The young girl Elisa stood before the giant dragon.
She was aged twelfe. He blue eyes, her innocent looking face stared at the beast.
She wore just a white nightdress.
Into her right hand she had a dagger, into the left hand her teddybear.

The dragon stomped to her, ready to strike. He was hungry and was looking forward to a nice meal.
So he bent his long neck backwards and opened his jaws.
He moved his head to Elisa.
But as the jaws passed her, she jumped into the air, was above the dragons head and attacked the left eye with her dagger.
It took a small moment before the dragon realized that he got hurt.
He roared and reared up while Elisa was twirling through the air.

She lost her teddy.
But then from all side, lots and lots of boys came, their short spears ready to plunge them into the yellow sides of the dragon.
Elisa fell on her back, stood up.
Those barefoot boys, a bit older than Elisa, very skinny and muscular went to both of the dragon flanks and
attacked them from all sides.
Elisa watched some speartips going into the tough skin and smiled.
The dragon roared in pain.
He lifted his body upwards, rearing and squirming alot.

Elisa ran towards his moving body. His underside was softer, his belly was soft, but on his belly he had a small, white area which was different from the rest of the stomach.
When the dragon was thrashing around this white patch became exposed several times.
Elisa tried not to get stomped on by the dragon, ran to this white patch and plunged her dagger into it.

Then the dragon stopped defending against the boys.
He screamed and lifted his neck skywards. His body shook badly. The boys smiled.
Elisa took the dagger out and ram it in again.
The dragon completely went on his hindlegs. Some boys saw the dagger into the patch, went to the stomach and brought five spears into that area.
The beast screamed, turning his neck around, shivering hard.
Elisa and the boys yelled, more of them went the the softer stomach, which was exposed to their spears and
attacked the dragon there.
Only a few attacks later the dragon screamed and fell on his side.

All boys met on the underside and with hard trusts they started to defeat the dragon there.
He twisted and squirmed on his side and the boys stabbed into his vulnerable belly.
After two minuted his neck went up with a roar and he slowly rolled on his back.
The boys climbed on his, attacking the stomach more and more.
With jerks and spasms the beast collapsed and reared up again fifteen minutes long.
He received countless blows to his belly and finally died.

1 Response to “Elisa”

  1. 1 xenodragon
    November 13, 2009 at 9:55 am

    cool story the dragon was way out of his league

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