Toreras in the wilderness

A group of eighteen girls of a local bullfighting school decided to spend their holidays in the wilderness.
Hunting animals, cooking over fire, sleeping and tents and walking barefoot all the time.
They had everything they needed to survive here. Knifes, bows and arrows, even handmade wooden spears.
They hunt rabbits, prepared them and cooked or roasted them over the fire. But they wanted some action.
In the school they were not allowed to kill a bull. But this was what they wanted to do. So the whole gang moved out with their weapons to find some wild bull.
They walked around the forest for hours and their naked feet started to burn. But then they came to a clearing and saw one single buffalo standing there.
It was a big, black beast with strong legs and big horns. The first row of girls took their bows out, aimed for the beasts side.
Then five arrows flew through the air, stung into the beasts flank, making it rear up and roar.
With a quick move the girls with spears run towards the animal, threatening its sides with the spears, while the buffalo didn’t knew where to attack.
So it stomped around, running to the girls in the background.
They run in all direction, climbed on some threes in fear. The bull stood and run in circles, while the girls sat down on limbs, taking their bows out again.
They shot the back of the stomping animal, at least ten arrows went deep into it.
It roared in pain, turned and ran to the other girls, waiting with their spears to attack the black body. This time they wouldn’t hesitate.
One of the girls ran her spear into the flank, as the bull bent towards her, the other side got attacked by two girls.
It grunted, lifting its head and three other spears went into its body. Its legs kicked in pain and the girls smiled.
Now two girls tried to push a spear deep into him and they succeeded. The bull screamed and trembled in pain. A girl pulled the spear out, drawing blood.
Another one stabbed the side, and then another one. A second spear was brought through its body, almost impaled it.
The bull collapsed, quivering in pain. The girls yelled and gave each other high five. The animal was down, squirming a bit. When they wanted to attack more, the beast stood up with shivering legs, walked a bit.
Then a girl made a spear strike to his flank and he sunk down again.
“Very good, Ariane”, they spoke.
“Lets pull the arrows out”, Ariane answered.
They did it, every arrow leaved a bloody point on the body. Then they started to run and kick its rights side. They stood in a queue and girl after girl ran on and kicked with feet or knees or with the fist. When all girls did so, the side was laced with bruises.
But the animal did not fall on its side, so Jeanne stuck her knife into the loin up to the handle.
The beast roared loud, lifting its neck.
“Lets try it again, girls”, she smiled.
Running on a second time they attacked the side the same way and after the last attack the beast moved a bit.
“That’s really strange, lets make sure he topples over this time”, a girl said.
With three knifes into his loans, the bull screamed.
They attacked with fists, knees and feet and after the fifth girl rammed it the bull fell on its side, exposing the underside totally.
“Lets move it one the back”, Rina said.
So they did, they took the legs and shoved the animal on the back.
They saw the unwound, unprotected belly and a strong urge to pull their knifes in overcame the girls. They now stabbed the belly, over and over while the bull squirmed on it’s back.
Roars of pain emerged from its mouth, when they ram their knifes without stopping into the underside, ripping them out and stabbing in again.
“We almost got it”, a girl yelled.
Knife after knife sunk into the abdomen and suddenly the bull went silent and relaxed on the ground. It was death.
All girls yelled and danced around on bare soles about the slaughter of the bull.
Their yells could only be drown by a mighty roar from somewhere.
The girls went silent. Another roar.
With caution they sneaked to the bushes and saw the biggest animal they had ever seen.
“A long neck, scales, a long tail and green. Indeed it is a dragon”, Sarah whispered.
“But there are no dragons”, answered Anne.
“Do you think we might attack it?”, Liane asked.
“We just do that. Girls, aim for the neck with arrows, the rest, follow me”, Ariane said.
They took the spears, submerged into the underwood.
On bare soles the sneaked around the dragon, so the beast was not able to see them.
With all their might they plunged the spears into the dragons bare flanks.
Letting out one roar after another the dragon reared its neck upwards.
Then volleys of arrows rained through the air, hitting its neck.
“Lets make it rear up higher”, Ariane yelled, drilling her spear deeper into him.
With pain from all sides it did not took long for the dragon to lift up on its hindlegs, roaring loud.
The big belly became exposed, with a big white spot on it.
While the other girls run from the dragon to the clearing, Juliette threw the spear and hit this spot. The dragon could not bent down and the girls meeting at the clearing watched the big beast stomping towards them.
“Shoot the belly”, Ariane said.
While the animal was walking its way towards them, they shot all arrows into the soft belly, some of them up to the feathers.
The animal reached the clearing, wounded and weaker with many, many arrows into the belly.
“Why didn’t we finish it there?”, Juliane asked.
“Its more fun to kill it here”, Ariane answered.
“Then lets start”, Nadine said, throwing her spear into the guts.
They followed her example, bringing all their spears into the stomach, until the dragon fell on its back.
“Come, lets climb onto it and cut it open”, Nadine said.
She climbed barefeeted on the beast moving belly, stabbed and started to cut.
The dragon writhe on its back, screaming and coiling around.
Girl after girl went onto it, cutting and slashing at the vulnerable belly and finally slicing it open.
The dragons body was shaking in spasms, but it was defeated.
With a loud roar it collapsed and the girls went into the warm bowels, playing with it when the dragon was still alive and kicking.
But after a pretty hour of play the dragon shivered and died.

1 Response to “Toreras in the wilderness”

  1. 1 Jim
    March 6, 2010 at 11:05 am

    An outstanding story. The girls had twice the fun in that one. The dragon was dangerous but they were brave enough to defeat him. He suffered much which is always good. Thank you!

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