dragon hunter

sara a young 18 year old amazon warrior was out hunting when she stubbled apon a dragon. the dragon was bleeding badly after its belly had been ripped open but not by human weapons but by the horns of a minotaur the beast was watching close by to see what sara did.  sara watched the dragon struggle to move before dying in a pool of blood and guts.

sara carried on her hunt looking for anything that will feed the 30 in her tribe.  sara had come acroos a second dragon fighting a minotaur this was happenening more with the dragons looking further for prey and the minotaurs looking for the same prey.   the dragon was already bleeding from two stab wounds to the belly and blood was flowing out of the wounds the minotaur had bite and claw wounds all over its body but they were not as bad as the dragons.  the dragons attention turnt to sara just as the minotaur owered his head, the dragon looked back just as the horns entered his soft belly the dragon screaming in agony grabbed the horns and pulled his belly free before falling to his knees.  the minotaur waited for the dragon to get up again the dragon looked down at his belly his hand covered in blood.  the minotaur charged again this time the dragon managed to move out the way but his back was impaled on the horns of a second minotaur the dragon arching back screamed the first minotaur seeing the dragon implaed on a friends horns tore the dragons flesh apart the dragon screamed as blood came out of his mouth at that point the minotaur stopped ripping the dragons belly apart and rammed his horns into the dragon chest piercing his heart the dragon made a weak roaring sounds as more blood flowed out his mouth before drooping to the ground dead.    sara followed the minotaurs to their cave and was shocked to see the number of dragons they had killed then she heard another dragon roar she hoped she could see another fight between the dragon and minotaurs.   when sara got the dragon she saw two minotaurs like before one was just watching and the dragon on its hind legs ready to fight.   after seeing how the minotaurs killed the last dragon sara wondered if she should help the dragon by evening the field by killing one of the minotaurs.   sara decided not to help the dragon but see how this fight will end maybe the dragon will win for her to kill it.  at first the fight was just a sizing up contest the dragon was slightly taller but the minotaur was more musculer.  the dragon lunged at the minotaur and both creatures locked hands as they crashed into each other.  the dragon was forced round so his back was facing the second minotaur, the dragon could not push back at the minotaur as he was grabbed by the arms from behind the second minotaur held the dragon as the first one lowered his head and slowley pushed his horns half way into the dragons soft belly making the dragon roar in agony.   the minotaur pulled his horns out of the dragons belly then stabbed them into the dragons chest but only a few inches and dragged the horns down his chest cutting the flesh like butter, the dragon roared in pain and anger as he could not defend with his claws.  the dragon stubbled back as the second minotaur released him the first minotaur had managed to hurt but not badly wound him but he was in agony from two stab wounds.   both minotaur stood infront of the dragon looking at his belly and how much more they could do to him.   the dragon turnt to escape but ran into the horns of a third minotaur the dragons belly was impaled upto the minotaurs head the dragon screamed in agony as the other two minotaurs pulled him of the horns and held him so he couldnt escape.   the dragon looked at his body as the minotaurs horns were rammed into his belly again this time cutting into his intestines, the dragon roared in horror and blood pouring out if his belly his once white belly.  the three minotaurs looked at the dragon body enjoying the pain they have caused the dragon.  the minotaurs let go of the dragon and he turnt to face them he had little strength left and his belly was facing two sets of horns instead of the one set the dragon roared at them hoping to make them flee but the thrid minotaur who had been gutting him impaled his back on his horns the dragon screamed as the horns cut in his flesh the other two minotaurs lowered their heads and rammed their horns deep into his belly again cutting deep into his vital organs blood splattered over the minotaurs faces as the dragon roared blood dripped out of his mouth the minotaur could see they had defeated him so they pulled their horns out and left the dragon to bleed to death.  sara walked up to the dragon as he fell on his side bleeding badly and breathing heavy feeling glad to see a dragon die sara was a bit angry as she wants to kill one herself but as her village needed food and some she grabbed the dragons tail and dragged his dying body to her village.

2 Responses to “dragon hunter”

  1. December 16, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    Good story, I like the descriptions. Cool

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