dragon slain

susi.lara and tina were relaxing in the sun when the radio went of the leader was ordering them to another attack this time a large wyvern attacking a village reports said the wyvern was larger than the dragon they just fought and they would need bigger weapons.  susi keep her sniper and grabbed a rpg and four grenades, lara keep her m60 and also got a grenade launcher and tina grabbed a hummer with a .50cal machine gun on top and more ammo for all the weapons.  the wyvern was male with a blue scales and a white belly and penis he was fully erect as the killing was arousing him.  when they got to him the three woman were shocked to see how big he was susi turnt her attention to causing as much pain to him by his penis hopfully dropping him to his knees.  the wyvern turnt to the slayers and roared at them susi and lara jumped out of the hummer and tina drove closer to the wyvern and in better range for the .50cal.  susi shot the wyvern left and right balls forcing him to roar in agony as tina stopped the hummer and got to the .50cal aiming at the wyverns belly waiting for lara to get into position to attack the wyvern.   the wyvern looked towards the hummer and roared trying to scare tina susi had his balls in her sight and fired two shots hitting both his balls the wyvern arched back roaring in agony, tina shot the wyverns belly with the 50cal but this was only causing minor wounds to the large beast.   lara loaded her grenade launcher and fired it at the wyverns back the wyvern fell on his belly as his back was ripped open by the explosion.  susi shot more bullets into his balls as he got to his knees and tina once again shot the belly with the 50cal but the wyvern was not taking much damage so susi loaded her rpg and shot the wyverns belly the wyvern fell to his back roaring in agony as his belly was blown open a little by the rpg blood flowed out of the wound tina this time shot the wyverns penis with the 50cal the wyvern screamed in terror as his penis was cut up but the calibur bulletts.   lara shot another grenade into the wyverns belly the wyvern screaming in agony as the grenade blew more of his flesh away.   the wyvern struggled to his feet and looked at his belly and penis bleed badly the wyvern looked at lara and with his razor sharp tail sliced her naked stomach dropping her to the floor holding her stomach in agony, susi fired a second rpg into the wyverns chest forcing him to fall to his knees again bleeding very badly.   susi then shot a third rpg in the wyverns chest causing more pain but not much damage, tina shot more calibur bullets into the wyvern belly cutting him open the wyvern looking up roared in agony as his guts were being ripped to bits by the bullets.  lara was bleeding badly and the wyvern noticed this and went to kill her before his own death.   susi stopped the wyvern in his tracks fired at his penis and balls with her sniper the wyvern was in so much pain he fell onto his back.   tina aimed her .50cal at the wyverns belly waiting for susi to help lara so all three can butcher the wyverns body, lara was on her knees holding her m60 and susi was going to use her sniper.   the wyvern looked at his body struggling to get to his feet his belly bleeding bady but not enough to keep him on the floor, lara began shooting the wyverns belly with her m60 as susi shot the wyverns balls and penis with the sniper and tina helped with his belly the wyvern could only sit on its knees as his belly was finally ripped open by the warriors and his penis and balls were now just dead bits of hanging flesh.  the wyvern dropped to its back bleeding badly and panting as he was slowly killed by the warriors.  susi went to his head and shot the last six bullets from her sniper in the wyverns head killing him.

2 Responses to “dragon slain”

  1. 1 Jim
    February 6, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    Looks like this is going to be a “bloody” good battle…Good start. I can’t wait to read more!

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