Amazon Girls Slay A Dragon

The nubile and very sexy Amazon girl Treena was once again on the hunt in the jungle but this time she was not alone. Joining her was her good friend since childhood Tanya. Both were just 18 years old and wore skimpy bikinis made of jaguar pelts. They were quite fit possessing that legendary Amazon strength. Contained within their seemingly normal teenage (if you could call 38DD tits normal) bodies was the strength of two human men. This incredible power combined with superior weaponry and fighting skill is why the Amazons ruled their world.

 Treena was an auburn haired beauty while Tanya’s hair was pitch black. Both girls hair flowed down over their shoulders. As they walked barefooted through the jungle their massive breasts wobbled ever so slightly beneath the bikini tops that barely contained the huge fleshy mounds. Their abdomens rippled with perfect 6-pack muscle. Going further down their bikini bottoms did little to contain the forests of pubic hair that rested atop their virile sex organs. Their legs and arms were tight showing off each & every muscle.

 Both girls were armed with a sword that hung sheathed at their wide hips and carried a long spear in one hand. A week or so earlier Treena had killed a dragon youngling named Jaysic and had brought his body back to the village for a feast. She had told Tanya how hot and sexy slaying the beast had been and how horny it had made her feel now Tanya wanted to find out for herself. Indeed Tanya had gone wet and masturbated herself every night since just thinking about causing a dragon pain and suffering. The fact that dragons could speak and imaging the wounded thing begging for its life made the idea of killing one even more romantic for Tanya. Her twat even now moistened at the very notion as she walked with her friend.

Tanya was about to have her desires fulfilled as a dragon was approaching from the opposite direction. The dragon’s name was Lorrek. He was the older brother of the Jaysic who Treena had slain. Whereas Jaysic had had blue scales and an ivory underside Lorrek had dark maroon, almost brown scales on his back & sides and a very light tan colored underbelly. Being a year older than his little brother he was larger but not nearly the size of an adult dragon. He was wiser too. He smelled human flesh and his mouth watered.

 The girls and the dragon entered the clearing that had a small pond located off to one side at the same time. Both stopped and stared then Lorrek leaned forward and stretched out his longish neck and roared at the girls showing his fangs.

 The Amazons were unimpressed. “See” said Treena, “I told you we would find one. This is where I found that silly little dragon Jaysic.”

 Hearing his brother’s name who had gone missing a week ago Lorrek pulled his head back and spoke, “You know of a dragon called Jaysic?”

 “Know of him? I killed him!” Treena said with a laugh.

 “Dead? Jaysic is dead?” Lorrek said “I do not believe you, you silly human. If he is dead then show me his body.”

“Sorry, I cannot do that…ahhhh what is your name dragon?”

 “My name is Lorrek, older brother to Jaysic. And why can you not show me his body? If you do not I will call you liar!”

 “Well Lorrek older brother of Jaysic the truth is…” Treena giggled knowing what she was about to say would really make the dragon mad. “The truth is WE ATE HIM!!”

 “WHAT?” Lorrek roared.

 “Yes it’s true” Treena went on, “I slew him with this very spear and sword. Stuck his belly quite a few times too. Then I took his dead body back to my village and we cooked him over an open fire. I must say he was delicious wasn’t he Tanya.”

 “Indeed he was” Tanya nodded, “Tasted a lot like chicken.” Both girls laughed but they also re-gripped their spears for tossing and unhooked their swords knowing the dragon could charge at any moment. But Treena was a clever girl. She knew this dragon was larger than Jaysic and would be more dangerous but if she could anger it enough the beast might fight more recklessly opening itself for attack in its rage.

 “Yes” Treena went on, “Little Jaysic didn’t like being stabbed one bit. He screamed and cried, begged for mercy even the little sissy. But I had to kill him. I even stopped and watched him suffer as he died. I found it quite amusing.”

 “Vile wretch of a being! I will tear you apart!” Lorrek roared and charged the auburn haired teenager. But Treena did somersault and dodged his attack. She came to her feet and swung her spear like a club and whacked Lorrek’s head on the right sending it over to his left where Tanya awaited and whacked his head on the left.

 Lorrek staggered backwards shaking his spinning head as Treena and Tanya stood together and laughed. The girl’s laughter further enraged him and Lorrek charged again this time going after Tanya. Tanya leapt into the pond with her weapons and all. Treena as a bit surprised at that move but became fearful as Lorrek jumped into the water after her friend.

 But, unbeknownst to Treena, Tanya had a plan since she was a clever fighter too. As Lorrek splashed into the water Tanya held her breath and waited below the surface with her spear upraised. As soon as she saw Lorrek’s large body enter the water she thrust her spear upwards jamming it right into the center of his soft, fat stomach. Lorrek roared in pain sending bubbles from his mouth as he screamed beneath the water

 At the pond’s edge Treena watched. Soon a mass of white bubbles churned like white foam on the pond’s surface. The white foam then turned red and Treena became worried as to whose blood she was seeing. But then Tanya emerged from the water spear in hand. Her bikini was hugging her massive tits even tighter from the wetness.

 “Got him!” Tanya said with a grin.

 A few meters away Lorrek crawled from the pond he got to his hind legs and looked down at his protruding belly with its new hole leaking red. He clasped both his fore claws over the wound and said, “Damn you human! That hurts!” However even as his stomach ached his penis swelled up below it and began to leak precum.

 “Sweet” Treena said, “You had me worried for just a moment.”

 “Why is his cock erecting?” Tanya asked.

 “Not sure” Treena answered, “Jaysic’s did the same thing after I stuck his belly too. Maybe they like pain?”

 “Masochistic dragons?” Tanya said “Perfect!” she said as she reached into his groin feeling her thick pubes moist now with more than pond water.

 “Let’s finish off this beast.” Treena said with a nod Tanya moved forward with her pal flanking the wounded dragon.

“You will pay for wounding me human girl!” Lorrek snarled as he snapped at Tanya. But the lithe Amazon teen easily ducked his mouth and stuck her spear into his mouth making him rear backwards. As soon as he did this he exposed his soft underbelly. Treena wasted no time in thrusting her spear right into the center of his gut.

 Lorrek staggered backwards on his hind legs as Treena pressed her spear deeper and deeper into his guts eliciting high-pitched squeals of pain from the dragon.

Treena pressed her attack driving Lorrek’s back to the trunk of a large tree effectively pinning him there. Tanya saw the sight before her and her vagina began to drip with wetness as the image of Treena’s spear deep into Lorrek’s belly making the dragon squeal in agony was exactly what she had been waiting for. Wanting to be part of that she placed the tip of her own spear on Lorrek’s soft belly a few inches from Treena’s. With a gleeful, sadistic grin she shoved forward. The spear point made a slight depression in the tender belly meat before it overcame the weak muscles below and sank into the dragon’s guts with a slight ‘popping’ sound.

 Lorrek arched his head back screaming in misery as Tanya’s spear joined Treena’s deep inside his belly. Tanya’s twat spurted in an orgasm as she swished her spear this way and that tearing up Lorrek’s intestines.

 However the horrible pain had a curious effect on Lorrek as he cock rose to it’s full, impressive length and squirted ropes of creamy dragon cum. Some hit the spear shafts that were embedded into his stomach while another spattered all over Tanya’s heaving breasts. The girl shuddered as she came again. Her legs quivered with her sexual ecstasy but she never let go of her spear as she savored the slight resistance Lorrek’s guts gave as she swished the tip around inside his tortured bowels.

The pleasure of his orgasm gave way to the searing agony of being gut stabbed. Lorrek slumped slightly against the tree. Badly hurt now he knew his only chance for staying alive was to plead for mercy.

 “OOOOHHHHHH, OOOOHHHH my belly, please, please I….(gasp, gasp) I beg you. Remove your weapons from my stomach. I..(pant, pant) I have not the strength to continue to fight. I concede the battle…OOOOHHHHH I am in agony!”

 The two Amazon’s grinned at each other.

“You want us to remove our spears do you Lorrek?” Treena said

“Yes, (pant, gasp) Yes please” he said gasping for breath.

 Tanya gave her spear one final twist and pulled free. A huge spurt of blood and gore came from the big hole in his tummy. ‘So sexy’ Tanya thought. Treena removed her spear as well. Now blood ran in three separate streams from the holes in Lorrek’s stomach.

 The Amazon’s stepped backwards as watched as Lorrek clasped his front claws to his stabbed tummy. He took several wobbly steps but the girls knew he was going nowhere. Indeed he did not as he let out a moan and fell to his back. Weak from blood loss and internal organ damage Lorrek lay there panting as he strained to continue breathing.

“I…I..(gasp, pant) I cannot move. You terrible humans had wounded me greviously… OOOOHHHHHHH…such…(pant, gasp) such pain.”

 “Was I right or was I right?” Treena asked her best friend. “Are they not such fun to kill?”

 “So sweet to torture!” Tanya said moving up between Lorrek’s legs. She looked down at his bloody, heaving stomach with his wilting cock below. “I must do it again before he dies.”

 “No, no more, please, I beg you” Lorrek said

 “You did try to kill me silly dragon, twice in fact. I take no pity on you!” Tanya said. With that she raised her spear and drove it once again into his quivering belly. This time quite low just above his cock hitting previously undamaged organs.

 Lorrek tossed his head back, squealed in agony and thrashed his legs rather weakly now. Tanya pressed her spear deeper then withdrew it slightly then pushed forward again in and out, in and out actually fucking the dragon through his belly with her spear.

 Lorrek squirmed and moaned in agony as Tanya tore his guts apart. Curiously though his cock rose again and spurted more white dragon cum. The creamy semen mixed with the red blood that flowed from his punctured belly.

 “Hot!” Treena said as she stuck Lorrek in the side. She too was going on her third orgasm

 Both girls then stood above the dying beast and rammed their spears into his butchered stomach yet again. Lorrek howled in pain then moaned, “I am dying…(pant, pant, gasp) you have slain me, killed me through my stomach damn you! (pant, pant, gasp, gasp)”

 The girls sat down and watched Lorrek die. They ran their fingers through the pubic forests of the other fingering the moist vagina of their friend as Lorrek lay dying before them. The only thing moving on Lorrek now was the heaving of his belly making their spears dance and wobble as they were stuck into it. Blood ran in rivers down the sides of Lorrek’s fat abdomen. A good deal of blood also ran out of his open mouth.

 “”Treena” Tanya said enjoying the feel of Treena’s cunt almost as much as she was enjoying Treena’s finger into her own, “This is the greatest day of my life. Thank you…AHHH” Another orgasm shook her.

 “My pleasure.” Smiled Treena.

 Lorrek sucked breath for another ten minutes or so before his bloody belly failed to rise again. He was dead. And the Amazon’s would enjoy another feast of dragon meat.

6 Responses to “Amazon Girls Slay A Dragon”

  1. 1 xenodragon
    January 4, 2010 at 10:39 am

    great story another dragon killed treena and tanya sound so hot

  2. January 4, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    Really, really good story, one of the best yet. I like the girls just openly enjoying the death of the dragon and the detailed descriptions of the running blood. The girls are hot just from the description, but the things they do to the dragon is just totally hot

  3. January 4, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    Please make more stories about Treena and Tanya slaying dragons and how they become hot by doing it – this story is so hot

  4. January 7, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    I hope you will so – and I think Tanya hopes to. In fact I think she will go crazy if she is not to go dragonhunting with treena again soon – perhaps she could end up being the most vicious to the dragons if she gets to hunt a lot and build up her fantasy

  5. January 7, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    I would really like to see them plant spear after spear in a dragonbelly -and get hot by it

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