dragon defeat

deep in a forest a large male blue dragon was resting on his back rubbing his erect penis after eating his prey it didnt take long before he sprayed his cum all over his yellow belly.   in the trees three aliens were watching him waiting for him to finish and lay back exposing his body to them.   the dragon got up and walked to the lake to wash the cum of his body, the aliens followed wanting to taste his flesh and rip his body apart.  the dragon enetered the lake and cleaned his body as one of the aliens jumped onto his back and sank its tail into the dragons back casuing him to rear up roaring in pain and showing his body to the other two aliens.  the aliens waited a bit longer before attacked but the alien on the dragon pushed his tail deeper into the dragon back the dragon managed to go back on all fours and get to deep water in the lake as the alien let go and disappered under the water.  the dragon was looking around for the alien and not finding it so he went back towards the shallow water again but he stopped as his felt something grab his penis and start rubbing it the dragon could not help but rear to see what had his penis and to his horror the alien had started to masterbate him the dragon fell on his back as he penis grew larger and stiffer with each rub the alien also rubbed its head around the top of his penis making the dragon groan with pleasure as he shot cum into the face of the alien.   the alien let go of the dragon to wash to cum of his face the dragon got back to his hind legs and holding his penis so the alien cant get it he went back to deeper water and watched the alien.  the alien was joined by his friend and the dragon looked in shock as three alien stood infront of him and to make matters worse they were all male aliens and each one wanting his body for two reasons one for mating and two to kill him.  the dragon back further to the other end of the lake where it got shallow again the water was upto his knees and deep enough for the aliens to hide, the aliens wanting his body even more now hid under the water and slowly moved towards the scared stiff dragon still holding his penis.  the dragon rubbed his penis to make him feel happy but then his hand was stabbed by one of the aliens as they all appeared in front of his all but one looking at his body currently nice and yellow with no blood and the third was holding his penis again rubbing its head over the dragons penis before putting it in his mouth.   the dragon not sure what to do just stood there as his penis was sucked by a deadly alien and the other two just watched, the dragon once again shot cum into the alien face and over his own belly one of the alien went behind the dragon, the dragon was easy to pleasure for the aliens as they sucked his penis rubbed his belly and mated him.   the dragon just gave his body to the aliens in the hope they would not kill him.  as night fell the aliens stopped pleasuring the dragon and left him alone mainly to follow him to his lair to kill him, the dragon slowly walked away from the aliens his penis still dripping cum and his arse a bit sore.   the dragon got to his lair and went inside he was only in for about 2 minutes before the aliens pinned him to the wall of his lair and cocooned his to the wall covering his whole body the aliens waited for the dragon to wake before they pulled the sticky cocoon open to get his penis and body leaving his arms , legs and tail cocooned the dragons penis became erect just as he started thinking about his death.    the aliens once again just plseaured him waiting for the queen to arrive and deal with the dragon.   the dragon was pleasured for about three hours before the alien queen arrived to inspect her prize.  the dragons heart sank when he saw the queen he knew that was it he was either going to be ripped apart by her of worse have one of the haggers inpregnate him.   the queen was happy with the dragon and to make sure he was strong she rammed her tail deep into his belly the dragon mouth was held by one of the aliens so he couldnt roar in agony, the queen removed her tail lucky for the dragon she hit nothing vital then she rubbed her hands over his body, the queen rubbed her large head over his body the dragons penis grew again and she noticed this she liked the size of his penis as his grabbed hold of it and rubbed very hard and very fast the dragon groaned as she rubbed harder and faster until he shot his cum over his body.   the queen was now at the choice does she kill him or turn him in a new species of alien or pleasure him more and have the other aliens mate him in her lair.

in the queens the dragon was stuck to another wall but only by his legs,arms and tail the queen likes her new pet and has sent the aliens to find another dragon male or female this dragon was goin to be lucky and be given the change to live but as her slave.  as the queen pleasured her dragfon the three alien had found a second male dragon he was just waking after a long sleep.  the dragon had got to his hind legs showing the aliens his body and his erect penis after he had mated the female next to him the aliens only needing one dragon had decided they will kill the male and take the female.  the male dragon left her lair and stopped dead when he saw what was infront if him, one of the aliens jumped on his belly and sank its inner jaw into his belly the dragon roared n pain the aliens tail was stabbed into his left leg the dragon managed to in agony pull the alien of his belly and start to flee only for the aliens to follow him.   the dragon stopped at the lake where the aliens wounded the last dragon.   the aliens waited in the trees for the dragon to enter the lake, the dragon tunrt to the trees looking for the aliens, the site of his penis and his bleeding belly got all three aliens a bit aroused as their penis’s grew abit they would now play with his body before killing him.   the dragon went into the lake the water just above his penis and the aliens liked that and without him knowing they were swimming around his penis waiting to pleasure him before his horrid death.  one of the aliens stopped the dragon as he grabbed the dragon penis and with his inner jaw sucked the dragons penis the dragon groaned with pleasure the other aliens penis’s became fully erect watching their friend suck the dragons penis.   the second alien went to the back of the dragon and started to mate him as the third one jumped on his face and forced his penis into the dragons mouth, the dragon knew it was only a matter of time before all the pleasure is replaced with pain and his body being ripped apart that he grabbed the alien on his face and pulled it away not enjoying the aliens penis in his mouth.  the alien grabbed the dragons face and clawed the dragons chest trying to stay on the dragon, but the dragon manged to throw the alien away lucky for him the other two didnt notice what happened.  the dragon then shot cum in the mouth of the alien as the first one shot cum into the dragons arse before moving away a bit worn out all the aliens tired fell asleep next to the tired dragon resting on his back his penis still erect and leaking cum over his penis and belly, seeing the alien asleep the dragon as quick as he could went into the forest not knowing where he was going he entered a cave(the queen aliens cave) seeing all dead dragons he turnt and left the cave before any aliens found him.  the three aliens woke to see the dragon was gone they went to the female dragon and before she even noticed them they had stuck her by her arms,legs and tail to the wall and again waited for the queen.   one of the aliens rubed his head over the dragon vagina making the dragon groan with pleasure.   the second alien put his penis in her mouth and she freely sucked his penis as she had no way of escape the third alien jumped on her belly and rubbed his penis over her body the female dragon was enjoying her pleasure the alien rubbing her vagina then slowly put his inner jaw in her vagina making sure not to hurt her, the aliens were very close to shooting their cum that the queen entered the cave and ordered them out the dragon looked at the queen in terror.   the queen put one of her hands on the dragon vagina and inserted onw of her fingers pleasuring the dragon who started to groan the queen then rubbed her body making sure she was in good health before taking her to her lair.   the male dragon the aliens were going to kill was on his knees infornt of the queens lair his leg had giving way from the wound the queen picked him up by his neck and also took him to her chamber and stuck both him and his mate to the wall by their legs,arms and tail.   the queen wanted to make a new species of alien and now she had three dragons but only two were to be impregnated but before that she will pleasure them.   the queen rubbed her hands over the male dragons wounded belly making his penis become erect once again with her other hand she began to rub his penis the dragon started to moan and groan with pleasure, the dragon shot his cum over the queen alien after about 30 minutes of pleasure the queen happy she made him happy held a hagger over his penis its spindly legs trying to grab the penis.   the dragon looked down at the hagger and had no clue what it was about to do to him or his mate, the queen let the hagger go and it grabbed hold of his penis and like a flash pounced onto his face forcing its penis like probe down the dragon throat the dragon shot his last load of cum over his belly before everything went black.   the queen then turnt to the female and rubbed her hand over her vagina the dragon groaned she the aliens finger enered her vagina the queen rubbed the dragons belly and stopped after the dragon was dripping precum from her vagina i had not taken very long for her to pleasure the female.   the queen placed the hagger on the female dragon vagina one of its legs entered her vagina and she groaned then just like the male it pounced on her face forced its penis like probe down her throat and like the male she also dripped more cum before blacking out.   the queen looked at both the dragons it would be a few days before the hagger drops and dies then she will let them go to face a horrid death, in the mean time she would have fun with her slave dragon.   the queen rubbed the dragon penis making it become erect then she opened her mouth and sucked his penis with her inner jaw the dragon groaned with pleasure he also aloud a smaller male alien to put its penis in his mouth the dragon sucked hard on the aliens penis making it become erect in moments.   the three aliens that were sent to bring dragons to the queen had found a third male dragon but this time he was going to die, the dragon was on his back in the lake his penis fully erect and after shooting his cum of over his belly the aliens were going to kill him and make sure it was slow and painfull.   the dragon looked down at his belly and saw one of the aliens dive into the lake the other two were already under him waiting to impale him on their tails.   the dragon rolled over now showing his belly and penis to the aliens under him and went to swim away but one of the aliens rammed his tail into the dragons belly forcing the dragon to rear up screaming in agony as the tail cut his belly open the dragon walked into the shallow water his belly pouring with blood and three aliens following him, the dragon stopped turnt round and fell to his knees he was very weak after his belly was stabbed.   one of the aliens grabbed his penis and then bit his balls the dragon screamed in horror as blood was pouring out of his balls and then the alien rammed his inner jaws into his penis the dragon screamed as his penis was bitten in half the shock made the dragon get up and with a alien hanging onto his bleeding penis he ran for the woods only to be stopped by the other two aliens stabbing his chest and belly with their tails once again dropping him to his knees and then on his back bleeding badly, the aliens then began to eat him as he was still alive the aliens were eating his belly, chest and what was left of his penis before he stopped moving and died.   the two impregnanted dragons were awake but feeling a bit sick they both looked at the floor where the dead hagger lay the male still with a erect penis, both looked to the other end of the chamber and saw the queen just standing watching them both knew something was wrong and they didnt like it.   the queen walked to the male dragon and rubbed her hands over his body and his penis trying to make him relax then she freed him allowing him to leave the chamber as he wont be alive much longer, then she rubbed the females body she relxed very quickly and was also free to leave the chamber.   the queen went back to her chamber and went over to her dragon whos penis became erect the moment he saw her knowing he was going to be pleasured the dragon started to drip precum the queen rubbed her hand over his belly he was not only arroused but very hungry but he would have food very shrotly as the three aliens dragged a dead dragons body to the queens chamber.   the dragon was feed by the queen she gave him enough food to statisfy his hunger and allow her more time to play with his scaley body before her new aliens hatch.   in the dragons lair the male and female dragons were on their sides the female was licking the males penis when her chest started to hurt the male jumped up as his chest snapped the female looked up as his chest was ripped open from the inside and blood poured from his mouth as the chest burster ripped out of his chest spraying blood over the female dragon and the male dragon body the alien looked down at the female still holding the males penis and hissed at her making her back away with her leg wide open watching the alien force its way form the male dragons limp body which was now on its back the alien very hungry after the escape from the dragons chest went to the dragons penis and began to eat it as the female dragons screamed in agony as her chest was snapped and a second alien forced its way through her chest to freedom both aliens were eating the dead remains of their inwilling hosts it was not long before the dragons were just bones and the two aliens were fully grown and had the added bonus of wings.  the queen was sucking on the dragon penis as the new aliens entered her chamber the dragon looked at them and began to worry they would be alooud to kill him but the queen keep him as her play thing, the two aliens were sent out to find and kill or bring back more dragons and some wyverns for hosts and food then she went back to the dragons penis.

4 Responses to “dragon defeat”

  1. December 29, 2009 at 11:33 pm

    Great story – I like the aliens wanting to both sexually satisfy and kill the dragon – and the dragon forced to spray its cum again and again

  2. 3 jim825
    December 30, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    Add me to the list of those who like this story. I like the alien vs dragon combats….mostly because the dragons usually lose..LOL. Good Work!

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