The Dragon’s Coria in present tense

There is a big square, surrounded by a high wall. On one side of the wall stands a castle on the other side is a big gate.
Many visitors, most of them kids and woman are sitting on the wall and upon the castle to view and take part in this special fighting game.
Suddenly the gate opens and a big, giant dragon walks inside. He is green scaled, big-bellied and has strong legs and a long, scaly neck.
All those visitors, the young boys and girls with their moms clapping their hands in excitement when watching the dragon and expecting the fight.
The dragon slowly walks in and the gate is closing.

One the top of the castle are several big crossbows mounted.
One of the barefooted, pigtailed girls jumps behind one of them and is aiming for the dragons long neck.
The other kids start to take out their weapons, most of them harmless to the dragon.
You see the first darts and arrows flying through the air, hitting the dragons back. Ten arrows hit both sides.
The barefoot girl is shooting the big bolt into the dragons long neck.

The beast roars, shakes a bit and stomps towards the castle.
Boys with lances are aiming for the eyes when the beast tries to catch the girl, distracting the dragon a lot. They also manage to open wounds on the long neck with those lances.
The dragon roars again, arching the neck backwards very fast.
Then he puts his paws upon the castle walls, lifting his body higher. But he doesn’t know what surprise they have for him.
Another girl stands before a button, all kids yelling “hit it hard”.

The dragon stands with the soft, defenseless underside pressed on the castle wall, biting at boys and girls standing on the castle.
The girl with the bare soles lifted her fist and hit the button.
Two rows of long spikes shoot out of the wall and went into the dragon’s underside, deep into his stomach.
All spectators yelling in joy and saw the dragon twist his long neck around.
The spikes go in and the girl hit the button again, but nothing is happening.
Loud roars come from the dragon and all attack now with arrows, darts, spears and throwing knifes.
The dragons belly becomes hard for a short time and he screams in pain, almost falling over on his back.
The spikes go back into the wall and the dragon breaks down on all four, his belly bleeds a lot.
Now two other girls use the other crossbows to attack the long neck.
They reload with their feet and shot with their hands.
Soon five big bolts stuck into the neck, three more flying towards the beast right now.
The dragon roars again and rears his neck backwards.
He rams the castle with his shoulders, the girl activate the spikes a second time, hitting his shoulders and chest.
In pain the dragon rears up again, squirms around on the square, walking a bit.

Now the bolts hit his back.
But smaller weapons come from all the sides. There are steps from the upper wall to the ground and some boys take the chance and walk down.
The dragon lifting himself up on the wall, is exposing his belly.
They stab upwards with weapons like long-swords and lances.
Blood comes out of the vulnerable belly a lot.

Girls attacking too.
The beast goes up on the hind legs, giving more room for belly slashing.
Even girls attack on their bare feet the underside very hard and fast – the screams of pain don’t end.
The dragon walks on his hind legs, more weapons striking home in the belly.
He swirls around with those mass of weapons and lands on his belly.
He sneaks and trembles because the weapons point out and make the belly bleed.

More arrows and darts come from everywhere.
From the castle they attack with five crossbows now. They taunt the dragon so much that his belly has contact with the castle.
The pigtailed bare-footer hits the button and the spikes impale the belly.
Oh, they love to hear the beast suffer.

As soon as possible she hits the button again, and again. The dragon gets his belly raped by long, metal spikes over and over again.
The he screams and rears up high. Darts from all sides hit his body.
Kids and moms throw, shot and jab.
He rears so much backwards that he is upright. Very exciting view.

The pain is forcing him to arch the neck backwards more.
“He is loosing his balance. He is falling on his back”, girls scream with red cheeks.
Now they have the chance to finish him by goring his big, soft underside.
He still fells and then he lands on the back. The belly is remarkably destroyed, but still has many untouched spots.
Kids and woman from all sides throw weapons from the walls.

The dragon kicks and struggles with his legs.
His neck goes up and down, up and down. Most weapons go in the belly. More. More.
Even more.
Obviously he gets weak. The kids torture him in the belly.
After ten minutes his neck jerks up and he collapse on the back. They don’t stop.
The belly rise and falls. The go on.
Heavy, hot squirming movements for another five minutes.
A scream, the belly gets hard for a short moment and the dragon collapse.

2 Responses to “The Dragon’s Coria in present tense”

  1. 1 xenodragon
    February 27, 2010 at 10:05 am

    great story the dragon suffered lots

  2. 2 jim825
    February 27, 2010 at 10:51 pm

    I love your writing. Its always good when the dragon takes many wounds but still doesn’t die. Very good as always.

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