dragon slayer

three young female warrior about 20 years old all wearing only a lioncloth and carring a bow with 100 arrows,four spears and two sword were following a large male dragon.  the dragon was wounded he had been stabbed just below his penis when he tryed mating a female dragon but she was cut open and killed.   the three warriors caught the dragon as he stopped in pain to rest hoping they were nowhere near him he rest on his side the warriors wanted to gut him there but also wanted to see his lair.  the dragon slowly got back to his feet and continued to his lair he stopped holding his wound when he saw the warriors infront of him but he only saw two of them looking around for a place to run the dragon delt a sharp pain in his back as a spear was stabbed into his back and out his belly the dragon grabbed the spear roaring in agony trying to pull it out but the pain just made him rear up showing his blood stained belly to the other warriors.  one of the warriors ran to his penis and began to rub it up and down very fast and hard this made his penis become erect and then she started to stab her sword into the lower part of his belly the dragon still holding the spear screamed in pain as blood trickled down his belly and down his penis.   the third warrior shot arrows into his chest ten in total before he managed to pull the spear free and the three warriors then stopped to allow his to lead them to his lair.   the dragon in alot of pain holding his belly began to walk on his hind legs as the warriors followed him, they had followed him for about four hours before he stopped to rest so the warriors surrounded him but instead of attacking him one of the warriors noticed his penis was still erect and blood all over it so she grabbed the penis and clean the blood off the dragon arched his head back and groaned with pleasure.  the warrior stopped pleasuring the dragon and let him continue on his way to his lair and his family.

once the dragon got to his lair he roared in agony then fell to his knees he was hoping his kin would come and help him but the three warriors had other ideas and all three rammed there swords deep into his belly the pain causing the dragon to scream in agony waking his kin knowing it would take ten minutes for them to reach him he got up and tryed to escape with three swords deep in his belly and three warriors following him.   the dragon began to climb up a small mountain to escape the warriors but they were skilled hunters and just followed him up the mountain, once the dragon reached the top he needed to rest and couldnt lay on his belly with three sword inbedded into him so he stood on his hind legs pulling them out,  just as he pulled the last sword out the warriors had reached the top and were looking at him on his belly they had not noticed the swords on the floor or the blood under him.  the warriors rested also waiting for the dragon to move but he was weak after pulling the swords out and losing alot of blood he needed to find his kin and fast.  the dragon struggled to get up and to stop bleeding badly he reared to his hind legs and noticing the warriors were asleep he continued on his escape.  the dragon had got to the cave where all his kin were before collapsing on his back it took two large dragons to pull his wounded body into the long mazy cave.   

the three warriors followed the foot prints to a large cave and noticed a dragon guarding the entrance but he wasnt paying attention instead he was rubbing his erect penis (he is a very bored dragon).  the young dragon looked up and saw the warriors just as three arrows hit the ground just infront of his penis, the dragon jumped back and reared up trying to show them he was a big dragon.  the dragon not knowing what to do had reared up with his back to the wall of the cave waiting to see what happens next.   the warriors could see he was a big dragon but not the way he wanted.    the warriors walked to the dragons penis and belly and kicked his penis and balls dropping him to his knees holding his penis with tears in his eyes then one of the warriors smashed a hammer over his head knocked him out.  the warriors grebbed his penis and dragged him to the edge for the rest of their tribe to take him home but they were under orders not to kill or hurt him.  the warriors had entered the cave and within thirty seconds they found a second dragon also rubbing his erect penis but with his back towards them and roaring in pleasure as he shoot his sperm over his body.  one of the warriors jumped on his neck and tied his mouth shut as the second warrior run her spear through the dragon back and out his belly just above his penis, the dragon let go of his penis and grabbed the spear trying to pull it out.   the dragon fell to his knees and infront of his erect penis the third warriors was standing, the dragon tryed his hardest to remove the spear but the third warrior grabbed his penis and began to rub it up and down the dragon groaned with pleasure before being knocked out.   the third dragon was the easiest kill as he turnt round just as one of the warriors rammed their sword deep into the centre of his belly dragging it down towards his penis,  the dragon fell to his back and the other two warriors stabbed his heart and head killing him very fast.   the next dragon was a wyvern he was on his back his penis erect and leaking precum and a female dragon walking way from him licking her lips,  the three warriors just wanted to knock the wyvern out and bring him home also so as two of them keep watch the third warrior smashed her hammer over the wyvern head then tied him up.   the three warriors followed the female dragon hopeing to be lead to the male they were following,  but then she turned round facing the three warriors who quickly went either side of her and infront of her the dragon reared up and backed her back to the cave wall not knowing what to do showing her belly and her cum dripping vagina.   because she had never seen humans before the female dragon reared up to make herself look bigger but the warriors wanted her to do that to have a great veiw of her soft belly the warrior infront of her ran to her belly and rubbed the dragon vagina getting her to relax and groin with pleasure the groaning didint last long as two spears were rammed deep into her belly cutting into her vital organs,  the warrior rubbing her vagina then rammed her sword upto the hilt into her vagina cutting her open by cutting up the belly from her vagina spilling her guts over the floor as she dropped to the floor dead in a pool of her own blood.   a young male dragon saw the dead female and went over to see what happened but as he got there he felt he penis become erect he reared up to see why and saw three female warriors rubbing his penis and balls he could not help but groan as he fell on his back he shot a load of cum all over the three warriors and his belly but the warriors continued to rub getting faster and harder, the dragon began to shake as he shot more cum over his belly he could feel pain in his penis each time he shot his cum, the three warriors stopped rubbing his balls and penis only to smash a hammer over his head and tying him up to be dragged home.    the warriors continued until they came across to male dragons laying either side of a young female dragon groaning as she rubbed their penis’s, the three warriors had a dragon each to capture.   the two male dragons began to shoot cum over the females belly just as she cam as they rubbed her vagina spreading the cum around her vagina teasing her.    one of the males got up and began to rub his penis alog the female dragons belly as the other male left that area of the cave for food, one of the warriors followed him waiting for the chance to capture him.  the warrior hid under the dragons belly and waited for him to rear giving her acess to his belly and penis.   the female dragon grabbed the male dragons balls and rubbed them making him shoot more cum over her body and making the two warriors get very bored waiting for them to split up,  the third warrior was now rubbing the dragons erect penis making him groan with pleasure, the dragon wanted to grab his penis but the warrior blocked him for the first few minutes before letting him rub his own penis just as he began to cum again the warrior knocked him out and tied him up she laughed as cum was still comng out of his penis.    the female dragon got up and walked out of her lair in the large cave leaving the sleeping male dragon to the hands of the warrior as she was followed by the second warrior.   the female dragon had stopped to clean herself in a small lake inside the cave the warrior jumped on her back and to get the dragon to rear stabbed the dragons back, in agony she reared showing her belly the female warrior slowly pushed a sword into the dragons belly causing her to fall on her back clutching her belly the warrior leaving the sword in her belly smashed a hammer over her head to knock her out before regrouping with her friends.  the third warrior with the sleeping male dragon had the easiest job of capturing a dragon she just walked upto his head and smashed the hammer over his head.

the three warriors found they had only a few dragon left in the cave as they had captured all but one dragon and they heard only three other dragons and the wounded one they followed.   the first dragon was male and very big he was standing on his hind legs over a young male wyvern with its head inline with the dragon erect penis.   the warriors left them two and went down a different route and found the wounded dragon being guarded by a second large male dragon on its hind legs.   the three warriors removed their blood covered armour and walked towards the male dragon hoping to get his attention in two ways from his penis and his love of females, the dragon noticed them and walked towards them as his penis became erect the warriors with daggers in hand waited for him to stop.   the dragon rubbed his penis to try and get the warriors to come and rub his penis for him but instead they charged at his belly and all three rammed their daggers intot he lower part of his belly the dragon fell to his knees in pain still rubbing his penis to combat the pain, the warriors stopped stabbing the belly as he would allways rub his penis so the pain didnt hurt him.  the dragon stopped rubbing his penis and pt his hands over his belly to try and stop the bleeding one of the warriors grabbed his penis and began to rub hard and fast the other two went to the wounded dragon to finish him off.   the large male dragon was now groaning in pleasure and he shot a load of cum over his blood stained belly and the floor.  the warrior stopped rubbing his penis and cut open the belly i little bit before knocked him out and joining her friends. 

the three warriors looked at the dragons body and all grabbed their swords and watched the belly go up and down very fast and blood just pour out of the wounded belly then the warriors rummed the swords to the hilt into the dragons bellys causing him lots of pain as he woke in shock one of the warriors sliced his throat and the second stabbed her dagger into the dragons balls the third warrior cut open his chest and cut his heart out killing him.   the three warriors had dragged all the captured dragons and wyvern to the entrance to be taken to the village and went back in the get the last two males the dragon and wyvern.   the three warriors found the dragon and wyvern and were shocked to see the young wyvern being forced to suck the dragons penis, the warriors felt sorry for the wyvern and one of them rammed her spear through the dragons back and out his belly just above the wyverns head.  the wyvern fell on his back in shock with dragon cum dripping on his belly and his penis, one warrior went to the wyvern and knocked him out before tying him up.   the dragon looked at the wyvern hoping he would end up the same way as the wyvern as the pain his belly was in was horrid, the warriors turnt to the dragons belly and with their swords stabbed them upto the hilt into his soft defenceless belly the dragon screamed in agony as they stabbed him again and again ten times each.   the dragon looked at his once white belly as the swords where removed form his belly and blood poured out, two of the three warriors dragged the wyvern to the entrance of the cave as the third warrior grabbed the dragon erect penis and for fun rubbed it across her naked body the dragons fear of being killed and turnt to a urge to mate as his penis was rubbed along her breasts,chest,belly and around her vagina she was teasing the dragon as he shot his cum over her breasts roaring with pleasure.  the warrior then rubbed the dragon balls making his groans grow louder until he shoot cum over her body again the dragon was then tied up and walked out of the cave on his hind legs being lead by the warrior holding his penis, the warrior then tied the dragon to a tree his arms where above his head and he was on his knees fear began to come back to the dragon as all three warriors where standing in front of him hoping the warrior covered in his cum will pleasure him again.   two of the warriors went back home with the wyvern as the third warrior covered in dragon seman stayed to play with the dragon more the dragons fear went when he saw the opther two leave with the young wyvern.   the warrior started where she left of rubbing the dragons balls the dragons penis became erect again and was resting on one of the warriors breasts leaking precum over the breast the warrior grabbed his penis and put it in her mouth sucking his penis the dragon groaned with pleasure as his penis was sucked after a short while he shoot cum in her mouth, the warrior got up after sucking his penis got her knife the dragon looked pleased at his slimey penis the warrior cut his arms free and grabbed his slimey penis and rubbed it before she turned round holding the dragon hands and putting them on her breasts the dragon was going to be alloud to mate with her before being knocked out or killed.  the dragon slowly pushed his penis into the warriors vagina as he held her breasts it was two hours before they stopped mating the dragon very tired the warrior hit him with the hammer knocking him out and dragged his body back home.

end of part one

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