Amazon Girl Fights Young Dragon

Treena was a beautiful teenage Amazon Princess with auburn fair that flowed over her shoulders and beautiful emerald green eyes. She had a firm body with great muscle tone. She wore a jaguar bikini that barely covered her groin. Thick tufts of auburn pubic hair stuck out the sides. And her huge tits pressed the limits of her bikini top’s holding ability. Her abs were very muscular as were her arms and legs. At 18 years of age she was in the prime of her fighting ability. She walked boldly through the jungle knowing nothing could defeat her in battle whether it be man, Amazon, jaguar or even dragon. With her sword at her side and shield in one hand and long spear in the other she was the mistress of her jungle domain.

Approaching Treena not far away was a dragon named Jaysic he was a very young dragon having been born just the previous summer, that would make him about 7 years old in human years. But despite his young age he was bold and brave. He was out for his first time alone. He had little to fear being twice the size of even the tallest human though he was nowhere near the size he would reach as an adult dragon that being three times his current size. Jaysic’s scales were bright blue in color on his sides and back and down the backside of his long neck. On his underside he had no scales just normal reptilian skin that was ivory colored except for his stomach that was very white. His stomach was very fat between his hind legs one of only a few vulnerable spots on a dragon, the others being the eyes and mouth. But Jaysic was confident he could kill anything that came his way with his very sharp claws, pointed tail that could be used like a spear and don’t forget his fang filled mouth.

The two travelers each stepped into a clearing from opposite ends. Treena quickly readied her spear at seeing the dragon. She saw it was just a young one from its size. Jaysic let out a roar that sounded rash but ended in a squeak, as he had not developed enough to let out mighty dragon roars. This made Treena laugh.

“What are you laughing at human?” Jaysic said

“I laugh at you, you silly young dragon. You do not even know how to roar!”

Jaysic was embarrassed. He stammered and said, “Well, well….I may not be the best at roaring but I can still kill you, you…you ugly human female!”

Treena laughed this was going to all too easy. “Very well let’s have you then…ah, what is your name?”

“My name is Jaysic I am a great hunter.” The dragon stood straight & tall thrusting his chest out with pride.

Treena continued to move closer to her foe still smiling and giggling, “And tell me Jaysic, what have you hunted successfully?”

“Why, just today I slew two guinea pigs.”

“Two guinea pigs??!! HA!HA! HA! HA!” Treena laughed heartily.

“Well, they were really big guinea pigs!” Jaysic protested angry to be laughed at.

“Well then Jaysic, great slayer of small rodents. Come show me how great a fighter you are.”

Treena was close enough to strike now if she wanted. She was amazed that the dragon still stood upright on his back legs. This dragon was so young and inexperienced he did not even know to protect his stomach. She almost felt sorry for him. She stuck her spear into the dirt and unsheathed her sharp, steel sword.

Jaysic hissed and charged at Treena with his mouth open. Treena slammed her shield into the side of his head making the dragon stagger sideways. Again Jaysic attacked with open mouth. Treena brought her shield up and hit the underside of his jaw forcing him backwards. She could have stabbed the dragon’s wide-open belly but instead she just sent a hard kick into it. The girl’s foot sank deep into the young dragon’s tender belly meat making him gasp.

“Had enough Jaysic?” Treena asked almost now not even wanting to kill the silly beast who clearly know nothing about battle.

“No! I want to fight and kill you like my parents. I am a great fighter!” Treena though he sounded just like a spoiled human child.

“Very well Jaysic, if you insist.” Treena said with a sigh.

Jaysic swiped his sharp tipped tail around to slice the girl but Treena just blocked it with her sword cutting the barbed tip of the dragon’s tail right off!

“AAAAghhhhh, you cut my tail off!” Jaysic cried as his tail flipped this way and that spurting blood from it’s severed tip. Jaysic lunged at Treena again with his mouth but Treena struck his face with her shield and pushed him backwards standing him up then took her sword and pointed it right at the little dragon’s fat belly and with a swift thrust sent it stabbing deep into the dragon’s guts.

“EEEOOOOOOWWWW!” Jaysic howled in pain as he felt his belly stabbed. Treena pulled her sword out. Now a vertical slit in the center of Jaysic’s stomach spurted blood.

“You,,,you…you stabbed me!” Jaysic panted, his stomach aching.

“Yes” Treena said, “Now let us end this fight silly dragon. You are no test for my skills. Run home to your mother while you still can!”

Jaysic clenched his eyes. His belly really was hurting a lot but he hated being called ‘silly’ by the girl. He reckoned if he got in one good strike he could best her.

“No way human! I’ll show you…I’ll kill you!” Jaysic roared and lashed out with his claws. Treena sighed and easily ducked the attack and then thumped her shield into the side of his fang filled mouth stunning the beast. She then dropped both sword and shield and grabbed the dragon’s front claws and fell to her own back. Showing amazing power she used her feet planting them into his bleeding stomach and flipped Jaysic way up into the air and allowed him to go crashing hard to the ground landing on his back.

Treena snatched up her bronze spear and strode over to her downed opponent. She stood between his legs having easy access to his vulnerable and wounded belly taking notice of the dragon’s three-quarters erect penis. She pointed her spear right at the quivering stomach and said, “Had enough now Jaysic?”

“Never!” Jaysic squealed

“Okey dokey” Treena said “Have it your way!” then she jabbed her spear right into the center of the little dragon’s soft belly.

“EEEEEIOOOOOWWWWW!” Jaysic squealed feeling the spear deep inside his stomach. Treena pushed harder then twisted the embedded spear all around inside Jaysic’s body tearing up his guts.

“EEEEEECCHHHHHH!” Jaysic squealed high pitched squeals feeling terrible pain. His legs kicked and he wiggled around trying in vane to escape but he was skewered through the belly by the Amazon teenager’s spear and Treena was twisting it around doing her best to really hurt him.

Treena removed the spear and now a big gory wound in Jaysic’s belly spewed out lots of blood and gore. Treena stabbed the dragon’s stomach again and again Jaysic let out howls of pain and thrashed about flat on his back totally helpless as the girl assaulted his stomach without mercy. Curious though to both dragon and slayer the young dragon’s penis now stuck up fully erect almost as if the attack on his belly was erotic. When Treena swirled her spear through the dragon’s intestines Jaysic’s penis shot out streams of gooey, white dragon cum. It landed all over his stabbed belly with a few shots hitting Treena’s spear.

“EEEWWWW!” Treena said, What’s with the sperm Jaysic?”

“I…I..” pant, pant, gasp, gasp, “I don’t know” pant, gasp Jaysic said has he tried hard not to die. He found breathing difficult and his vision was fading. But the orgasm he just had felt wonderful. It was his very first and would be his last too.

With a yank Treena tore her spear out of his stomach. Blood bubbled out of three holes in the little dragon’s belly. A small bit of cum still dripped out of the end of his penis that was slowly deflating as it rested on his butchered belly.

Jaysic spoke, “You…you…you” pant, gasp, pant “You have killed me human female.”

“I gave you a chance little fella. You insisted silly thing.” Treena wasn’t feeling so bad anymore. It was just a dragon after all even if it was a youngling.

She sat down and watched as Jaysic went through his death throes. He wiggled about trying to stand but could not. His stabbed stomach heaved up and down as he still drew labored breaths. He really was trying not to die. But he was fighting a losing battle. After 20 minutes Jaysic laid his head back and stopped wiggling around. He took on last breath then his belly did not rise up again.

Treena showed great power and lifted his dead body up onto her shoulders and carried him back to the village. They would dine well on roast dragon tonight.

8 Responses to “Amazon Girl Fights Young Dragon”

  1. December 19, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    Good story:-). After the description of Treena I can understand the dragons mysterius reaction. Good reading

  2. December 20, 2009 at 10:40 pm

    I like beautiful, evil girls – perhaps Treena could get turned more on by what she is doing, getting a little wet from wounding and killing the dragons. But I guess she is close to perfect

  3. 5 xenodragon
    December 21, 2009 at 10:01 am

    great story jim

  4. 7 vampire19
    April 8, 2017 at 1:28 am

    I feel bad for poor Jasic. I mean, his belly must have hurt so bad after that nasty sword thrust. Imagine if he did go home instead of finishing the fight, but with excrutiating belly pain.

    • 8 Gator959
      May 23, 2017 at 9:23 pm

      Yeah, I know. The poor thing maybe could have learned a lesson from the woman if he’d learned when to surrender. I don’t think he deserved such a violent death.

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