Two Girls and a Wyvern

A story for a friend

Lina = http://necrella.deviantart.com/art/Lina-87853019

Raven = http://cnsamson.deviantart.com/art/Warrior-Babe-153633663

“Are you sure this will work” the younger woman asked her companion

 “Relax” Raven the 22-year-old female warrior named Lina said, “I’ve gone over this plan a hundred times and there’s no way it can fail.”

 “Gone over it in your head” Raven countered as she looked at Lina’s enormous tits bounce while they walked. Both girls, just barely women really at 22 and 19 year sold respectively, were at that time of the month where the need to reproduce was especially strong. They radiated sex and wanted nothing more than a large penis to play with. But while they had more then their fair share of choices among the village’s male population these two had other ideas. They wanted a beastly encounter, specifically with a dangerous wyvern that had been terrorizing the countryside. The winged dragon-like creature had been named Viper because it was as deadly as a pit viper when it appeared. At least one life could be expected to be lost when he showed up.

 “Here we are” Lina said pointing to a large tree that had a big limb sticking straight out from the trunk about 30 feet high. Attached to the limb was a heavy rope net.

 “Now all you have to do is take your top off and lay there and wait. He won’t be able to resist you.” Lina told the teenager.

 “And hope I don’t get eaten!” Raven said shucking her clothing exposing her own none too small breasts, though they were only about half the size of Lina’s impressive melons.

 “Listen Rav.” Lina said, “We know Viper flies over this area everyday. He can’t approach you from the way we just came because the forest blocks him. He only has one way into this open area and that’s right under this limb. As soon as he lands and walks under it I’ll drop the net over him. His horns and claws will get snagged and well…there you have it. Captured wyvern. We’ll then tie the claws on his wings to the bolts I put on the trunk of the tree here and stake his back feet to the ground and then he’ll be ours to play with as long as we like.”

 Rave could see that her friend had indeed thought this plan through but was still a bit skeptical, “And after you drop the net do you think he’s just going to let us tie him up? He’ll be furious and will try to kill us for sure.”

 Lina nodded in agreement and pursed her lips, “Yes he will for sure I know, but I have just the thing that I think will take a little of the fight right out of him.” She said as she caressed her long spear that had an elongated diamond shaped tip. It was indeed a fearsome weapon, one that would strike terror into the hearts of any potential enemy and one that could undoubtedly deliver a grievous wound to even a nasty wyvern. 

 Raven smiled. She knew Lina would never let harm come to her. The younger woman laid down now fully nude on the grass. Her big tits with their large red nipples stuck out impressively as she used the fingers on her left hand to pinch them hard making them jut out even more. Her right hand slipped to her groin where she snaked her fingers through her abundant crop of pubic hair making her way to her clit, which she fingered to induce copious amounts of female juice to flow.

Lina scaled the tree to hold the net. The leaves camouflaged her quite well. When Viper spotted the voluptuous Raven he would undoubtedly go right for her. Lina knew she had to act quickly. In fact she had to act quicker than she thought because just then the winged creature appeared in the sky. It was Viper for sure and not one of the smaller, less fearsome dragons or wyverns because this one was blue in color. Only Viper had those bright blue scales across his back and sides. His underbelly was white as snow, which Lina knew, was his only really vulnerable place. Dangling from his groin area between his big back legs was a large black cock that had two zigzagging horizontal yellow stripes. Lina wondered at what size it grew to when erect. Similar yellow stripes adorned his shoulders and his snout. The horns that curved back from his head seemed to glisten in the noonday sun. He was a frightening….and sexy creature for sure.

 She saw Viper cast a glance down at Raven and he immediately changed his course to land. “Get ready” Lina said Raven snapped back to reality pulling her fingers from out her pussy but didn’t flinch so as to warn the wyvern of a trap.

 Viper landed with a thud. He was big, really big, easily the size of three fully grown cows. He sniffed the air in the direction of Raven. She was beautiful, something that he could just not resist. He also noted the scent of female pheromones in the air. It mattered not that they were human. His kind knew no inter-species boundaries. His cock immediately began to stiffen. It now jutted like a long black pole from his crotch and wagged back & forth as he stepped toward Raven.

 Raven watched him with fear but to her credit did not move. As soon as he was under the limb Lina dropped the rope netting him perfectly. Viper instantly began to thrash about and roared loudly but the more her thrashed the more he became entangled in the net.

 Lina leapt the 30 feet from her perch and landed like a cat. Her massive tits flopped and wobbled on impact. Raven was now to her feet also, “Now what?” she asked.

 “Now” Lina said retrieving her spear, “we take a little of the wind from his sails.”

As Viper continued to roar and flay about under the net he stumbled and landed back first against the big tree. Lina targeted the white belly not too far above the now slightly deflated penis and rammed her spear into it. Viper roared more in anger than pain and tried to snap his teeth at the busty woman but his head was too tangled in net. Lina pressed her attack driving the spear tip deep into the wyvern’s guts. Viper really felt the pain now. His deep bellows of anger turned into high-pitched squeals of pain but still he thrashed.

 “Tougher than I thought” Lina muttered beneath her breath, “No matter though” She said, “TAKE THIS!”

 Lina then twisted her spear back & forth and up and down in a circular motion ripping up the precious contents of Viper’s lower belly then pulled her spear out. A huge spurt of red blood squirted from the gory wound. Viper let out two more high pitched squawks of pure agony then collapsed onto his back weakened by the brutal stabbing. He laid against the tree his stuck and bleeding belly heaving up and down but temporarily unconscious from the horrific pain.

 “Quick, let’s tie him up” Lina said.

 In nothing flat the two warrior women had Viper’s arms tied to bolts on the big tree trunk and his back feet were tied down to the forest floor. A rope was also placed around his neck and tied to the back of the tree so he could not use his jaws with their rows of sharp teeth to bite them. He was totally incapacitated. They finished just in time too as he regained consciousness. Viper panted hard making the nasty red wound on his stomach bob up and down. He was in much pain and now totally helpless as the two nude female humans stood before him. He wondered why they just didn’t kill him as they easily could.

 Even though Viper was in much pain from his belly wound the sight of the two hot women and their intoxicating pheromones was overpowering. His penis again began to harden quickly reaching its fully length of almost tow feet. It was very hard, like stone now, and precum dribbled in a steady stream from its swollen head. The sight was too much for the horny women. This is what they had been after and their plan worked perfectly.

 Lina approached first and caressed the hard dragon cock. She rubbed it and squeezed it then slipped it between her massive tits and began moving up and down giving the wyvern a good tit-fuck. Meanwhile Raven slipped over to his side. She massaged his tender belly just above his severe belly wound. She leaned over his hot body allowing her hard nipples to press into his soft white belly meat as she continued to rub his stomach with both hands. Eventually she made her way to his stab wound and rubbed it. She got blood on her hands but seemed to relish it.

 Viper began to purr like a kitten. His guts hurt for sure but the caressing of his cock by Lina and the belly massage Raven was giving him seemed to make his wound hurt less. Eventually Lina took the fat cock head into her mouth and sucked while one hand stroked the shaft and the other fondled his huge, low hanging balls. More precum oozed from his penis slit. Raven crawled all the way onto his stomach, her tits now pressed into his chest as she stroked his throat and the underside of his mouth. Lina looked up to see Raven’s hairy twat nearly right in her face and practically on top of Viper’s leaking cock. She moved the hard fuck tool just a bit and made it touch Raven’s pussy which was already slick from her own vaginal juice. The wyvern’s penis pressed into it having a bit of trouble accessing the orifice then it was designed to enter but then Raven’s slit opened like a book and Viper’s cock slid into her.

 Raven gasped and huge intrusion but made no attempt to remove it. She slid her body downward skewering herself on the massive reptilian tool. Viper rolled his eyes back in ecstasy as he felt the hot warmth of Ravens innards against the hardness of his cock. The pain of his belly stabbing was nearly forgotten in the bliss he felt as Raven lowered and raised herself over and over on his cock each time lowering herself further and allowing his cock to penetrate her human body deeper and deeper.

 Lina meanwhile and began to fondle and gently massage his big balls while also massaging Raven’s firm, but nicely sized ass alternating between the two. After about five minutes of Raven’s fucking Viper felt her body drop completely down with her crotch touching his own. Incredibly the girl had taken his entire, massive wyvern penis into her body. Raven gasped as she felt his cock head nearly in the middle of her own stomach. It had passed her cervix and now pressed against the top wall of her womb. She looked down to see a rather large lump in the middle of her abdomen and knew it was the head of Viper’s cock. She pressed both hands to the protrusion and massaged his cock from the outside of her stomach. This was just too much for Viper to take and as much as he wanted this pleasure to last forever the sensation of having his dick rubbed through the girl’s own stomach just pushed him over the edge. Lina felt his balls tighten and she knew he was about to blow. And blow he did as he blasted an absolutely massive wad of cum that sprayed the entire insides of Raven’s womb. Blast after blast of hot wyvern cum filled Raven to the point of overflowing.

 She tossed her body backward and continued to rub Viper’s cock head still buried deep inside her belly. He shot so much cum it began to run out the sides of her vaginal slit. That sight was then too much for Lina to handle as she too was sent into the throes of orgasm. That was something she just had to experience as well.

Slowly Raven stood up. Viper’s big dick exited her pussy with an audible “pop”. She stepped back still holding her tummy with both hands feeling the hot wyvern cum inside her, wondering if it was possible to be impregnated by this beast.

 Lina then took her place and lowered her own pussy to Viper’s dick head. Having so much moisture already Viper’s fuck rod had no trouble gaining access to his second human vagina of the day. Almost immediately Lina sank fully onto it and gasped at the sensation of having a penis spear that far into her gut. With great enthusiasm Lina began to bop up and down each time nearly coming off the cock but then dropping down hard ramming its full length into her belly. She fucked Viper far more roughly, but no less pleasurably, than Raven had. Viper was going nuts as he felt his erection bathed in hot human female flesh and the friction on his tool was incredibly enjoyable. This same creature that now fucked him had been the one that had stabbed his stomach so brutally but seemed to have no animosity toward her now. He was enjoying being fucked for a second time to even care about the serious wound to his belly.

 So enthralled with the feel of the huge dick deep inside her Lina leaned forward on her last downward motion and hugged Viper’s hot body. Her massive tits pressed into his upper abdomen she even felt the hot wetness of his still bleeding stomach wound press against her own lower belly. But then she tightened her vaginal muscles and milked Viper’s cock. Viper groaned as his balls drew up and shot yet another massive load of hot, wyvern cum into an eager female human’s womb. Lina groaned in orgasm as she felt the hot sperm spatter the walls of her womb. Blast after blast of sperm filled her to overflowing just as Raven. Lina felt a second orgasm overtake her and milked his erection further. Viper rolled his eyes back into his head as his own orgasm was mind blowing.

 Slowly Lina removed herself from him. Cum gushed out of her as her womb was literally topped off.

 “What a rush huh?” Raven said with a sly grin.

 “Amazing” was all Lina could utter.

 “What about him now? Raven said nodding to the helpless wyvern

 Viper looked at his captors and knew what was to come but at least he would now die happy. Lina unsheathed a long steel sword perfect for slicing open a wyvern’s tender belly. Viper clenched his eyes hoping it would not hurt too much or for too long. But the stab into his stomach never came. Instead Lina cut his legs and arms free and then his neck. Viper fell to his side panting.

 “Do not make me regret this!” Lina said shaking the sword at him. “If you come back and hurt any more people I assure you that you will find this sword stuck into your guts. Now go…NOW!”

 Viper pulled himself to his feet. Too weakened to fly he pressed both his front claws to his belly wound and staggered into the forest. The terrible wound had ripped his intestines badly and he was still losing a lot of blood. Indeed he yet die but he might recover too.

 “Thank that was wise?” Raven asked

 “We shall see” Lina said. The two well satisfied woman headed back to the village while Viper collapsed in a cave deep in the forest. He lay there in much pain and tried not to die. But if he did at least he had fond memories of his last minutes of life.

3 Responses to “Two Girls and a Wyvern”

  1. 1 xenodragon
    March 1, 2010 at 10:25 am

    cool story and thank you it is brill

  2. 2 dragcentury
    December 15, 2012 at 6:47 pm

    nice, this was very hot…

  3. 3 dragcentury
    June 24, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    was expecting dragon slaying, but this is very hot, maybe I’ll make a story were the girls fuck the dragon instead of slaying it for once

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