xeno and wyvern

a male wyvern was relaxing in his cave with a female sacrifice rubbing his erect penis and getting covering with his sperm.  the wyvern was getting hungry so with out a moments notice he killed and ate his sacrifice and lay back as his mate entered the cave.  he looked up and noticed she was bleeding from a very deep wound to her stomach, he got up and ran over to her as she collasped on the floor she had just enough live to tell him what had killed her.  the wyvern left the cave and went rather stupidly in search of his mates killer.  the wyvern entered a small lake which was just covering his penis but he was unaware he was being followed by the same alien that killed his mate.  the wyvern heard a noise behind him and he turnt only to see nothing feeling abit worried he continued until something rubbed against his penis.  the wyvern stood still as his penis was rubbed against servral times he finally looked down and he was glad to see that his penis was being touched by fish and not something else.  the wyvern got to the end of the lake just as the alien jumped in front of him looking at hs penis the wyvern roared at the alien but it just sat still looking at the wyvern.   the wyvern and alien were both standing fully upright just looking at each other the wyvern was looking at the aliens penis it was big and he hoped that was all the alien wanted, then the alien walked towards the wyvern who just froze watching the alien until it went behind the wyvern, the alien then pushed him on his belly the wyvern rolled onto his back and watched as the alien rammed its penis up the wyverns tailhole the wyvern let out a painfull scream as the aliens penis entered his body.  the wyvern was getting what he wanted but he was wondering why the alien has not killed him but it killed his mate.  the alien grabbed the wyverns penis and rubbed very fast the wyvern groaned with pleasure as he was reaching his orgasm.  the alien could feel the wyverns body getting sweaty so he stop mating the wyvern and jumped into the lake before the wyvern moved his tired body, the wyvern got up and went into the lake to wash his body unware thats where the alien was waiting for more wyvern fun.  the wyvern was shocked to see the alien again so he lay on his back at the waters eadge and with his belly and penis still in the water the alien pounced on him putting his penis this time in the wyverns mouth as he also sucked the wyverns penis.   the wyverncould not hold his pleasure back as he shot a load of cum into the aliens mouth also making the alien shot his load in the wyverns mouth the wyvern hoped that the alien would not stop having fun with his penis.  the wyvern knew if the alien got bored it would kill him or worse take him back to his queen and he will be impregnanted by the aliens and he would rather die than have a alien rip out his chest.  a few hours had passed the alien left and the wyvern had woke up he had fallen asleep as the alien played with his penis and bollocks to the wyverns surprise he had not been killed or dragged to be killed he had been left to sleep, as he got up he felt a pain in his back he looked down and watched as an aliens tails was stabbed through his back and out his belly screaming in pain the wyvern fell to his knees and the tail pulled him further onto its tails.  the alien released the wyvern from its tail and watched him get up and slowly go into the lake to try and escape the alien a female watched and waited for the right moment to go after him to finish him of but she noticed a second wyvern male go to help the wounded wyvern this wyvern was alot bigger and would make a perfect host.  so instead of killing the first wyvern the alien waited for the bigger one to help before she attacked, the wounded wyvern staggered into  his cave where he fell to his side holding his wounded belly as the alien jumped on the back of the larger wyvern the male wyvern tryed to shake her of but she just crawled round his body to his penis and she started to suck it the wyvern cryed with pleasure as she sucked harder and faster bringing him to his orgasm very quickly it was during his orgasm she knocked him out with her tail and dragged his body to her queen she will be back for the smaller wyvern and she will take him for her to play with sexually or to rip his guts out she didnt care which.   the large wyvern woke to see he was cocooned to the wall of the queens lair and only his belly,head and penis were showing, he knew why his penis was showing but he had no ideas why his chest and belly were on show then he noticed the dead hagger on the floor and he knew he was soon to die as three male alien all entered looking at him.  the smaller wyvern had rolled on his back only for the female alien to jump on his belly and place herself on his penis, the wyvern threw his head back as the alien moved up and down his penis it was six hours before she knocked him out.   the wyvern woke to see his wings, legs and tail stuck to a wall by a dark substance he tryed to free himself then noticed at the other end of the room the larger wyvern roaring in pain and then blood burst out his chest as a baby alien ripped out the small wyvern roared in horror as the queen went to the new alien.  the alien helped the baby one out of the wyverns chest then put it on the dead wyverns penis this was to be its first taste of wyverns flesh.  the queen then turnt and went to the new wyvern he looked down and noticed he was erect she had already had fun with him while he was out.  the queen grabbed his penis and rubbed it hard and fast the wyvern could not help but scream in pleasure while he was looking up the male alien that mated him was position his penis with the wyverns mouth and just like a love sick puppy the wyvern pushed his head to the penis and began sucking.

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