Fierybreath and virginia

Fireybreath a twenty year old Dragon was searching his terrortory for anything to eat or fight with.  Fierybreath noticed a young naked woman being chained to a post she was very pretty with large soft breasts and a musclur body.  Fierybreath flew down and grabbed virginia and flewtowards his lair.  The slayers followed him to his lair they had a long journey ahead of them as Fierybreath’s lair was four days away and he was able to fly.  At Fierybreath’s lair he had put Virginia at the far end of his lait so she couldnt escape, he would have his fun with her soon but first he was very hungry and went back to hunt.   After a couple of hours Fierybreath noticed the slayers who were went to guard Virginia and didnt do a very good job below him there was seven of them two held bows,three held swords and the last two held spears and lances.  fierybreath swooped down to attack grabbing one of the swordsmen in his jaws crushing him with ease when he turnt hovering three arrows stabbed his belly, Fierybreath raored with pain and retreated toh is lair.  Fierybreath walked in pain towards virginia and when she looked up he was on his hinf legs trying to get the arrows out of his belly, virginia rubbed her hand over fierybreaths belly just above his penis before she pulled all the arrows out of his belly, Fierybreath went to his knees roaring in pain as Virginia rubbed his blood covered belly rubbing his blood into his white scales.  Fierybreath got to his hind legs and walked back to the cave entrance and flew to the lake close by to wash his wounds, in the cave Virginia was making the arrows smaller so she could stab them into Fierybreath’s body and hopefully slay him using the arrows after breaking them in half and sharpening the other end making six sharp weapons to cause great harm to Fierybreath.  At the lake fierybreath had just got out of the lake his belly was clean but blood was still slowley dripping from his wounds still hungry Fierybreath found a group of deer resting near the lake so Fierybreath charged at them.   Virginia had finished making her weapons to kill fierybreath with just as he returned with two large deer.  virginia dropped the broken arrows knowing bone when snapped in half can be a good weapon, fierybreath dropped one of the deers next to Virginia and walked of to the part of the cave where the gold and treasure he took were stored.  Virginia had eaten a small amount of the deer before snapping the rip cage open and with the rock hard floor she sharppened three of the snapped bones ready to slay fierybreath she knew by his movements when she pulled the arrows out his belly was a very soft target and easy to hurt.

The remaining six slayers were now 1 day away from fierybreath’s lair after buying some horses but the horses had stopped after two days without rest or food so the slayers set-up camp for the night.   fierybreath was watching them from the woods he was sitting watching waiting for the correct time to attack he knew killing the horses would be a good thing but they would make alot of noise and wake the slayers.   Fierybreath stopped after seeing a bandit untie the horses and ride of with them, Fierybreath got up to his hind legs and walked towards the slayers intent on killing them before they reach his lair.   Just as Fierybreath sank his teeth into one of the slayers the noise from his screams woke the others and Fierybreath in shock reared up and snapped the slayer in half with his teeth before roaring at the others hoping they will flee but instead one of them shot an arrow into fierybreath’s chest and a second threw a dagger into his belly making Fierybreath turn and flee and fly back to his lair.   virginia heard fierybreath roaring in pain she was glad to see him come to her to remove the weapons from his body as it gave her more to hurt him with.  fierybreath didnt like his belly being stabbed and again virginia rubbed his wounded bellu but this done more than relax Fierybreath he now wanted to mate virginia but she would not allow him to even try so Fierybreath sulked of into one of the other chambers in his lait and sleept letting his wounds heal.

fierybreath woke and was still wanting to mate that he grabbed virginia and took her to the cave area near the entrance.  Virginia only had time to grab the dagger as she was taken by Fierybreath.  Fierybreath put virginia on her back and just rammed his penis up her vagnia the lsayers had entered just as he entered her vagina all the slayers flet very sick, but virginia was waiting both in pain and pleasure for Fierybreath to rise back showing his belly and she also managed to hide the dagger from the Dragon.  fierybreath reared back as he shot his sperm into virginia then he slowley removed himself from her groaning with pleasure but that was short lived as Virgnina with both hands rammed the dagger into fierybreaths belly causing him to scream in pain.  Fierybreath on his knees went to grab Virginia as one of the slayer rammed a lance into his back, Fieybreath roared in agony as the lance was pushed out his belly spraying blood over vrgina, fierybreath grabbed the lance as the remaining four slayer went infront of Fierybreath the two archers shot arrows into fierybreath’s chest casuing his to roar in agony, the slayer with the lance ripped it out og his back, Fierybreath fell onti his back the two swordsmen then continually rammed their swords into fierybreath’s belly causing his the cough up blood.   Fierybreath looked at Virginia covered in his blood as the lance was stabbed into his heart severing it from his body when pulled out.   Virginia grabbed a sword and cleaved fierybreath’s head away from his body and with the slayers went back home carrying Fierybreath’s head in her hands.

4 Responses to “Fierybreath and virginia”

  1. January 4, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    Good story:-). I like the mix of blood and a horny dragon

  2. 3 Jim
    January 7, 2010 at 2:44 am

    Cool story. I like how Fireybreath seems to trust Virginia. Her rubbing his wounded bloody belly is hot. Nice story!

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