Xenomorph: PART 1

A group of marines were checking their equipment in their drop ship as it landed on a distant planet with the name Xeno. No one knew why it had been given that name, or any of the horrors that awaited them on it. The leader, a dragon, born warrior, and major named Mitch, was looking a bit pale, as his last drop was over six years ago and he really disliked drop ships in the first place. Within moments, the ship landed as two Hummers and a squad of around seventy marine followed behind on a very stormy and menacingly quiet Planet. Mitch was in the first Hummer with his second in command and mate Zara, a captain and lizardman. Manning one of the Hummer’s machine gun was a coyote. The rest of the platoon consisted of a mix of lizardmen, draconians, jackals, and coyotes.

The squad split into three teams with Mitch’s team heading to the command center in the center of the large complex which should be full of people and guards. Only a few hours later, the squads regrouped in the canteen with no signs of life but plenty of barricades and blood and holes in the floor from what look like acid or some other corrosive material. An 18 year old Jackal Private came running in after finding a large mound of burnt dead bodies with around thirty people, mainly male, all of them had distinctively acquired large, gaping holes in their chests. Mitch ordered the room to be barred off  from any unauthorized soldiers and to have a small squad of no less than ten marines, with Zara as their leader, to go on reconnaissance for any one that might still be alive and if not, then to count the deceased. Zara sent half of the team to check all of the rooms on the upper level while she lead the sweep through the ground level rooms with the other half. It wasn’t long before they met up at the end of the corridor looking bewildered at a scaly, slimy, black substance covering the walls and ceiling. She was feeling a bit nervous about the kind of atmosphere in that area, then one jackal warrior noticed something else more or less at the end of a branching dark corridor and set off to find what it was. Only a minute later a worried Zara and her team ran after the young jackal, but when they found him his body had been ripped in two and his head with a large hole in the back. She pulled out her binoculars and snapped a few photographs, then ordered two squaddies to take his tags and return to Mitch with news and pictures of his death, but unfortunately, no idea as to who or what had ended his life so violently, and stealthily for that matter. She and the six others that were left went reluctantly through the corridor in order to find whatever had killed the poor young marine.

Shortly after, the two sent to Mitch found him, showing him the pictures and handing the tags over. Mitch, looking shocked, immediately ordered them to go find Zara and her team and relay back at the Hummers. The two marines ran as fast as their paws and claws could carry them in order to catch up with Zara, but noticed a shadow at the end of the corridor they were in. So they both grabbed their MP-5’s and flash lights. Having no time to react a tall black alien stood up at the end of the corridor they were in. The two of them froze as the alien hissed and charged at them, the first marine ran and got away but looked behind her as the second marine was grabbed, having his abdomen slashed open brutally by the aliens claws, spilling his guts and killing him instantaneously. The marine, a draconian female shot at the alien and hit it in the head, dropping it dead on the floor. and watched curiously but horrifically as its blood melted through the floor, allowing the alien to fall through.
Zara and her team  heard the gun shots and turned and went to see where and why shots were heard.
The female draconian got up and turned around, dropping her gun and flashlight as she froze in place, because she, was face to face with another one of those demonic creatures.
Zara and another marine tried to contact Mitch, but their radios were disabled by an EMP burst from something inside the complex. Mitch was outside with sixty fellow marines plus four in both Hummers, it was very dark out but the courtyard had twelve large lights lighting up the area. He was so close to sending backup, but figured Zara had everything under control.

The draconian marine slowly edged backwards, hoping to escape the alien but she bumped into a third alien that had crept in unnoticed. She looked over her shoulder looking very scared as a fourth alien crawled through the hole in the floor. She turned her back to the wall looking at all of the aliens. Not one of them was going to kill her. No, they were just watching her, and did so for a few minutes with invisible eyes. Zara and her team got to the draconian and opened fire at the aliens as one of them ripped the draconians vest right off of her body as it died. Zara ran over to her and put her arms around her to comfort her before they all returned to the Hummers. The draconian, a 19 year old female named Susy stood in front of Mitch with only her belt and combats on, saluting her leader before telling him of the deadly creatures she had seen and helped kill and about what they were and how they killed two of her friends and most likely the entire colony. Mitch ordered Susy to get a new top from the hummer and regroup with Zara’s squad as they prepared to re-enter the complex to find more those horrid beasts and kill them before anymore suffer the same fate as the colony’s workers. Mitch sent one Hummer and twenty-four marines into the medical center to search for any files on what the aliens are and where they came from. Zara’s team went off to the armory to find weapons and check the vehicles as Mitch’s team went back to the center of the complex to set up a base camp. Susy found a new vest in the Hummer and was just about to put it on when a lizardman put his hands on her sides to get her attention. They had almost thirty minutes to get ready, but Susy didn’t very much care. She also grabbed a few fresh guns from the Hummer: an M9 pistol and a M16/M302, before turning to the lizardman and removing his hands from her waist and putting her vest on. She met up with Zara and the lizardman got a bit unhappy, but went off into the complex, followed by three other lizardmen, all male. Mitch noticed them storm off and ordered Susy and nine others to get them before they get themselves killed.

Susy was just about to go after the four lizardmen, when she heard gun shots. Seconds later, nothing. Just silence. Suddenly, a lizardman darted through door, only to be grabbed and dragged back in by an alien. She and her team ran into the complex with slim hopes of rescuing them. As they went inside, they found three of them mutilated and dead on the floor. Susy nervously continued into the large admin room where they saw more dead bodies with the same kinds of holes in their chests as they found earlier laying on the floor, or stuck to walls. In the far corner was the lizardman with a different kind of creature on his face and round his throat. With help from two others Susy struggled, but got him free from the creature and removed his armor, but kept his vest and combats on. She ordered five of the team members to check the other people just in case any of them were still alive as she and three other took the lizardman back as quickly as possible, so she can cover them from the rear. When Susy got the lizardman out she quickly went back to her team to help search for survivors as Mitch put the lizardman in the second Hummer and ordered them to return to the infirmary in the drop ship with him.

Susy regrouped with her team and began to help the search for any signs of life but no one moved, or even looked alive. So, as Susy and the team were about to return to the squad an alien grabbed a female lion marine and took her up and into the vents. Susy ran over to see if she could see where the alien took her but could not, at least, until two more aliens burst into the room. Before anyone could react two male Dinosaur warriors were dragged away by the aliens. This got Susy unreasonably worried, because the aliens seemed as if they were playing with them, taking them out one by one. Worst of all, their radios still didn’t work. Susy ordered her team to ready their weapons and to keep on their toes or claws and in an instant after she said that, another alien burst into the room knocking Susy over and grabbing the only Human female in her squad. As the team ran to help, a fifth alien rammed its tail into the back of the male Coyote that had helped Susy earlier. the alien pulled him further down its tail as the Coyote screamed with blood pouring out of his mouth and the giant perforation in his stomach. Susy got to her feet, grabbed her gun, and ordered the team to evacuate the complex as quickly as possible. While they ran, two aliens jumped in front of Susy while a very scared male jackal warrior called Alex fell to the floor, dropping his MP-5 and just kept that position, seemingly frozen in time. The remaining three almost got to the exit but were stopped by an alien in front of the door that forced them back towards two more aliens, waiting voraciously for more sacrifices or hosts. One of them was a female leopard warrior that removed all of her armor so that she was left wearing only her bra and loincloth, hoping that the aliens would not kill her. She also dropped weapons and stood with her back to the wall as a male lizardman shot the first alien a few times in its head killing it, but as he attempted to bolt towards the exit, one of the other aliens grabbed him and turned him round so the he was face to face with its disgusting face. And then, within a few seconds the alien stabbed a second jaw within its own into the lizardmans face, killing him. the third alien looked confused at the half naked leopard as the second alien ran its tail through the chest of another lizardman, killing him then turning to also look at the leopard. Susy managed to grab the aliens’ attention to give a jackal warrior a chance to escape, but as she went to move, the third alien jumped on him and within moments dragged the screaming jackal warrior back up into the vents. Susy then dismembered one of the aliens heads by shooting at its neck with over half a magazine, killing it. The second alien lunged at her with its claws, barely missing her abdomen, but ripped her vest for a second time. not liking this, She shot the aliens legs, crippling it before running to the exit where she saw two aliens and the only remaining member of her team, the half naked leopard. Before Susy could fire, one of the aliens turned the female Leopard warrior round and with its claws ripped her bra off, the leopard watched as her bra dropped to the floor. Next, she was turned round again facing the two aliens this time fully naked and very scared, Susy shot at the first alien but watched as the second dragged the female leopard into yet another vent shaft. She ripped her vest leaving enough of it the just cover her breasts as she walked out to the squad and straight to Mitch.

Mitch comforted Susy before she went to the only remaining Hummer and took what was left of the vest off and picked up a jacket, very thin and light. But firstly, she tore the sleeves off before putting it on so now if she has to face anymore aliens alone she can just unzip her jack and stop the aliens from killing her. They seemed as if they were lusting for the females, but by doing what the leopard she tried to save earlier, she could just be taken like six of her teammates and possibly be stuck to the wall just like the lizardman they went to save.


6 Responses to “Xenomorph”

  1. 1 jim825
    March 1, 2010 at 11:13 pm

    I like the animal warriors and the action..Looking forward to part 2. Good one!

  2. 3 Dingus McRipface
    November 2, 2013 at 12:12 pm

    You really did it? Thanks! ^.^

  3. 5 Dingus McRipface
    November 2, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    Hmmmm I’m interested and I’ll point out any none xeno behaviour cause I’m just that annoying XD

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