Treena vs Dragon Barehanded

Amazon girls Treena and Tanya had enjoyed their dragon slaying immensely and wanted nothing more than to kill another. The two had become great heroines having provided their village with 3 enormous feasts of dragon. You see, dragons roasted over an open fire are incredibly delicious tasting much like chicken or duck and the dragons slain by these two beautiful teenage Amazons were especially good. By coincidence they had killed an entire family of dragons slaying first two offspring named Jaysic and Lorrek then slew their father Kantor; bad luck for that lineage of dragons to be sure.

 Now the two went into the forest again without their younger boy slave. They were looking for some alone time. The two girls liked boys well enough but also lusted for each other. The huge swells of heavy breast flesh and thick jungles of female pubic hair on the firm, athletic frames of the just turned 18 year olds was too exciting to turn down. The two had become serious lovers about a year ago after some casual encounters going back 3 or 4 years.

 They found a sweet isolated spot in the forest neat a running stream. Tanya lay onto her back ripping her skimpy bikini top off allowing her massive tits to slosh free. Treena straddled her best friend and lover also releasing her immense boobs. She leaned forward. Her huge tits pressed into Tanya’s each girl felt the hard, pointy nipples of the other dig into her own soft breast meat as they kissed deeply. So caught up in their sex play they had forgotten all around them. Little did they know that even as they worked their fingers deeply into the sex of the other they were being watched…stalked even.

 The small tan colored dragon had moved from tree to tree coming ever closer to his quarry. Tan across his back and down his sides while having a light cream-colored underbelly Rant was just a youngling. He really wasn’t supposed to be out on his own at all but, being precious as he was, he snuck out to explore the big forest on his own. He hoped he would be able to find & kill a human and never dreamed he would be so lucky as to find two. It was all too perfect he thought. The two human warriors were occupied. Their spears and swords lay at their sides as they did….he didn’t know what to each other. All the young dragon named Rant knew was that he would soon be feasting on human meat. He had already decided he would begin with eating the massive, bulbous lumps of breast that each human girl had in incredibly abundance. Rant watched closely and licked his fang filled maw as he watched to two cavorting teens as their tits swayed back and forth so enticingly.

 Slowly Rant edged forward then…Snap! The breaking of the twig beneath his hind foot echoed thunder. The two Amazon warriors immediately ceased their foreplay and grabbed their spears to confront the unknown threat. They stood in the clearing totally naked, their tits swaying, their lush pubic bushes blowing in the slight breeze, their spears were ready though.

 Rant knew he was foiled but having no real skills at hunting or fighting he decided on the direct approach and charged from the woods to attack the two humans. He let out a roar that he thought would send them in a terrified state of shock. However little did the youngster know he was charging two of the most renowned warriors in all the Amazonian.

 Tanya pivoted to her right and swept the charging dragon’s feet from under him while Treena delivered a hard kick to the underside of Rant’s chin snapping his elongated dragon head backwards. The combined effect sent Rant falling to his back. He hit with a thud and shook his head trying to clear the daze from it. Treena’s kick was hard!

 He moved to get up but found his front arms held tightly over his head by Tanya. Treena now straddled between his legs with her spear in hand.  Rant was not nearly as big as any of the others the girls had killed. He was even smaller then Jaysic had been and he was small for a dragon. But even so Rant was nearly twice the size of the human girls. However he was currently in a bad situation. Treena pressed the wickedly sharp, wide, oval shaped spear point was pressed hard into Rant’s bulging little belly. It cut the skin slightly already and a trickle of bright red blood stained his creamy, white colored lower abdomen.

 Rant clenched his eyes shut as he prepared to deal with the pain he knew as about to come from a spear into his guts. However, the pan never arrived as Treena pulled her spear back. Rant cautiously opened one eye and looked at his opponent. Tanya seemed as confused as the dragon, perhaps even more so.

 “What’s wrong? Why didn’t you stab the little beastie?” Tanya asked.

 Treena shrugged, “It almost seemed too easy. Where is the fun in that? This one doesn’t even look old enough to be away from his mother anyway.”

 “What’s your name draggy? Can you speak? Tanya said giving his still captured arms a pull.

 Rant” The dragon said “My name is Rant and I will slay you! Just let me up and I’ll show you.”

 Treena turned her spear downward again pressing it to Rant’s tender and quivering belly.

 “If you are going to slay us if we let you up then we would certainly be foolish to do so now wouldn’t we?” Treena said poking a tad harder into Rant’s tummy.

 Rant winced at the jab and said, “Yes, I suppose so. Okay. I will not slay you. But please allow me to stand.”

 Treena nodded the ‘OK’ to Tanya but said. “Be forewarned dragon, if you try any trickery I’ll stab this through your belly before you knew what hit you and you’ll see your guts on the ground before you fall.”

 Tanya cam round to stand beside her mate and faced the dragon that stood a good two feet higher than them. He was indeed young but still full of arrogant dragon pride.

 “What will you do with me now?” Rant asked somehow knowing these two would best him. He was indeed correct.

 “You must know we can’t just allow you to roam free Rant” Treena said “But in the interest of fair play I suggest we continue our fight with no weapons.”

 “Huh?” was all Tanya could say.

 Treena pulled her aside and said so that Rant couldn’t hear, “Come on girl. It’ll be fun. Just once I want to beat the shit out of a dragon with my own bare hands and bare feet and this little thing will be perfect. Anything larger than him and doing this could be dangerous.”

 “I still say we stick him in the belly and be done with it. But I’ll trust you. Just know this. If it looks like you’re in a bad spot and he might hurt you I run him clean through the guts.” Tanya said

 “I’d expect nothing more cutie pie.” Treena said giving Tanya’s nipple a tweak.

Treena moved back to Rant, “Ready to do this draggy-boy?”

 Rant lowered himself to the ground instinctively protecting his tender, vulnerable stomach and announced, “Yes…now die human bitch!”

 Rant lunged rather quickly for Treena with his mouth wide open. But Treena moved with the quickness and grace of a panther dodging under him wile at the same time delivering a hard kick with her bare foot to the left side of Rant’s ribcage. The kick was powerful and made an indentation in the dragon’s side.

 Rant let out a grunt as he went stumbling sideways. She pursued him and was quickly on him. Using her leg again she swept his left foot out from under him making Rant fall to his back. Then, like a jaguar, she pounced between his flailing hand legs and targeted his soft, bulging, white belly and brought a series of hammering fist blows into it. Each hard punch sank deep into the dragon’s tender stomach making enormous indentations.

 Rant let out loud squeals as tried to swipe her with his sharp forelimb claws but Treena easily dodged those attacks. With one last hard punch to the gut she sprang out from between his legs and watched as he struggled over to his front side still on the ground and began to heave himself up. His beaten belly hung like a soft sack under his body swaying slightly. Treena sent a wickedly hard kick up into that bulging sack crushing it again and tossing him up into the air. It was truly incredible the strength Treena possessed. A single kick sent a beast seven times her weight a good 6 feet off the ground.

 Rant landed with a grunt onto his back again. Treena leapt up and pointed her now cocked elbow at Rant’s chest spearing it dead center as she landed on him crushing hard down into it.

 Rant lost his breath as gasped to breath. Treena meanwhile went to his tail. It had one of those deadly sharp arrow shaped tips but she grasped it firmly and began to spin Rant round and round. She actually lifted him right off the ground twirling him faster and fast then finally let him go sending him flying airborne till he smashed back first into a small hillside. He hit hard, the impact shaking his entire skeletal structure and jarring every organ in his body.

 He gasped again and shook his head to try to clear it. But his wide-open body was too tempting a target. Treena ran at him full speed before leaping up and directing both feet at him. Both her bare feet rammed hard and deep into his fat stomach. The strike was devastating as Treena could feel the soles of her feet touch the hardness of the dragon’s spine as she totally crushed his guts.

 “AAGGGHHHH!” Rant cried in anguish. He wrapped his arms around his smashed guts cradling them. He struggled to his back feet and Treena was on him once again this time grabbing him around his elongated neck. With one mighty heave she flipped him into the air and sent slamming hard to his back. Again Rant’s entire body was jolted. But Treena never relented. She leapt high into the air and once again speared both barefeet into Rant’s quivering, beaten belly. Again the impact made a huge crater in the young dragon’s stomach as organs inside were either moved aside or crushed. She gave several hard hammer strikes to his chest before rolling off him. Rant let an exhalation of air through his nostrils but more than air came out. A fine mist of blood came spraying out with it, the first obvious effect of the damage being done to his innards.

 Rant grunted and groaned as he slowly rolled over to get onto his forelimbs. His head hung limply down. He gasped again. The dragon was in horrible pain from his beating. His chest hurt. His head hurt and his guts were absolutely killing him. They felt as if they were on fire. He then vomited up an enormous glut of blood. He gagged and choked. He groaned in agony as he tried desperately to try to salvage this battle. He so wished he had not ventured out this morning for here he was about to die.

 He managed to get back to his hind legs. He was not steady though as he swayed to and fro. Treena was getting a shoulder rub from Tanya as they watched the dragon youngling struggle with his agony.

 “I’ll be right back sexy” Treena told Tanya.

 Now before anyone thinks Treena is cruel for beating a dragon so young to death one must remember that this dragon had every intention of killing both Treena and Tanya. So he’s not some innocent creature. He knew what he was doing and indeed would have killed so he is just getting what he deserved even if he is a youngster.

 Rant made a feeble swipe at her with his left forelimb. But Treena seized his arm and held it tight. Then, in one swift motion, brought it downward as she forced his knee upward impacting it. The result was one badly broken arm for Rant.

 The dragon howled at his new pain. Treena grabbed him around the neck putting him into a side headlock. Then targeted the ear hole on the side of his head and sent six crushing fists into it. She held him for another moment watching closely then let him go when she saw the dribble of blood run out of his ear.

 Rant was in so much pain now he hardly knew what part of his body hurt most. Treena would give him some more choices as she moved to his other side and brought his remaining arm down over her knee snapping it like a twig. Bone jutted from the forelimb and more pain filled Rant’s dragon brain. She didn’t want him to get a lucky hit in before she finished him off.

 She grabbed him into another headlock. Treena could easily have ending his suffering with a twist and snapped his neck but decided to have bit more fun. With his head secured Treena was free to send kick after kick into Rant’s dangling and very beaten, bruised belly.

 Lifting him off his back feet with each kick Treena sent kick after kick into the soft gut meat. Whatever internal organ that might have been undamaged inside were not that way any longer after the twentieth kick or so, any on looker would have lost count.

 Blood poured from Rant’s mouth and both nostrils. With the contents of his abdomen reduced to shattered slush blood was now running in a river from out his asshole as well.

 Treena released her headlock but before stepping back delivered a wickedly hard uppercut punch to the center of the little dragon’s breast. She felt as satisfying crunch of bode beneath her knuckles. She then stepped back to Tanya and observed.

 Rant stood fully erect in more ways than one. His penis had curiously gone hard in this last encounter. He swayed on his hind feet, his front arms dangled broken and uselessly at his sides. His badly bruised belly with its contents of ruptured guts swayed gently back & forth. Treena last punch to his chest had made a depression in the center of it. With blood running out of every orifice in his body Rant cocked his head upward and let out a final roar that was really more like a groan of anguish that was followed by a huge explosion on blood then slowly fell to his side. But as he fell his curiously erect penis shot out wad after wad of hot dragon cum.

 He hit the ground still gasping a little and still cumming but now his penis was shooting more blood than sperm. Then finally it too stopped spurting and lay limply over his thigh leaking red. His head was back and his long tongue lay spilling out of it laying on the ground in the pool of blood around his head. The girls watched his back legs and tail twitch a little and his belly heave up and down a few more times. They rubbed each others breasts and fingered their clits as they savored Rant’s agony and his hot death throes.

Finally Rant’s ruined stomach moved no more as a lost hiss of breath exited his nostrils along with a fine mist of red blood. His body would be too beaten and bruised for meat so they left him. The forest creatures would claim him soon enough. Treena and Tanya headed home after one fine day in the woods.

6 Responses to “Treena vs Dragon Barehanded”

  1. 1 Rez
    February 21, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    Nice, was looking forward to your next story. Doesn’t get much better than killing it with your own bare hands. I wonder though, if she could have beaten a dragon much bigger than that with just her fists. I would be interested in seeing such a tough fight! Treena vs a massive dragon barehanded, a dragon so big that it could crush her if she isnt careful, with a penis that is bigger than an entire person! That is how big it would be. Now that would be a pretty great trophy to show off when she kills it.

    • 2 jim825
      February 21, 2010 at 3:13 pm

      I’m glad you liked it. I wanted to try something different. I put in the blood just for you too 🙂 I wonder how she could hurt a dragon so much bigger than her. Unless she gets real super hero type powers. Rant was bigger than her but just a youngling. Perhaps he was good practice. I look forward to anotehr of your stories too. Thanks again

  2. 3 Rez
    February 21, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    Thanks, but I have to kinda wonder at your last statement. I don’t have any stories here. The extent of my contributions are all in the pictures section here. Although, if someone were to take any inspiration from the pictures/info I post and apply them to their stories that still doesn’t quite count I don’t think.

    As to how Treena would do it…I’m sure she could figure out a way. Being stomped on or crushed by a giant penis definitely isn’t a glorious way to go. She would have to seize every advantage and opening she can find but it would probably be pretty tough due to the size and increased density.

    She would also have difficulty reaching the chest and belly of a dragon that size, the most readily available things to attack would be the feet and the penis if it hangs down low enough, but it would be hard to damage a penis of that size and thickness. Anyways, sorry for the super long reply. Haven’t had too much to say for a while and this place has been pretty quiet lately.

    • 4 jim825
      February 22, 2010 at 12:19 am

      Sorry, I must have confused your screen name with someone else. I’ll try to work on some more tales soon. I’m glad they are appreciated.

  3. February 23, 2010 at 7:22 pm

    Thanks again for another fantastic Treena and Tanyastory – those two are just so sexy. And I too liked that there was blood, even though it was unarmed fight, I like when they make dragons bleed totally much and gets turned on by it. I do not quite buy the story about them not being cruel, I must admid I totally enjoy them being cruel huntresses. Treena and Tanya are just the best, I really hope you will make many more stories with them in time

  4. 6 juranar
    April 24, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    Great story, I liked it a lot. I’m hoping for more barehanded fights against dragons, young or adult. They show how incredibly powerful the girls really are!

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