Warrior Girls vs Dragon from Dragon’s View

My friend Chris did a dragon persona for me. I wrote my 1st person story of how I fight three warriors. here they are:

Talon: http://tyrannosaurus2007.deviantart.com/art/purple-and-yellow-dragon-156342304

The 3 women warriors:




My name is Talon. I am the largest dragon in the surrounding area. Although I do not have wings I am still quite fast on the ground because I have four large, powerful legs on which I move quite effortlessly for such a large dragon. I have fought many battles and won them all against the humans which also live in these areas. I have also fought other dragons and wyverns, which have turned against their own kind and sided with the nasty humans. The traitors should be killed they deserve nothing less than death. Most humans deserve to die as well. Our kind, dragon kind that is which includes wyverns, have battled the two legged ones since before any can remember.

Listening to this you may think me nothing but a ruthless killer. I am much more. I am passionate as well. In fact I am on my way to visit a good friend. He is a wyvern named Viper. Just a week or so ago he was ruthlessly attacked and nearly killed by human female warriors who stabbed his stomach very badly. They tricked him of course. Had they not tricked him and fought him honorably Viper certainly would have killed them all. But trickery is something a dragon must expect from humans.

Anyway, back to Viper. After his attack he was able to crawl to his cave where I found him. I used my healing saliva to help heal his wounds by licking them. We had sex as well, again more healing body fluids to aid his recovery. When I left him he was sleeping peacefully. I am guessing a week later he is most likely totally healed. Dragon kind recover quickly even from the most serious of wounds. The humans know that of course which is why they are so brutal in their attacks. They know they must deliver fatal wounds which means being especially savage to hurt our powerful bodies as much as possible.

But the humans face many difficulties when battling us. Our hides are covered in lightweight but amazingly hard scales. The lightness of our scales prevents us from being slowed down making us incredibly agile, even a big dragon like myself, but the toughness of the scales protects our bodies from their sharp weapons. The humans are quite good at constructing their weapons. Being rather fragile creatures they must protect themselves and are clever. I will say that about them. They dig rock from the ground then melt it over fire. They then take heavy hammers and pound and form the molten rock into a shiny hard substance. This is then heated again and formed some more into long weapons. Some weapons are made entirely of this hard substance producing a single solid blade. Other weapons have just a sharp tip attached to the end of a long wood pole. Both such weapons are quite effective is used properly. It takes an expert human warrior to wield such weapons effectively against us.

As I said, we are strong bigger and more powerful than humans but we are not invincible as evidenced by Viper being badly wounded. The scales that protect us cover most of our bodies but they do not cover our lower areas on our underbellies. As big and strong as we might be our stomachs are vulnerable to attack. But most of us are wise enough to never expose them when fighting humans. They know where to strike us to give us pain. Viper had been tricked and had his belly badly stabbed. I hate the humans for hurting my friend. I will kill them if I find any on my way to his lair.

My front and back legs are long and powerful they propel me quickly through the forest. My claws are sharp, much sharper then any of the human weapons. I can slice a person in half with a single swipe. That is why they fear me so much. They call me “purple death” because of the bright purple color of the scales on my sides and back. My soft underbelly is yellow in color but they seldom see that because I walk on all fours keeping it close to the ground safe from harm. I feel my stomach hanging down. It flips and flops back and forth like a loose sack beneath me as I walk. I notice too it is empty. I am hungry and need to feed soon. I am close to Viper’s cave but I smell something….humans, females by the scent. My mouth begins to water. Humans are dangerous but also delicious. Slowly I creep forward making no sound.

I see them in a clearing. Indeed they are females, mostly naked with their large breasts hanging out. One is dark haired wearing scanty green garments. The second is light haired and the third is very dark skinned wearing feathers around her waist and tits. They all look very sexy as well as tasty. But they all are armed too. I will have to be careful. The dark haired one is carrying a long wood pole with a glinting sharp tip made of the rock from the ground. The dark skinned girl also carries such a weapon. The blond girl wears little clothing as well and she carries a strange shaped weapon. It is long and slightly curved made of the shiny stuff. I am big but if I am not careful any one of those weapons could puncture me deeply and I do hate when that happens. It is quite painful. But today I have the advantage of surprise. If all goes well I will have them killed before then know they are dying. I creep closer.

A bird makes a loud alarm from high in a tree SQUWAAAAKKK! Damn! The humans turn to face me just as I come out of the woods. Damn bird!

The humans make a semicircle in attack formation, their weapons lowered, aimed right at me. But I have my belly close to the ground. I am invulnerable. I charge the blond girl and snap my jaws. She is fast and ducks under. I swipe my spiked tail at the dark skinned girl. She rolls under it. The three are quick I will say that about them. The dark haired girl wearing the green bikini leaps onto my back. She tried to stab into me through me scales, foolish humans. I feel the spear hit and slide harmlessly off my purple armor. I shake but she clings on.

The other girls are jabbing at me striking my flanks and sides to no avail. My scales protect me. I snap again at the blond but again she dodges.

What’s that? Pain on my back. Ouch! The girl on my back has worked her weapon underneath one of my scales and it prying it off. Ouch, it hurts! More pain this time it is intensely painful, sharp and searing. I feel something sliding into my back. The spear, the girl drove her spear into my back after breaking off a scale…ROOOOAAAAAAAAR!

I shriek in pain and rear up inadvertently to toss off the girl. The move worked as I see her fall off to my side. She no longer had her spear because I feel it stuck into the middle of my back. I bring my spiked tail around and slam it down hard right on top of her! I feel her fragile human bones crunch beneath the power of my tail. I do not have to look to know she is dead, one down two to go. But getting her off me has cost me. In a moment of pain I made a dreadful mistake. I exposed my underside.

PAIN! Terrible, terrible pain as the two girls drive their weapons deep into my soft belly ROOOOAAAARRR! I roar in terrible agony. They pull their weapons free. I feel them leave my body then I feel them puncture it again. The humans pierce my lower areas again. I feel agony. I feel the coldness of the steel deep inside the warmth of my belly organs. I feel them twist them around cutting up my innards. I have been stabbed in the guts before, many times in fact but never this many times, never taking such damage. This is serious now. I know I am in a fight for my life.

I twist violently shaking them off. I feel the weapons leave my body. I likewise feel the warmth of my own blood spill down across the soft skin of my lower areas. I fall to all fours again. My wounded belly hangs beneath me dripping copious amounts of my blood onto the ground. I shake my head to try to stay focused….oh the pain is terrible…it is just about all I can think of. Wave after wave of radiant pain spreading up from my injured stomach fills my dragon brain. Then I feel something gurgle deep in my stomach. Just a gurgling at first then I feel it rush up my longish neck. I bend my head forward and vomit. It is blood, nothing but blood. More blood rushes up my throat and spills out the corners of my mouth. The girls had cut things deep inside me causing me to vomit blood. This is something new. I know I am hurt badly I may even be dying. But I will not give up. I killed one I can kill two more.

The two girls charge at me. I spit more blood and roar in both pain & anger and roar back at them. The black girl springs to my left. I swipe my claws at her but miss. She is on my back. I know because she tossed her spear to the blond girl that now has two weapons, her friend’s spear as well as her own curved half sword half-spear thing.

Now more pain in my back as the black girls jams the spear already embedded there deeper into my body.

AAAAAGGHHH!!! I scream and thrash about rising up on my hind legs. I must get her off me. I do not care that I have again exposed my tender parts. The blond girls rushes in and stabs both weapons deep into my soft belly. I scream in agony again, AAAAAGHHHH!! I stagger sideways and jerk my neck down extending it as far as I can I find my target and clam my jaws shut tight around the waist of the blond girl. I feel her struggle in my mouth. I feel the warmth of her body…and her blood as my fangs puncture her stomach, back and tits. She struggles briefly then goes limp.

I hear the black skinned girl scream something, probably the name of her now dead friend. Then I feel her shove the spear in my back in deeper. Oh the pain is just incredible. I wonder how I am still alive. I roar and stagger backwards but I cannot stay upright. I fall straight backwards landing flat on my back.

I know I have crushed the girl on my back as I felt her body crushed under my enormous weight. But I have also fallen onto the spear which must have been sticking straight out from my back. My own falling weight has driven it completely through my body. I look down in horror as I seen the bloody, gore covered spear tip punch right out the center of my belly just above where the other two weapons remain stabbed.

I laid there in total misery. I gasped for breath. I could barely move save for the rapid undulating of my butchered stomach as I gasped for wind. More blood spurted and flowed out of my stomach wounds and more surged up my throat. I coughed and choked on it as I spat it out. I knew I had to get to safety to heal…if indeed such damage could be healed. I knew the weapons had to be pulled free but I was much too weak to do it myself.

Viper, I was close to Viper’s lair. If I could reach it I know my friend could help me. With all my remaining strength I staggered to my hind legs. I could not walk on all fours or else I would shove the weapons stuck into my belly deeper into my guts, which would most likely kill me for sure. Dizzy and bleeding and in horrific agony and pain I staggered through the forest. My vision faded in and out. The pain from my wounds nearly caused me to feint several times. I leaned against a tree and vomited up more blood. I did not want to die. My head hung limply to my chest as I staggered forward. I saw Viper’s cave entrance. I staggered toward it till I could go no further. I fell to my back again and lay there with arms and legs out to my sides. My eyes closed and I drifted off to sleep perhaps, perhaps death. I…………

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  1. 1 xenodragon
    April 3, 2010 at 8:46 am

    cool story

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