xenomorph part 2

Zara’s team entered the armory and were faced with nearly around fifty bodies, all of them stuck to the walls. Most had distinctive holes in their chests, and to the teams shock, two of the colonists were still alive. They looked very pale and very sick. Zara and Susy helped pull them free. While she was, she noticed both were male not much older than Susy: about 22 years old.  Susy escorted them to the security room to keep them safe and have their wounds tended to, unaware they had larval Aliens waiting to burst out of their chests. Susy was just about to leave when one of the boys grabbed her as he started to fit. As the Alien began emerging from his chest, Susy’s jacket was covered with the boys blood as the Alien continued to writhe out. Without but a single thought Susy shot the Alien dead before even its arms had escaped the dead boy. Zara ran over to see what  had just happened and nearly threw-up when she saw the baby Alien in the boys abdomen. After she had gotten over her fit, Zara asked Susy to hand over the bloody jacket and to give her a few minutes to get a clean one. Susy stood just looking at the morbid scene, putting her hand to her chest, hoping never to share the same fate as these poor soldiers that had fought with her in the platoon. Then she looked at the other boy wondering if he is going to hatch the same beast as the boy at her feet.

Zara sent a group of marines further into the armory looking for weapons and survivors as she set-up base camp in the vehicle depot of the armory. Inside the depot was two tanks, both badly damaged, and three Jeeps, all with decommissioned engines. Susy was sitting in the chair with both her guns on the table, watching the boy and the door, while wondering where those damned Aliens were hiding. Zara ordered Susy to form a defensive barrier by moving the sentry gun outside of the security room to aid in halting the Aliens’ advance. Susy set-up the turret and glanced outside the main doors and watched for only a few moments as the sun set before the sky became as black as the monsters’ hard shell-like skin. The boy stood next to her and explained how now because it is nighttime, the Aliens will become more active and bold, and that they will emerge from hiding. Susy looked at him, then turned to the tanks, hoping that not only they could be repaired enough to be used in any way, but also hoping nothing ominous was inside them. Susy went to the tanks and crawled into one with the boy following behind. She wasn’t sure why he followed her. Maybe he just wanted a protector or maybe it was because she was topless and his mind worked in one way. Susy managed to activate the weapons on the two tanks and she had done so just before the three sentry guns at the main door had opened fire upon the Aliens. Zara ordered a group of marines to the main door to reinforce the turret installations.

In the mean time, Mitch had established a base in the comms room and even had the door sealed shut and sentry guns outside each door. Fortunately, nothing was attempting to break through. It took ten minutes before the Aliens had stopped at the main door. Because the sentry guns were nearly out of ammunition, Susy, with some help, moved the three Jeeps to the door and three marines jumped back on the machine guns.

The boy always kept close to Susy. In his mind she could save him from the Aliens. Susy had completely forgot that she still had no jacket until Zara handed a clean sleeveless one to her. Thanking Zara She put the jacket on but subconsciously left it unzipped. Zara tried to contact the marines that were sent further into the armory, but nothing was heard over any frequency. Just in case, She sent Susy and nine others to find them and report back if they have not survived. Susy told the boy to mount on the .50 cal on the tank and to fire at any Alien he sees.

Thirty minutes had passed until Susy’s squad found the marines. Out of the ten that ventured in, only seven were still together. The Missing were two males and a female, all Tiger-warriors. The remaining had been ripped apart by their adversaries. Susy went further to find weapons but only found three Aliens sleeping and a group of what looked like their eggs. She slowly backed away, trying not to get their attention and with her team she began the short walk back to Zara with the dog tags. She looked behind and saw three Aliens standing just watching them, drooling. She was feeling very uncomfortable about them and ordered her squad to ready their weapons.

Zara was still setting her defenses when a larger alien stood in the doorway just metres from three warriors. Slowly she got to the machine gun on the tank and aimed at the Alien waiting to see what it will do, but at that moment it looked like it was just making sure no-one got past.

Susy ordered the squad to return to base and kill anything hostile in their path. She and her squad moved as fast as they could but had unwillingly left a female Lizard-man behind. Susy was still having problems with her jackets’ zipper so she left it unzipped. She turned around and saw only the three Aliens. She grabbed both of her MP-5’s and aimed her iron sights at the Aliens only to have a fourth one to emerge behind her. She reacted. She turned to her side and pointed one MP-5 at it. She was unsure if she could kill all the aliens but as she went to fire one of the Aliens went in front of her and with one of its claws, rubbed her body. She could have killed it, but she knew the others would soon after kill her so she dropped her weapons. While watching the Alien rub its terrible face along her breasts, she began to feel very worried and uncomfortable. The rest of her team rounded the corner and instinctively opened fire. Susy dropped on the floor until the echo of weaponry ceased. She got up and thanked them. She soon remembered that she was missing a team mate and ordered her mate Vio to return to the forward base while she, a male Draconian who wouldn’t stop showing off, a male lion and her female wolf sniper to look for the female Lizard-man. as they went back Susy saw the female Lizard man and three Aliens all rubbing across her body and a fourth Alien standing guard, Susy ordered the Wolf to kill the guard. The Wolf lined her sight with the aliens head and within a second the alien dropped dead on the floor two of the Aliens went to see why the Alien fell as Susy and the male Lion slowly went to get the female Lizard. Only one Alien remained and was still rubbing her body. The Lizard, feeling very worried fell to her knees but kept her arms spread so the Alien could still rub her body. Even though she hated it, she knew it was the only thing keeping her alive. The Wolf fired at one of the aliens, killing it only for the second Alien to turn and see the male Draconian. It charge at him, but he managed to shoot the aliens chest spraying acid over his chest and leg armor, forcing him to panic and remove it. Susy made the Lion wait as she went to the Alien. She put her weapons down and removed her jacket, and with her arms spread open, walked towards the only Alien remaining. The alien looked at her and walked over. It was a male, she observed by the Aliens groin. She dropped to her knees when the Alien got to her, giving the Wolf a shot at the its head. Just as it went to touch Susy its skull was shattered by a single high-velocity armor-piercing round from the sniper and it dropped just in front of her. It was finally over.

With the female Lizard-man, she grabbed the gear and relayed back at the base. On the way back an Alien grabbed the male Draconian and dragged him away into a vent shaft. Susy regretted not helping him, but she knew nothing could be done to help him, and so kept running. She had caught up with Vio, who had stopped when he noticed the large Alien blocking the entrance. Its arms where enormous scythes and very sharp. Two of the marines, a couple of Hyenas, both male tried shooting theirs Mp-5’s at the Alien, but that only made it chase after them. As they ran they became boxed in by a dead end. Vio and his team mates made it inside the base camp followed closely by Susy and her team. The alien had cornered the two Hyenas, and as one went to run the alien rammed its scythe into the his chest, killing him. The second managed to get past, but he stopped at the end of the corridor, having no idea where to run. Just as he went to move, the Alien violently stabbed its scythe in his back and out through his chest, piercing his heart,which killed him instantly. The alien charged at the base only to be cut down by the sentry guns Zara set-up after Susy’s team returned.

Susy was sitting in Vio’s lap with his hands over her breasts in the security room. Her body was very sweaty and even a bit slimy from the saliva of the Aliens. Zara was talking to the female Lizard-man. She said she was a 23 year old named Lizzie and this was her first mission. She put in that never before had she been sexually used by an enemy before, but she was grateful that they didn’t kill her. Zara ordered the team to get some sleep; the guns will keep the Aliens busy for at least a few hours. One male Lizard man grabbed his gun and went into the corridor, only to be grabbed by an alien and dragged away.

The male Draconian awoke to see an alien looking at him on its knees. He looked and was shocked to see the alien had removed his vest. Then without a moments warning the alien rammed its tail into his belly. The Draconian gritted his teeth as blood poured from his wound and mouth. The Alien pulled its tail from his side and left the him to bleed to death slowly. The male Lizard-man was also at the mercy of the Alien as he was stripped naked. Another Alien kneeling by him grabbed the Lizard-man’s tail and rammed its own tail into the his back and out of his belly. The Lizard man screamed and writhed as the Alien sliced his stomach cavity open and started to rip out his entrails. The Lizard man died within seconds of his encounter while the Draconian took over two hours for his life to end.

Part two… finished.

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