The family of slayers

Beverly Marsh, 31 years old, her sister Kate, 23, her daughters Susan, 14 and Lisa, 12 finally reached the dragons cave.
Together they explored the dark and big cave, sneaked barefoot over the cold rock.
But suddenly the big dragon appeared.
He roared at them.
In fear they all curled together as the beast approached.
It stood there, staring at them and roaring at the girls which shuddered in fear.
But then they stood up, went a bit further to the beast.
Mother Beverly took her slingshot, loaded one magic stone she brought with her and shot it to the beasts head.
She missed it and the dragon opened his mouth, hissing at them.
Little Lisa approached the beast with her spear.
Beverly shot and hit the head his time. The dragon did roar.

Then he rised into the air. His white stomach became visible. All of them stared at the white underside as the dragon was in the air.
Beverly started to run. On her bare feet she jumped over the rocks in order to find her magic stones.
Lisa stepped with her spear towards the belly, but just as she wanted to plunge her weapon into,
the dragon grabbed her and lifted her up.

In the meantime Beverly found her magic gem. She took it, loaded it, jumped under the dragons belly.
She aimed and shot him right between his stomach muscles.
The beast screamed in pain.
Susan loaded an arrow into her bow and shot one arrow. Deep painful roars came from the beast.
Beverly managed to his the underside again, so did Susan.

The dragon let Lisa fall.
His belly went downwards till it reached the ground. Suddenly it looked very weak.
He screamed, but the group had to take care of Lisa.
The dragon crawled back into his cave.
Lisa was very sick. Beverly watched the dragon retreat.

She knew that they had to attack it now when it was wounded. So the barefeeted, young woman followed it.
Kate lifted Lisas spear and took it.
Reaching the dragon, they saw that it was in pain, rearing up several times.
Beverly jumped over the rocks on his back, grabbed the rearing neck and pulled it backwards.
Susan shot arrows into the flank, Kate brought the spear into.

The dragon pressed his belly on the ground. Beverly stood up, bent the neck back very hard.
Susan joined her, while Kate plunged the spear into its side.
The fifteen year old Susan took one arrow and reached the dragons eyes. She stabbed the first eye three time.
The dragon roared very loud. She stabbed the other eye three times and the animal reared upwards.

His belly became visible but Kates spear stuck into the flank.
Now the dragon was blind and went back onto his belly.
Beverly had one magic stone and beat the dragons neck with it, till it bleeded.
Susan liked the blood on the neck and shoot all her arrows into it, until the blind dragon was shaking in pain.
He stood up and Kate reached the belly and stabbed the spear with a fast thrust into it.

That made the dragon collapse. But they all tortured him until he stood up.
Attacking the belly was the key to defeat him.
He collapsed, stood up and collapsed again. It was a pleasing sight.
When he rose up and his hindlegs broke down they shoved the weak and screaming beast finally onto his side.

Drawing their daggers they started to gut and cut the soft underside.
Kate pushing the spear so hard into that it came out on the back. They jabbed and stabbed the belly for ten minutes.
The dragon suffered, he squirmed and trashed his tail around.
But they went on for another ten minutes when finally the dragon raised his neck, threw it backwards and died with a growl.

3 Responses to “The family of slayers”

  1. 1 xenodragon
    January 21, 2010 at 9:57 am

    great story the dragon suffered and died in agony

  2. January 21, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    Good story, I like the way they just continue and continue

  3. 3 jim825
    January 22, 2010 at 1:14 am

    Your stories are always good. I like how they have to work hard to kill the dragon. I wonder what the sniper family is going to do?????

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