Amazon Girls On Another Dragon Hunt

Treena and Tanya had enjoyed their last dragon hunt so much they just had to go do it again. The hunt had been Tanya’s first and the thrill of killing the big dragon named Lorrek had been intensely pleasurable to the teenager. When Treena suggested they go out hunting again she could not sleep the night before because of excitement.

 Tanya lay naked on her bed with her long black hair flowing down over her large, round and quite firm tits. She used one hand to pinch the raspberry sized nipples atop her massive tits while her other hand poked & rubbed her heavily leaking vagina. Visions of hers and Treena’s spear sinking into the soft stomach of the dragon danced through her mind. She could still feel the slight resistance his soft belly flesh made as she stabbed through it with her spear. She could feel the organs deep inside his abdomen cut and sliced by the sharp tip. Perhaps best of all she remembered the torrents of blood that came spewing out from his wounded belly; hot rivers of dragon blood ran down his sides and soaked the sand on which Tanya stood barefooted on. And of course there was the screaming.

 Oh yes, the horrible screams of pain Lorrek had made as his guts were assailed by the girl’s weapons. The sheer force of memory drove the girl to the brink of orgasm. She shuddered and came as her body arched as she shoved three fingers deeply into her sex and pinched her nipple so hard it turned pinker. She slumped back on her bed savoring her masturbatory session and hoped the hunt tomorrow would be as hot as the last one.

 Tanya was standing ready & waiting with spear in hand and sword on her hip as Treena came by. Both girls again wore just the skimpiest of bikinis made of jaguar pelts. The tops barely contained their ample breasts which wobbled ever so slightly with each step they took, the cloth of the bikini top just started right at their nipples while their bottoms were little more than two patches connected by a string. Their firm, round, and quite large bums were hardly covered at all while the same small jaguar cloth in front did precious little to cover their hairy groins & pubic regions. Indeed their bikinis left little to the imagination of any onlooker and many of the young Amazon boys did indeed look as they passed by.

 “They are staring at us” Tanya giggled pointing to several boys a few years younger than the two girl warriors.

 “Horny little bastards” Treena said

 No males were known to live in the Amazon village older than 18 years as they were killed upon reaching that age, some sooner if they showed exceptionally early maturation. Boys wee used as slaves and, for a lucky few, breeding. Shortly Treena and Tanya would choose a breeding partner. But not today, today there were dragons to hunt. However Treena did point to one of the boys, a short but muscular lad with black hair.

 “You,,,,boy, come here!” Obeying at once a command from a female the youth cmae as called, bent his head in submission, “Yes my queen. What is thy wish?”

 “Go to the weapons hut over there and fetch us six more spears, the ones with the broad tips and double sets of barbs. Do you know the ones?”

 “Yes mistress. Right away my mistress” The boy ran to retrieve the weapons.

 “Why do we need those” Tanya asked.

 “I have a feeling about today my friend. The last two times I have been dragon hunting each time the dragon has been larger then the one before. If this holds true then today well shall find an even larger one than that silly Lorrek we slew. In that case more spears will come in useful.”

 “I see” Tanya said, “You are indeed a wise hunter. I hope you are right. But what of the boy?”

 “He’s coming with us?” Treena said

 “But why take a male and especially one so young? He will be of no help.” Tanya seemed confused.

“Perhaps he’ll be of no help killing the beast. But he can be helpful in other ways.”

 “Oh, like carrying the extra spears?” Tanya asked

 “Yes that and he may even be more helpful” Treena said with a sly grain

 “As what? Tanya asked

 “Bait!” Treena said with a laugh

 Both Amazon teen girls burst into laughter as the lives of males was less than those of most animals. Between the laughter that made the girls tits heave and bounce Tanya said, “You are not just wise Treena, your are brilliant!”

 The young boy returned with six more spears. They did indeed have heavy broad tips with two sets of barbs so they could not be easily removed after being stabbed into a victim.

 “Your spears mistress” the lad said as he began to lay them down.

 “Hold boy!” Treena said, “Do not lay them down. Carry them as you follow us.”

 “Yes mistress. Where are we going?” The boy asked

 Treena’s fist caught him totally by surprise as her knuckles plowed hard & deep into the boy’s taunt stomach muscles winding him badly. She grabbed him by his raven colored hair and spoke curtly to him, “You do not ask questions, or have you forgotten that young male?”

“Forgive me mistress” the boy gasped holding his hurting gut

 “Now boy, follow behind us” Treena said

 “And try to keep up!” Tanya added

 On the other side of the forest the dragon they would meet was making his way toward the lake where the two Amazons had killed Lorrek

 The dragon was the father of Jaysic and Lorrek, Treena having slain the former and her and Tanya killing Lorrek just two days ago. The adult dragon was called Kantor. He was big one half as large as Lorrek had been. He was dark green in color across his sides and back while his underside was light white-gray in color with darker gray on his hard breastplates and nearly white on his tender stomach.

 Kantor sniffed the ground and followed his son’s trail to the lake hoping to find Lorrek who in turn had been searching for the younger Jaysic. Little did Kantor know he would never see them again their young lives snuffed out by Amazon girls.

 The three Amazons approached the lake from the opposite side from where Kantor was. They saw him sniffing the dried blood on the ground that had been from Lorrek. Kantor recognized the scent immediately and thrust his head back and roared in anger knowing his son had been slain. He assumed quite correctly that his youngest son Jaysic was also dead.

 “We are in luck!” Tanya said, her vagina already beginning to leak at the thought of hurting & killing this even bigger dragon.

 “Yes” Treena agreed, “But this one is larger then the last two. He’s a full-grown dragon and probably much smarter and certainly much stronger. It will take a lot to defeat this one.”

 Kantor reared back on his hind legs and roared in fury again.

 “See those plates across his chest” Treena pointed, “Those will stop any weapon from piercing his heart. A quick kill is impossible. Only lower down can he be hurt.”

 “His stomach” Tanya said

 “Yes” Treena said, “But we have to get him to show it and him being older I doubt he will be that foolish.”

 “Sister” Tanya said, “I have an idea. Recall that small crevasse we had to jump over just before we got here? If I stood down into it with the boy with spears upraised and you taunted him to follow, you could lead him over the hole giving us a chance to stab his vitals as he passes over.”

 Treena smiled, “A wonderful plan. I know how much you like to cause pain, and I love to tease and taunt, Perfect my sister!”

 The boy was excited too even though he was forbidden to speak unless spoken too. He was excited to help these hot girls slay the dragon. He pressed down his obvious excitement hoping they would not notice his arousal.

 Soon Tanya and the Amazon boy (they cared not to even know his name just calling him ‘boy’) were inside the crack in the ground. It was deep enough for them to stand. The boy’s eyes were right at Tanya’s tits he longed to touch them but feared his own death should he do so. They waited with spears at the ready as Treena went about her work.

 She strode to the clearing not far from the crevasse and called,

 “Yo dragon. Why are you roaring and making such noise. You are annoying to me.”

 The dragon lowered his body to the ground protecting his weak and vulnerable underbelly just as Treena knew he would. He moved toward her with a snarl for he had smelled more then just his son’s blood but Treena’s human scent as well and guessed rightly that she had been his slayer.

 “You, a human female are to blame for this, the killing of my son are you not?”

 Treena was confident in their plan but knew she had to be careful with this big dragon. She had to taunt him well to enrage him. She took small steps backward toward the trap as Kantor followed slowly, step by step.

 “Well, first I have the pleasure to kill that little runt of thing called Jaysic, then my sister and I slew that stupid older brother Lorrek, now I have a chance to slay the one who spawned such pitiful creatures.”

 Kantor stretched out his elongated neck and roared in fury, “You killed both my son’s? I find this inconceivable, a human female.”

 “Indeed I did. So tell me what your name is so that I might know what to call you?”

 “I am Kantor. And I will be the last thing you see before you die human!”

 Step by step Treena continued to move toward the crack in the ground trying not to make it look like she was intending anything. In the crevasse Tanya and the boy each held their spears ready. Tanya’s bikini bottom was literally wet with excitement of the kill. The boy’s cock was leaking at the sight of her and the smell of her wet crotch. But he knew he had to concentrate to the hunt for it could be deadly for him.

 “Yes it was I that slew your son’s Kantor. And it was I that brought their dead corpses back to my village where they were prepared as a feast for my people.” Slowly she approached the crevasse. Then hopped over it. The boy got a good look at Treena’s hairy muff as she stepped over the crevasse.

 Then Tanya and the boy saw Kantor’s chin and neck move over them. They waited for just another second till his fat belly appeared above them.

 “NOW!” Tanya commanded as she and the boy each thrust their spears upward driving them deep into the soft stomach. Tanya, with her might sank her spear much deeper than the lad did but both caused Kantor pain.

 “Another spear now!” Tanya commanded the boy and he handed her a third weapon which she promptly shoved deep into the soft, quivering belly of the big dragon. Much blood slipped out from the belly wounds literally drenching Tanya and the boy in a rain of hot, red dragon blood.

 Kantor stepped backwards awkwardly with three spears protruding from his abdomen. They wobbled to and fro with the jiggling of his fat stomach.

 “Trickery you vile wench!” Kantor screamed at Treena, “You use trickery upon me!”

 “It worked didn’t it?” Treena said smugly “Now why don’t you see what your son’s felt?”

 At that Treena sprang forward with incredible speed and jammed her own spear deep into Kantor’s already badly wounded belly.

 He roared in misery as his head tossed backwards screaming to the clouds.

Tanya and the boy emerged from the crevasse both covered in dragon blood. Tanya wiped some from her eyes and became terribly aroused at the sight before her. The big dragon was rocked back on his hind haunches with four spears planted into his fat stomach. Much blood was running down his abdomen making the ground beneath his body red and slick. Tanya shuddered nearly having an orgasm on the spot. She drew her sword and bowed respectfully to her senior warrior Treena and asked, “May I sister?”

 Treena smiled and said “Have at him”

 Tanya rushed toward the wounded beast who was already injured too badly to counter her swiftness. Tanya darted in and plunged her sword into Kantor’s belly three times before moving away.

 More blood rolled out of the dragon’s guts and more screams of pain filled the air. Again Tanya moved in. Kantor’s breath was coming harder and harder and his wounded stomach undulated with each gasp. Tanya savored the feel of her sword piercing the tender belly flesh, the muscled offering little resistance to the sharp, metal sword as it slipped past the muscle layer going deeper to damage the precious contents that lay within.

 Tanya gave three more stabs with her sword and back away. Blood ran in torrents down Kantor’s stomach. More blood burst forth from his mouth as it rushed up his throat as if it were attempting to flee the weapons puncturing his belly.

 Tanya’s breasts were heaving as she watched the dragon stagger sideways almost falling but placing a forelimb on a large tree trunk catching himself. His stomach continued to bleed and move in and out as he struggled to breath.

 “Witches…you…(gasp, gasp) You have defeated me…(gasp, pant).”

 Treena moved behind Tanya and pressed her firm, round tits into Tanya’s back while reaching around and cupping Tanya’s milk sacks with her hands. Tanya moaned in sexual elation. The sight of the bleeding dragon in his death throes and now Treena’s firm hands on her tits as well as Treena’s boobs pressing into her back was all too much for the young Tanya. She shuddered with orgasm.

 Treena knew she had pleasured her friend. She released Tanya and unsheathed her own sword and with a yell attacked the staggering dragon.

 Even quicker than Tanya’s attack had been Treena darted in between the dragon’s hind legs and stabbed his fat, wounded tummy four times making blood spurt out each time she withdrew her sword.

 More squeals of agony escaped Kantor’s mouth along with a fresh river of blood that ran down his long neck. He shook his head and blinked his eyes rapidly. He knew he was dying but fought to stay alive with all his great dragon strength. He fought off death however he was not able to stay on his feet and with a ground shaking thud his body fell.

 Landing on his back Kantor was too weak to move much more then quiver his four legs and turn his head slightly. He could blink his eyes and his stomach continued to raise up and sink down with each labored breath. The four spears stuck into it wobbled slightly with each undulation while rivers of blood rolled down his sides creating a puddle of red around his body.

 Tanya and Treena each had their last spear in hand as they approached him. The only portion of his stomach that was still unscathed was the very lowest area just above his penis.

 “Right there” Treena pointed to the very soft & tender patch of skin.

Tanya smiled and both girls bolted forward and drove their spears deep into Kantor’s extreme lower belly.

 Feeling the spears with those wide, heavily barbed points sink deep into his entrails made Kantor’s head arch backwards as well as his tail as he let out an ear piercing squeal of horrific agony. Cum shot from his dick as the spears found a resting place deep inside his vital organs.

 Still panting Kantor spoke, “Vile humans…I am killed”

 “Indeed you are” Treena said “However you will know that you will feed out people for many days.”

 “Gasp, gasp, pant, pant” went Kantor as his blood continued to spill from his hideously butchered stomach, “You truly are vile creatures.”

 The two girls sat down and watched Kantor endure his misery and suffering for another half an hour before his butchered & bleeding stomach stopped moving.

 It had been a hot hunt for both girls and for the boy too.

 With their swords the two slit Kantor’s belly wide open allowing his putrid guts to empty from his carcass. He would be easier to drag back to the village for yet another dragon meat feast. Treena and Tanya even helped the boys move the heavy load with the lad watching Tanya’s plump ass all the way he hardly noticed how hard the chore was with such things to look at.

7 Responses to “Amazon Girls On Another Dragon Hunt”

  1. January 11, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    Total hot story. I really think Treena and Tanya are the top dragonslayers of this site. I like the dragon taking so many wounds and that the girls are so exited by it, openly enjoying it so much

    • 2 jim825
      January 11, 2010 at 9:42 pm

      Thank you for the nice compliment. I would SO LOVE to go on a dragon hunt with these two hot women!..Of course they would probably kill me..LOL

  2. 3 Rez
    January 12, 2010 at 3:59 am

    Just out of curiosity, have any of you heard of the Monster Hunter games? I’ve played several of them and they are great. The whole point of them is to hunt down and kill monsters like dinosaurs, wyverns, and dragons using traps, guns, spears, hammers, and swords. When you kill them you carve their bodies using your hunting knife and use the parts to make new armor and weapons to kill even stronger ones.

    The major goal of the first game, was to become strong enough to take on http://www.herpy.net/gallery/data/media/68/mhf_20070817_012529_625.jpg

    Truly a fearsome dragon, I’m surprised nobody has made a story regarding him yet. I’m sure any dragon hunter would definitely have their work cut out for them if they tried to face him.

    Fatalis, the legendary black dragon. A legendary black dragon said to have prowled the lands from the days of old. Many skilled hunters have sought to challenge him, but none ever return. The other monsters and dragons stay away from him, some people even thought he was a god.

    He was so mighty, that another dragon, that was even bigger was actually running away from him. Fatalis was not like any of the other dragons in the game, almost every single attack from him could kill anybody in a single hit even with the strongest armor. His fire breath was so hot, that it appeared to be white instead of the normal color of fire.

    And, he wasn’t like other dragons either, because almost his whole entire body was considered to be heavily armored like a fortress, spears and swords would effortlessly bounce off of his body whenever you tried to strike him. Also instead of being fat, his body was thin and muscular and he was fast. Fatalis even will openly challenge, and kill, other dragons to prove his dominance.

    He is particularly clever and can quickly chase after hunters by hovering in the air and flying after them. He is also capable of “snaking” across the ground very quickly to ram hunters. He is also fiercely territorial. Using his keen sense of smell he can easily detect when hunters have entered his domain and will actively hunt them down and make every attempt to destroy them. Also, if a hunter foolishly tries to get under him to get at his vulnerable area, he will body slam them, crushing them under his powerful chest.

    The only part of his body that was actually vulnerable to damage was his penis, and even then you had to shoot him in that area with thousands of rockets, ballista bolts, explosive bullets, bombs, dropping a spiked castle gate onto his back, and a massive steam powered drill to kill him.

  3. 5 Rez
    January 12, 2010 at 11:46 am

    Yea, the armoring in the area of his penis is much thinner than elsewhere though so that is the only place you can attack him with a melee based weapon. It’s a very specific area, if you don’t aim your sword/spear correctly you will be knocked off your feet and bounced backwards from hitting his legs or belly and do less than 15% your normal weapon damage. Even if you hit his groin though it only does like 45% normal damage and if he body slams you die in 1 hit like all his other attacks, and you can only die 3 times or you fail the mission and have to start over.

    If you have 4 hunters fighting him at once though, all of them can only die 3 times as well! So if one guy dies twice, and you die once it is over for everyone.

    The only part of his body that can really be hurt is his penis, and since you couldn’t make him have an erection because it is a game, the only way to really hurt him was to use rockets/explosive ammo against that area of his body and to use the big steam powered drill, but you could only use it once per fight. If you could actually make his penis come out so you could attack it directly it would have been easier to kill him, not much, but still easier.

    He is a very arrogant dragon though, his lair is actually a human castle that he took over, which is why you can use the steam powered drill (dragonator). Because it is still a part of the castle that was made to stop him originally but failed because it only injures him by about 7% of his life.

    Also, the big dragon that was afraid of him is http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/monsterhunter/images/d/dd/Laopicfrumunderneth.jpg

  4. 6 Rez
    January 12, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    Another picture of the Black Dragon from that site.

  5. January 19, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    I would like to see that dragon animated along with Treena and Tanya:-)

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