dragon stabbing heels

It was shortly after Joannas 16th birthday and she had the girls over for
a hangout on the mansion just outside Corribula. Joannas parents were out of town for the weekend.

“Nice party last week” her friend Janie said. “What did you get from your parents”
“Come and see” Joanna said with a laugh and stood up. The five other girls also stood up and followed her with interest.

Joanna went to the stable and opened the door. Something big was breathing in there.

“Is it dirty in there” Stephanie asked. All girls were barefooted at is was the costum in Corribula.
“It will be” Joanna said with a smile. Stephanie was now so courius that she followed.

Inside the stable lay a 14 metres long dragon tied down on its back – its > wings, tail, and legs were pulled aside so its big, pale belly was totally vulnerable.

“Cool”, Janie said. “What are you going to do?”
“What do you think” Joanna said with an evil glimpse in her eyes.
“Kill it”, Janie said.
“And torture it”, Joanna said. In front of them the dragon breathed heavily.
“I like that” Stephanie said with an evil look in her eyes.

“It is tied down, so I´ll take a walk” Joanna said. She took out what could mostly be compared to a pair of sandals:
There was a strap around the ancle and the wrist, but no sole, only a very high heel – exept it wasn´t a heel, it was a 15 centimeters long razorblade,
turning Joannas feet into lethal weapons. At least for humans.

“I like these”, she said hashly and made a turnkick in the air close to Stephanies head.
“Dont”, Stephanie cried. “Kick the dragon instead!”
“I kick no one, I just take a walk” Joanna said and put her first foot on the belly of the dragon. The heel/knife went in and dark blood began to
pure out where the steel went into the pale underbelly of the large creature.

The dragon howled in pain, twisted its body and tried to pull itself loose by all force.
The howlings of the beasts pains filled the hall as Joanna pulled herself up and began to walk up the dragons big, defenceless belly leaving big stabs where she stepped.

“Yeah, cool!”, the girls on the floor cried and kicked the dragon in the side as they watched Joannas bloody stabs. Blood was now puring down from 12
wounds where she had stepped on the belly and jammed the heelblade down into it with her full weight.
She had to lean over, standing on all four as the dragon twisted, screamed and shivered from the pain – which only made it worse, as the blades were digged down in his belly, holding Joanna tight
to it and ripping the dragons flesh.

“This is making me hot”, Joanna said, running a hand between her legs.
“Can we torture him also”, Janie shouted as the dragons howl filled the hall..
“Take the spears over at the wall”, Joanna answered, now sitting on her butt with both heelblades digged down in the bleeding dragon. She held on with one hand and masturbated herself with the other.

The five other girls were eagar to hurt the dragon so they all stabbed the spears into the side of the dragon at one time as Joanna circled her hand down her pants.
The dragon made such a twist when the spears went in that she was nearly tossed of.
“I like hurting him”, Stephanie said and began to pull of her pants. All the girls did the same, and a moment later five naked girls stood in front of the dragon, masturbating and looking at the five spears that were hanging from its side with blood puring down from the wounds.

“I want to dance up here”, Joanna cried and stood up. She trampled around the dragonbelly, making her way up to its chest, each time stabbing the heelblades into its flesh.
Her naked feet and toes were now covered with blood and she had bloodstains up her legs.

Down on the grund Stephanie stood up as the rest of the girls masturbated on the floor. She ripped the spear out of the dragonbelly, causing more blood to flow down like a stream.
She jumped up on the big belly just like Joanna and jammed the spear into the belly and made the dragon roar and hiss with pain.
Its belly was now covered in blood from numerous wounds where Joanna had stepped.

Joanna had now settled down with her heels stabbed in just below the neck of the dragon. It was bleeding a lot and loosing strength and it made her hot.
She felt her bellymuscles harden up as the came and she jammed her feet up and down, making the heelblades go in and out of the dragons neck so blood pured down on the floor.
Stephanie sat naked two metres away, masturbating herself with dragonblood all over her body and twisting the spear, causing pain and bloodloss to the dragon.

“I think he is ready” Joanna said after a while and stood up on the belly. She could now walk across it only making the dragon tremble and hush a little, it was loosing strength quickly now.
Her heelblades still jammed deep down the muscles in the reptilebelly, destroying them and making the blood flow when she walked.

The girls on the floor stood up and Stephanie pulled out the spear from the belly,causing the dragon to make a weak howl. The girls on the floor pulled out the spears from the side of the dragon.

“Now!” Joanna cried, and all of the girls jammed their spears deep into the dragons body. It twisted and screamed in pain over again and Joanna stamped and kicked the belly with her heel-daggers.
The girls on the grund ran the spears into the belly again and Stephanie jammed her spear down into the dragons chest.
They all did it again and Stephanie must have hit the heart because suddenly the dragon trembled very strongly and blood began to pour strongly out from the wound and all over Stepanies feet.
It twisted for some seconds as all of the girls jammed their weapons into it, and then it died, leaving the girls wild, satisfied and on the same time covered in blood.

“You witch, you killed my birthdaydragon”, Joanna said and looked at Stephanie with a twisted, reptile-like-look. “Kiss me”.
Stephanie did so and put her arms around Joannas blood-covered body as all the girls jubilated.

3 Responses to “dragon stabbing heels”

  1. 1 jim825
    December 20, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    What a very imaginative story. I like the idea of the heel/blades. I like too that the dragon takes many wounds before dying. Well done!

  2. December 20, 2009 at 10:44 pm

    I believe I have more stories coming up like it. I think the girls around Corribula are quite twisted, evil and disturbed. But sexy

  3. 3 xenodragon
    December 21, 2009 at 10:04 am

    great story the dragons suffering was cool

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