the boy and the dragon

This is a story about Nathan a 13 year old boy who slays a big Green Dragon.

Dragon: A Child they send a child to kill me I am ashamed to have to kill you.

Nathan: No I will kill you with my spears,lances and sword Dragon by stabbing your belly.

Dragon: You will never get near my belly boy as I will kill you before your weapons touch me.

Nathan: My name is Nathan not that you will live to remember that.

Nathans horse charged at the Dragon. The Dragon did not notice Nathan charge until Nathan stabbed his small lance deep into the lower belly of the Dragon causing him to roar in pain. Nathan turned round and went to his spears and grabed one.

Dragon: AAAAAARGH you little fool I will kill you for that.

Nathan: Not today Dragon take this.

Nathan threw his first spear into the top of the Dragons belly causing him great pain.

Dragon: AAAAAAAAARGH you will pay if you kill me my kin will avenge my death.

Nathan: And I will slay them one by one. By the way hows your belly.

Dragon: Why do you care cant you see my bellys bleeding.

Nathan: and I like your pain and I am not finished.

Nathan jumped off his Horse and grabbed a second spear and threw it into the belly again the Dragon screamed in pain.

Dragon: NOOOOOOOOOO stop I can change my ways and stop being evil please.

Nathan: To late Dragon you killed my family so I must kill you.


Nathan threw his third and fourth spears into the Dragons belly causing him to arch his head back and fall on his back bleeding badly.

Dragon: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH no more you have defeated me just leave me.

Nathan: I have not finished with you yet Dragon.

Nathan rammed a large lance into the bottom of the Dragons belly and out the top of the belly the Dragon screamed in pain stretching his stomach muscles as he moved in agony.

Dragon: N-no m-more p-p-please you have.

Nathan: I have what Dragon.

Dragon: K-k-killed m-me.

Nathan: Not yet.

Nathan jumped on the Dragons belly and stabbed his sword into the centre of the belly, the Dragon screamed one last time then died Nathan had destroyed his belly by stabbed two lances,four spears and stabbing his sword into the belly around tem times to kill the Dragon.

Nathan: Now your dead.

Nathan then cut the Dragons head off and carry it hime.


2 Responses to “the boy and the dragon”

  1. 1 susibarfuss
    November 12, 2009 at 7:38 pm

    Thats really, really hot. Thank you.

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