female dragon slayer

abi a young 19 year old warrior who loves to slay dragons.

abi set of with her two girlfriends to find a dragon to torture then kill, abi’s friends are susi a 18 year old warrior and lisa a 21 year old warrior both enjoy killing dragons.  abi had noticed the siloette of a dragon in the distance but it was not moving.   when they reached the dragon he was allready tied to two trees and slighty wounded his belly was unharmed but he was bleeding from his chest from three arrows.

abi:  hey lets torture this dragon

susi: yes lets, lets do him

lisa:  look at him he is shaking

dragon:  please dont hurt me

abi: why not

dragon:  because i have done nothing

lisa:  so why are you tied to the trees dragon

dragon:  i dont know maybe because i kill a sheep

abi:  susi what do you think

susi:  i think i want to cut his belly open after torturing him

dragon:  please dont ill do anything

lisa: shut up dragon

abi:  go on dragon what would you do for us

dragon: anything you want but dont kill me

susi:  give us an example dragon

dragon:  i could be your slave

abi:  sounds good to me but we are out to kill a dragon

dragon: i can show you a dragon for you to kill

lisa:  you better if we agree

dragon:  dont threaten me

abi:  lokk dragon your in no position to try and threaten us

dragon:  why

lisa rams her dagger into the dragons soft belly twisting it.

lisa:  this is why

dragon:  aaaarrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh stop

abi:  lisa leave the dagger in his belly

dragon:  i take it we dont have a deal

lisa:  i dont want to make a deal with you

dragon:  ok if not your slave i can

abi: enough you will be taken to our town and put in our garden and we will torture you sexually

dragon:  ok

susi:  dont forget to show us this other dragon

dragon: i wont i show you now

abi:  good boy ok susi cute him down and tie his arms so his has to walk on his hind legs

susi:  will do

susi cute the dragon free and tied his arms together behind his back so he had no choice but to stand on his hind legs susi had also tied the rope round his neck to make a lead to follow him to the other dragon.

dragon: he is just there also tied up but he did kill a village

abi:  ok susi tie him to the tree infront of the other dragon so he could see what would happen to him if he didnt show us this dragon

dragon: please i dont want to watch this

susi:  just close your eyes them

the second dragon was also tied to the trees and bleeding, like the first dragon his belly was unharmed nd his chest was stabbed with six arrows all bleeding.

abi:  susi get the crossbow ready

susi:  sure thing

drago:  get away from me

abi: lisa leave dragon alone and deal with drago

drago:  what did i tell you

abi: susi show him why were not doing what he wants

susi shot two arrows into dragos belly causing him great pain

drago: aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh

abi: susi look his penis is slightly erect do it again

susi: ok

susi shot two more arrows into the belly causing the dragon to roar in agony and make his penis become fully erect.

drago:  no more that hurts

abi:  lisa go pleasure his penis make him cum and make it hurt as he does

lisa:  no problems the dragon will never want to cum again

dragon:  look at all that blood

susi:  dragon i thought you were not watching

dragon:  his screams of pain keep making me look

drago: get off my penis little one

lisa:  shut up and enjoy

abi:  ok lisa start his pleasure and pain

dragon:  can someone please remove this dagger in my belly

abi: ok stop moaning dragon we need to kill drago

dragon: thank you i will not make a sound

abi:  susi take dragon round the other side of the trees and remove the dagger and keep his mind off what is happening to drago

susi:  ok like what

dragon: you forget i said i will do anything

susi:   i remember now

abi:  now thats clear

drago:  arrrgghhhhh how hard do you need to rub my penis

lisa:  hard enough to make you feel pain and agony drago

abi:  keep going he will cum soon

drago:  not if i can force myself from cumming

lisa:  then you will injure yourself by not shooting off your load

drago:  fine i will just hold as long as i can

abi:  susi hows dragon

susi:  he is good and very quick to climax

drago:  stupid weaklin

abi:  at least his belly is not badly wounded

dragon:  yeah so just die you vile drago

susi:  dragon just enjoy your pleasure

lisa had rubbed drago long and very hard that he shot a load of cum over her and his belly after he finised he was breathing heavy and his belly was moving up and down faster pumping blood out faster.

drago:  aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh stop nomore the pain

abi:  good lisa get him to cum more hes not having it easy

dragon:  susi rub harder please

susi: ok if you want

abi:  not to hard susi

dragon:  more more i like it

susi:  ok

susi rubbed dragon harder and within moments he shot a second load of cum over his belly and over susi dragon groaned with pleasure as susi rubed his penis slowly.

dragon:  that fills nice

susi:  at least its taken your mind of drago

drago:  aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

drago was forced to cum hard for a second time this time hurting him badly as the muscle in his belly contracted and became very hard.

lisa:  did that hurt drago shame im not stopping yet

drago:  no more my penis is hurting and my stomach is hurting more

abi:  ok lisa once more and then we cut him open

lisa:  sure thing

dragon: susi can you rub my balls also your hands are nice

susi:  ok i might have to make a case to have you as my personnal dragon sex toy

dragon: i would like

susi:  abi instead of tying dragon up in the garden can i keep him as my own

abi:  yeah go ahead hes yours

drago: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

drago was forcing into cumming for the third and most painfull time

abi:  ok lisa lets cut him open

lisa:  lets

abi and lisa both rammed daggers into the soft belly and cut in opposite directions cutting dragos belly open.

drago:  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stop nomore dont kill me

abi:  to late drago you should have tryed to bargin with us

susi:  yeah like dragon here

dragon: yeah i get to be susi sex toy just for killing you

drago:  when i get free im going to kill you

susi: dont worry he wont be alive much longer

dragon: thats good i dont want to be killed

abi:  ok lisa cut his penis then start rubbing it again very hard and very fast

lisa:  ok

lisa using her dagger made small cuts in dragos penis causing him to scream in horror.

drago:  (panting)  s-stop no m-more

abi: no can do

lisa:  ok time for the wank of death

lisa rubbed drago for just a couple of minutes before he shot blood coloured cum all over the place abi cut his arms free and drago fell to his knees holding both his penis and belly in agony.

drago:  stop leave me to die here

abi: no lisa lets stab his stomach before cutting out his heart

lisa: lets do it

dragon:  are they going to kill him now

susi:  yes they are but lets go you wont want to see

abi and lisa both rammed thier spears deep into the dragons open belly stabbed his internal organs causing him to scream in pain coughing up blood.  abi then cut open his chest to get to his heart she cut it out and started to rub it across her body the dragon could only watch as blood dripped from his mouth lisa was still stabbing the butchered belly.  abi then called lisa over and rubbed the heart over her naked body lisa and abi were covered in dragon blood.

abi removed her blood stained clothes and both her ans lisa sat on the dragons chest rubbing his heart over each others naked bodies the dragon could not reach them and he was very weak, abi sat with her legs open infront of the dragons face slowly rubbing her vagina as lisa rubed her breasts the dragon tryed to move with the little strength he had left but just could not reach abi.  the dragons head just lay on the floor his tounge was out the side of his blood dtained mouth, abi grabbed the tounge and rubbed it across her belly as lisa slowly cut the heart away from his chest, abi put the dragons tounge into her vagina and move in up and down the dragon only groaned as he died from blood loss and lisa removing his heart.

abi:  that was fun we must do it again

lisa:  yeah but this time no deals with dragons

abi:  well we can let one or two dragons live

lisa:  i guess he does seem like a nice dragon and susi likes him

abi:  ok lets drag this back home for dinner

as abi and lisa dragged the dragon home susi was already at home with dragon enjoying his penis again.

end of part one

7 Responses to “female dragon slayer”

  1. December 9, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    Good start, but write more, dont stop as they just have begun the pleasure – I like your writing

  2. 3 Jim
    December 16, 2009 at 8:20 pm

    That was a wonderful story. I love the dialogue between the girls and the dragons. I would love to read more. So well done! Great story!

  3. 5 "Mark"
    February 24, 2011 at 8:44 am

    I hope you make a sequel to this REALLY SOON!!! Maybe Suzie double-crosses dragon and does torture him sexually only to become a beast of burden to her. She controls him with a whip and a leash and if he disobeys she makes him pass through the amazon to have his balls used as a punching bag by the amazon women and then…oh sorry, I got carried away. So, great story and I hope you makd a sequel soon. (Dont mind using this)

  4. 6 dragcentury
    June 24, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    I hope they betray dragon and torture him sexually, that would be nice :3

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