Elven shooting girls

The ten teenage elven girls approached the big dragon. Armed with bows, dressed with white clothes except for the feet which where bare they where ready to fight the beast.
The dragon stomped near.
All girls started to shoot at the head, because the dragon was walking on the ground, its body pressed down.
Arrows flew and hit the head, some hit the neck and chest.
They clearly tried to blind the beast.
The dragon jerked back from time to time, giving them the chance to hit the long neck with many arrows.
Five girls ran on their bare soles to the dragons side, piercing it with their arrows, hoping to hit the vulnerable belly.
Then one of the arrows hit the left eye and the dragon screamed and started to lift on its hindlegs, leaving its big stomach uncovered.

“Aim for its belly, it is its weakest part!”, one of the girls screamed.

They hit the white underside with countless arrows while the big dragon towered up and screamed and trembled under the attack.
Many of them stuck into the belly when the dragon went back on its legs again.

“We must bring it to rear up again”, a girl said. “Its our best chance to attack the belly once again”.

Two girls climbed barefeeted on some rocks and upon a bridge over the dragon. The others lured the beast under the bridge and we it was under them they jumped on the back.
With their daggers they attacked the back, the dragon went up again, destroying the brigde with its whriting neck.
The eight girls fired again, while the dragon tried to get the girls off its back and stretching its big belly out while doing this.

But they hold on as good as they could, digging their toes and daggers between the scales.
The big stomach was spotted with arrows all over and the dragon was in a bad mood now.
They fired, loaded, fired again.

The dragon went to the ground, walking forward, the girls still on its back.
Now they hit the flanks from both sides, until the dragon stood still with cramps all over its body.
Those cramps emerged from the wounded belly, forcing it to rear up again, getting hit by arrows, get down and up again.

Everytime the belly, which now was red came into sight the girls fired at it.
But they had not much arrows left, so they stopped for a moment and when the beast rose up they run to the underbelly, slashing at it with their daggers, creating a pool of blood
in front of the dragon.

The beast stomped in pain, bending its neck backwards in agony, letting the girls butcher its belly.
Even the two girls climbed from the back and a bunch of girls attacked the big underside countless times.
Everytime the dragon walked backwards they followed and attacked further.
As the beast went on the belly again, they devided on both sides and attacked the flanks with their knifes.

The dragon stomped forward, unable to defend, its neck went off in agony.
The barefooters followed the beast, attacked both sides, until they bleeding heavily.
With a loud roar the dragon lifted its neck and fell to the side. They ram and stab their daggers into the underside many, many times while the beast squirmed helpless on the side.
Still the neck went upwards, then so high the beast fell over and laid helpless on its back.

They climbed on the big bleeding stomach, shooting the rest of the arrows into and tortured the dragon in many different ways.
Its body jerking in spams, it bend over under the heavy attack and moaned in pain.
The girls cut the belly open on different spots, defeating the dragon and watching it die.

They left the belly, watched from the distance how big birds removed the dragons organs from its inside and watching it twist in pain for hours.
They caressed each others abdomen with their bloody hands, very excited and horny now about the uncontrolled movements of the dragons dying body.
Even when the bird ripped all organs out the beast lived, but died shortly after it.

They enjoyed the scene much and rubbed each other off several times.

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  1. 1 xenodragon
    April 17, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    cool story

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