Dragonslaying in Corribula

Marianne, 19, and Anne, 17, were the famous dragonfighters in the little town of Corribula. The arena was full, they had made their entrance and a lot of boys made horny looks at then from the seats. Both vere slim, dark haird with tight bellies that showed under their costumes; embrodied boleroes and tight pants – the traditional dragonslayer costume. On their backs were darts with feathers and i their hands they carried each a crossbow. Mariannes toenails were painted red and stood out clearly in the arenasand. The sand was absolutely fine-grained without stones at all, so the dragonfighters would be able to run barefooted as the tradition was – and so the sand could soak the blood of dragons every battleday.
The trumpet sounded, the big wood-gate openend and a four metres white dragon ran in and shuttered its head bevildered. The audience applaued and Marianne smiled. It was an honour to slay a white dragon where the bloodstain would be very visibile, something the citicens of Corribula loved.
“I will paint that dragon read” Marianne said
“Let´s kill it extra slowly, I love that they have bought a white one” Anne said.
The dragon hissed and the girls picked up each a dart and ran to each side as the dragon looked, not quite knowing what was happening and who to follow.
Marianne fired first, her dart plunged into the side of the dragon over the shoulder. The dragon howled with pain and a small spot of blood showed where the dart sat into the animal. The dragon stormed towards Marianne in anger and now Anne fired; the dart from her crossbow hit the other shoulder with a scream from the dragon. I changed its directon and ran towars Anne who ran back a few steps, before a new dart plunged into the dragon from Marianne.
The dragon changed direction again and streams of blood began to flow slowly down its sides and painting them read. Tree darts were planted, four darts, five darts. Six. Seven. Each dart digged into the hard skin of the dragon and drew dark-red blood drippling or in the end running down its flankes, down and drippling from its soft belly, where it would recieve the final kill.
The dragon howled in pain an now decided to choose one enemy. It ran after Anne and a the next chapter was on in a traditional Corribula-dragonfight; The dragon-run. The bloodloss and the pain had slowed the dragon and Anne was in an exellent condition. She ran extited around, whirling the sand with her bare feet while the crowd cheerd and Marianne pointed a new dart, eager to see it dig its way into the dragonsflesh.
The dart hit and now eight darts vere dangling and dark blood was running down the flanks of the dragon, which roard from anger and pain.
A dragonslayer had to be a good and steady runner so Anne had no problems keeping the dragon some steps after her, she even had time to look over her shoulder and catch glimse of the darts dangling from the dragons side – she observed that the blood was now running so much that the dragon began to leave bloodtrail behind.
Marianne stood ind the middle of the arena, the dragon chased Anne slower and slower around as darts hit the side facing Marianne. 20 darts now were plunged into its flesh, tearing it painfully when it ran and Anne could go down to slow jogging as the pain tormented the dragon. Marianne fired dart number 21, it hit the side but the result was nearly seeming as the side of the dragon was already painted red and teard up. The stearing-feathers in the end of the darts were white as the dragon, but everything was now a red splash and the dragon walked slower and slower, finally stopping totally howling in pain as the audience cheered.
“We have it down” Anne jubeled and ran towards Marianne. “Kiss me”
“For your sake or for the boys” Marianne blinked. All knew that dragonslayers were the sex-objects of Corribula and that from time to time bisexual dragonslayers would put on smaller or bigger shows. The dragon had given up fight, it sad howling in pain and bleeding from its woulds as Marianne plung her toungue into Annes Mouth. Marianne let her fingers glide up Annes tight well-trained belly, feeling the sweat from the run and enjoying the taste of her mouth as she with one eye monitored the dragon, which could still be lethal. She was exited about the mixture of Annes hard, moist body, the taste of her tounge and the suffering of the dragon which started to slowly drag itself closer with the darts sticking out of the side and blood running down and colouring the sand after it
“Lets finish it, and after this I would like to take you home” Marianne whispered horny
“Not finish like that – I am gonna take this one so slowly” Anne said with an evil smile. She too was horny, but the lust for torturing dragons boiled in her blood.
They ran to the side of the arena and picked up each a spear about tree meters long.
The dragon was lying on its belly in a pit of blood now almost unable to move due to the bloodloss. Its head and wings waved around and its howls pictured its pains.
Anne ran around to the side of the dragon which had been towards the audience when it ran, so it had only four darts in it and a few bloodtrails down. She stuck the spear into the side and the dragon howled as blood sparkled out. She sting again, a few centimeters behind the last wound, making blood run down the side. And again a litte more behind, systematicly draining the dragon for blood and torturing it.
So the dragon rolled – the last chapter of Corribula-dragonslaying could begin. The dragon now only made gurgling sounds as it twisted in pain, and its soft underbelly was exposed to Marianne
“No” Anne cried and ran over as Marianne was heading for the underbelly with her spear.
“I want to sting him first” she said with an evil smile, looking at the dragon laying in the bloodsoaked sand, stil with legs and head moving slowly in pains.
Anne stung the spear into the underbelly, blood gushed out and spasms vent through the dragon as it felt the pain of the steel cutting into its soft skin beneth. Anne watched the blood run slowly and then stung again, and again the dragons flicked its head and wings as the underbellywounds were more painfull than all the darts.
The dragon was very weak now, totally incapable of defending itself and Anne walk direct to the side and put her foot on the underbelly and planted the spear again just next to it, so the dragons blood gushed out and ran between her toes
“Now I have read nailpolish too” she grinned at Marianne and licked her lips horny.
“I love that” Marianne answered and walked to close so that she could kiss Anne as the dragons head spasmed and its wing and tail twisted unable to hit them.
“Dragons are wonderfully hard to kill” Marianne said and now also planted her spear into the belly of the dragon. It had spasms again and made screaming sounds but it was clerly dying.
Anne and Marianne looked at eachother, lifted their spears and plunged them into the dragon on the same time, both piercing the skin deeply and blood ran down from the wounded dragon. It now only gasped a little and they stood back as the two spears stood up as flagpoles from its body and blood streamed out and ran to the little lake the dragon was lying in.
“One day I would like to kill one sitting on it” Marianne said, enjoying the sigt “holding it with my thies and feet, feeling it die slowly under me”
“I would like to be there with you” Anne said, horny about the idea.
The dragons head now fell totally to the sand and only its eye blinked. Anne walked slowly close to its head, but it was not able to lift it, only twist it a centimeter or two. She put her bare foot just in front of its mouth but it was not able to bite her. So a big spasm finally went through it, a small bloodstain came out of the mouth on Annes toe and the dragon was dead.
The crowd cheered wildly and the girls took the spears from the dragons dead body and held them over their heads walking around in triumph.
“I feel so horny about your idea” Anne said. “Has that ever been done in a dragonslayer-areana”

2 Responses to “Dragonslaying in Corribula”

  1. 1 xenodragon
    December 12, 2009 at 10:28 am

    cool story

  2. 2 Jim
    December 19, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    I very much like your story!

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