the dragons last satisfaction

The two dragonslayers Avril and Avara were out dragonhunting in the jungle. They were both 18 years old, muscular and with thick black hair. Each carried spear, bow and arrows on their back and swords and lassoes in the belt.
“Quiet” Avril hvispered as they got to an opening between the threes. The sun shined down between the leaves and a purple dragon lay resting with its back against at tree. It was not a very big dragon, about four or five meters long, possible able to stand about two metres above the ground when it was on its hindlegs.
“Let me distract it” Avara said, slipping her weapons down on the ground. She also pulled of her clothes and was now naked, showing a strong, young sunburned body.
“I want to play with him a little first”
Avara went into the little sunny spot and the dragon quickly lifted its head
“A human-girl” he hissed “Naked and without weapons”
“All at your disposal” Avara said putting her hands on her hips. The dragon lay on the side and she could see the dragonpenis beginning to rise.
“What is the secret?” the dragon asked suspicius. Avara went over just one meter in front of it
“If you do not kill me, I will pleasure you” she said, putting her one naked foot on the dragonpenis. She felt the heat through her foot, the dragon was clearly fond of seeing her
“What makes you trust … ah deal!” the dragon said as Avara massaged the penis with her foot and it became more and more erected. She kneeled down and massaged the big penis with both her hands And the dragon rolled all over on its back, enjoying the treatment. Between the trees Avara could se Avril preparing an arrow. She waited for the moment when the dragon was weakest.
Avara moved her hands firmly up and down the dragons penis, satisfying it and soon the dragon came, spraying loads of dragonsperm across its own belly and on Avara. Now was the dragons weakest moment, Avara jumped back and Avril fired her arrow.
The arrow went straight into the dragon soft, exposed belly and blood spraed out
“You traitor, I will kill you!” the dragon screamed, jumping up on its hindlegs. Avara ran for the trees, away from Avril and Avril could run forward and throw her lasso without the dragon seeing it. The lasso catched the dragon around its neck, making it fall as Avril pulled hard.
“Catch” Avril shouted and throwed Avaras sword in front of her feet. The dragon was quickly up again, but now the enemy in front of him could be dangerous. It looked for a second on Avara standing in front of it, naked but with a sharp sword threatening it.
Avril fired a new arrow – it hit the back of the dragon, where the skin was thick and it nearly did not hurt, but it did what it was supposed to do: The dragon howled and turned around, heading straight for Avril. She quickly fired a new arrow which hit its belly next to the first one making blood pour out.
Avara dit not flee, she ran after the dragon, catching the rope from the lasso, which was still around the dragons neck. Quickly she pulled the rope around a big branch on a tree, holding strong on the end, the rope tightened and the dragon fell again, strangled in the lasso and roaring with anger. Avril fired a new arrow into the belly of the dragon and three sharp ends were now digging their way into the dragons soft flesh.
“Get me out of this damn rope!” the dragon howled, rolling on the ground and trying to get the lasso off its head. Avril threw the other lasso, catching a hindleg of the dragon. She pulled as strong as she could. Avara had tied the end of the first lasso to a tree and now she ran to help Avril.
Before the dragon could free itself, both girls pulled the rope around the one hindleg, catching the dragon with a rope around its neck and another around its hindleg. Blood pured from the three arrows as the dragon fought hard not to get tied up.
“Just hold it for a second” Avril shouted. She let go of the rope, pulled up her bow and fired two more arrows into the dragon. Avara was pulled over on the ground, but she did not let go of the rope. The dragon pulled the rope, Avril fired again making another bloody arrow stick out of the dragonbelly. The dragon stopped pulling and now jumped forward to attack Avara who had to let go of the rope and roll away as the claws of the dragon slashed through the air only centimeters away from her. The dragon jumped for her but just before it could close its jaws on her leg and make the sharp teeth dig in, its head was ripped back. Avril had jumped behind it, now pulling the lassoe around its neck.
Avara now lay just beside her sword – she grabbed it and stabbed it hard into the dragons side.
Both Avara and Avril backed away, watching the dragon howl against the sky with arrows sticking out of the belly and the sword jammed into its side. Dark red blood pured down its belly from the many wounds and it was dying now.
The dragon made a desperate run towards Avril, but it was weakened now. She had now picked up her spear and stung it into the dragon as she quicky jumped to the side. It howled in pain and blood pured from the wounds.
Now Avara was in its sight and it ran for her. She had picked an arrow from the grund and now jumped aside, using the arrow as spear. It went into the neck of the dragon, and now it fell on the ground
“You have me” it growled and coughed up blood. “Damn you”. It has clearly given up fight now as it lay on its side.
Avril and Avara exitedly looked as it twisted its neck and shivered as blood ran down its body. Avara was naked, Avril was wearing a short loincloth, both were dusty and had stains of dragonblood on them.
“Lets give it a final pleasure” Avara said. She moved slowly forward, but the dragon did not bite, it had given up the fight. She put her hands on the dragonpenis again, rubbing it up and down. The dragon only made gurgling sounds now, but the penis began to erect despite to all the wounds. Avril took off her clothes and came to do the same thing as Avara. Avara sat naked on the tail of the dragon and awara placed herself on the belly with one foot on each side of the dragon. The belly was covered in blood but she did not care.
The dragon twisted its neck and tail in pain, but it made no attemt of a final attack. It knew it was no longer able to hurt anyone, and a final attack would just take the pleasure away.
Arrows, the sword and the spear were all buried deep and blood slowly pured out of the wounds and the dragon began not only to cough blood but to bleed from the mouth in a slow stream. Awara was all covered in the dragons blood from her feet and to her waist. Both the girls masturbated the dragon and enjoyed the shiverings in its body.
Suddenly the dragonbelly got hard and the dragon came and squirted dragonseed on Awara and over its blood covered belly. A final twist and then it died.
“We did it” Awara said covered in dragonblood and dragonseed.

3 Responses to “the dragons last satisfaction”

  1. 1 susibarfuss
    December 20, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    Thats an absolute hot story. Thank you very much, dragonbelly.

  2. 2 xenodragon
    December 21, 2009 at 10:26 am

    very cool story the dragon should have been a little more carefull when exposing his soft belly and penis

  3. 3 jim825
    December 21, 2009 at 11:46 am

    I love that story. I like how the dragon can talk and gets tied up in the ropes. The girls sound hot too!

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