Sofie,Drake and the Dragon

Sofie and Drake were resting inder a tree after capturing eight Dragons and six Wyverns they had also killed five Dragons and three Wyverns. Sofie was rubbing Drakes belly which was making him very excited and Sofie saw his penis become erect under his lion cloth. Just as Sofie removed Drakes lion cloth a large red Dragon appeared in front of them. Drake quickly grabbed his bow and shot two arrows into the Dragon neck causing him to stop his attack and roar at him giving Sofie time to grab her trident and wait for a chance to hurt the white belly. Drake shot two more arrows into the Dragons sides and then grabbed a spear and ran at the roaring Dragon. The Dragon turnt to Sofie and went to attack her only for Drake to jump on his back and stab his spear into the Dragons shoulder then jump off as the Dragon reared up on his hind legs showing his belly to Sofie. Sofie ran up to his belly and stabbed the trident into his belly pushing deep into his gut causing internal damage. Drake shot twenty arrows into his belly then Sofie pulled the trident out of his belly and watched him hide his belly as Drake jumped on his back again as the Dragon chased Sofie. Drake stabbed a second spear into the Dragons back again forcing him to rear up this time Sofie stabbed her trident into the Dragons penis and into both his thighs Sofie pushed deep into the Dragons flesh and groin causing him a great deal of pain. Drake stabbed the chest with two spears and the belly with a further ten arrows. The Dragon fell to his knees, Sofie pulled the trident out of the Dragons groin and thighs and stabbed the belly right in the centre she pushed the trident deep into the stomach making the Dragon scream in agony then she pulled the trident out of his belly. Drake shot ten more arrows into the Dragons belly, chest and neck which made the Dragon arch back and fall onto his back pushing the spears out his chest. Sofie cuddled Drake and startedd to rub his belly again which again gave him a lot of pleasure and his penis became erect again this time Sofie was able to rub it as Drake stabbed the Dragons belly with his dagge the dragon stopped roaring and just watched Drake destroy his belly and then Sofie started to wank Drakes penis forcing him to cum over the Dragons belly before they both stabbed his chesat with their dagger. They then cut away the flesh covering his chest and belly this was very painfull for the Dragon who arched his head back and stopped breathing. But Sofie still cut his heart out and Drake cut off his head. Both Sofie and Drake decdided to return to the village with the captures Dragons and Wyverns
the End

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