Nina and the green Dragon

Nina woke early in the morning her body was wet as she was very hot after the night and her fight with the Wyvern. Nina got washed and changed into just her shirt and lion cloth she went to the arena and in the cage she saw a very big green Dragon. Nina looked at the big white belly a smile came to her as she imagined the amount of pain she could cause to the Dragon’s belly. Nina wlaked to the cage and rubbed the Dragon’s belly to wake him. The Dragon woke and saw he was in a cage and Nina was rubbing his belly which was making him groan with pleasure. Nina went to grab her bow and arrows,spears,lance,dagger and sword ready to torture the Dragon. Before going to the Dragon Nina went ot see the Wyvern as she is due to give birth. The Wyvern saw Nina and hissed and growled at Nina but Nina just laughed at the Wyvern and returned to the areana ready to kill another Dragon. Nina watched as the Dragon was let out of the cage and reared up on his hind legs and screathed his wings and neck to wake him self ready to fight. The Dragon looked in shock asNina entered the arena in his shock he forgot to hide his belly as Nina shot two arrows deep into his upper belly causing the Dragon to roar in pain before hiding his hurt belly. Thr Dragon charged at Nina and stopped as his belly was hurting him allowing Nina to jump on his back and stabbed a spear into his back causing the Dragon to show his belly allowing four young and sexy girls to shot fours arrows into the lower part of his belly causing him to arch his head back screaming in pain. Nina grabbed her lance and stabbed it into the Dragon’s lower belly and pushed the lance deeper into his belly splitting his stomach. As Nina pulled the lance out the Dragon quickly hid his belly and charged at the four girls. Two girls ran one side of the Dragon and fired two arrows each into his side forcing him to change direction and chase them as the other two girls also fired two arrows into his side as Nina stabbed her lance into his back forcing him to rear on his hind legs showing his belly to the four girls as they fired a further twenty arrows into his belly, then Nina stabbed her second spear into his lower belly and pushed depper and deeper and then twisted the spear in his stomach causing great pain to the Dragon. The Dragon arched his head back and fell on his back pushing the spear and lance through his back and out of is chest punctering his lungs. Nina grabbed her sword and started stabbing the Dragons belly, Nina pulled the sword out and stabbed a second,third and fourth time and watched as the Dragon struggled for air, then Nina pulled out her dagger and stabbed the centre of the Dragons belly then started to cut downwards cutting away the flesh and stomach muscles cauding the Dragon intense pain she cut the belly until she reached his penis then Nina cut the belly upwards right to his rib cage then Nina cut around the belly removing all the belly skin and stomach muscles and the Dragon started to bleed from the mouth and nose. Nina finally killed the Dragon by ramming her sword into the Dragon heart.

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