they found the male dragon on his side.  the dragon noticed them and reared up ready to eat them but the two warriors had other ideas as they wanted to cut him open befoe killing him and taking his dead body home as a trophy.   one of the warriors fired three arrows into the bottom of his belly as he chrged them the second warrior ran at him hoping to hit his belly with her spears.  the dragon screamed as the spear was rammed into the lower belly as she pulled the spear out the dragon knocked her to the floor and with his penis he swollowed her whole, the second warrior just froze after seeing her friend eating by the dragons penis.  the warrior was shocked but the dragon was happy and just as he went to eat the second warrior he felt a sudden pain in his penis the first warrior had stabbed her daggers into the dragons penis, the dragon roared in agony as she cut the viens in his erect penis.  the dragon grabbed his penis and started to rub up and down to get her out of his penis so he could kill her but the more he rubbed the more he groaned with pleasure and after 20 mins he let go of his penis and shot his sperm all over the floor and the second warrior but inside his penis the warrior had implaed her daggers into the penis to stop herself from being forced out his penis.  the dragon fell to his knees panting and pleased as he could no longer fill pain in his penis but his joy was short lived as the warrior rammed her sword through his penis her friend could she her sword cutting don the dragons penis as he roared in agony so she shot more arrows into his belly, the dragon collasped on his back as the first warrior cut open his penis and went to his belly and with her sword cut him open but she didnt kill him instead she went back to the penis and with her friend they rammed their spears into the dragons penis the pain was more than the dragon could take as he reared his head back and collasped again this time breathing heavily as blood dripped from his mouth and poured from his belly and penis.  the two warriors then went to his head and with the spears plunged them into the skull impaling his head on the spears the dragon just alive watched as his penis was cut open even more before the pain and shock caused him to roar on last time before dying the two warriors then dragged his carcuss home.

1 Response to “Dragon penis pain”

  1. 1 Wolf
    January 24, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    What the fuck did I just read?

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