Fatalis death

Fatalis a large male Dragon left his lair a old human castle after smelling another male Dragon very angry that he enter is territory Fatalis went after and did not noticed about 15 topless female warriors enter the castle ready to slay him.  When Fatalis found the Dragon he forced him on the floor and rammed his 13foot penis into the Dragons tail hole making him scream with pain it was at least 4 hours before Fatalis stopped raping the Dragon and then turnt him onto his back and with his powerful hands snapped the other Dragons arms and legs so he cannot move.  The Dragon was forced to take Fatalis’s penis in his mouth as Fatalis looked at the Dragons body feeling for his weak spots before he killed the intruder.   The Dragon could just about take Fatalis penis in his mouth and as Fatalis found a large weak spot on his soft yellow belly he choked on the load of cum that Fatalis just shot down his throat, enjoy the sexual torture Fatalis rubbed his penis over the Dragons body leaving cum over the Dragon then he put the Dragons penis in his mouth and sucked hard on his penis Fatalis also grabbed the Dragons bollocks rubbing them to make him cum faster and about 30 minutes later the Dragon shot his cum in Fatalis’s throat, enjoying this Fatalis then crushed the Dragons bollocks making him scream in agony when Fatalis let go the Dragons bullock were no more and Fatalis’s hand were covered with blood then he grabbed the Dragons penis and with his hands crushed it making it look like the Dragon was very old and had a shrivelled penis.  To stop the Dragon dying Fatalis once again put his penis in the Dragons now bloody mouth he enjoyed the feel of the blood as the Dragon sucked but Fatalis was now getting bored so he removed his penis and went to the Dragons soft belly and stabbed his claws into the belly making the Dragon scream Fatalis ripped his belly open with ease and began to eat his internal organs the Dragon could only choke on his own blood as he died within 20 minutes of being gutted by Fatalis.

Fatalis returned to his lair unaware he had just killed his last Dragon and mating for the last time, the slayers were waiting in ambush for him ready to kill him by his large erect penis but first they needed to trap him and get him erect to use the dragonator on his penis ripping his penis apart and killing him.  Three of the slayers and large breasts and had once been mating by Dragons and were perfect to arouse Fatalis into erecting his penis but the hard part will be to get him trapped so the three warriors went to arouse Fatalis as the others set a trap by using a very tight net that nothing could escape from to get Fatalis tangled up then force him onto his back feet and watch as the dragonator drills Fatalis’s penis into nothing.   It took four hours to set the trap and the warriors were tired and needed to kill Fatalis and fast the three warriors found him sleeping on its side with his penis hanging between his legs so two of the warriors went to his penis and began to rub it slowly and teasingly the third one rubbed her breasts across his snout to get his attention it didn’t take long to arouse him his penis grew to its full 13foot as he woke and saw a large pair of breasts in his face knowing they were human he got up to his hind legs and followed the three warriors with his penis fully erect and in his hands it was so big he could walk on all fours.  Fatalis walked under the trap and even though he had the warriors cornered he was unaware he was about to be trapped in a net and tangled in it.  The three warriors went to his huge penis and each of them kissed it knowing he will not be alive much longer this made Fatalis drip precum so he grabbed his penis and wanked himself just as the net fell on him Fatalis thrashed about in a rage making the net get tangled around him after a few hours he stopped thrashing and looked as the warriors once again rubbed his penis making him erect again before they allowed him to get to his hind legs by the help of a pulley the warriors rubbed his penis to make sure he didn’t think they were just planning to kill him Fatalis was forced onto his hind legs and he looked at his erect penis once again being rubbed by the warriors but then he noticed where he was and his tried to escape but just made himself more and more tangled in the end he had to stop he was close to shooting his sperm all over the place and just as he started to leak precum and dragonator was started and it stabbed into his penis cutting it apart, Fatalis roared in agony and he shot cum over the drill that was killing him the warriors for fun stopped the dragonator half way into his penis just to see the damage they had done the once proud and mighty Fatalis was now screaming in horror as he was killed by his only form of pleasure at least now he knows how the other dragon felt.  The warriors started the dragonator again and watched it drill through Fatalis’s penis and into his groin they didn’t stop the drill until it had been in and out of Fatalis’s penis then because they enjoyed his suffering so much they forced his wounded body higher and restarted the dragonator aiming it at his bollocks Fatalis was very strong and even though his penis was now just bits of dead meat he was still alive and roaring with pain the warrior knew he could not handle his bollocks and penis being cut apart so they started the dragonator and watched as it ripped through his left bullock ripping it apart with ease Fatalis was now bleeding from his snout as the drill went through his right bullock unable to stand any more Fatalis dropped to his knees with his mouth in line of the dragonator.  Fatalis looked down at his penis blood pouring out of it and hid snout when he looked up the dragonator was approaching his mouth he knew what was going to happen so he tried to keep his mouth close but the three warriors who lured him to his death had over plans and with their spears they stabbed inside his ripped up penis making him roar in agony just as the drill entered his mouth and ripped right through the back of his neck Fatalis then dropped on his back in a pool of blood as the dragonator left his mouth he managed to turn his head to see the warriors cheering at his death some of them were jumping on his limp lifeless body over were now cutting him open for a feast.  Fatalis’s reign of terror was finally over and even Dragons were save for now.

8 Responses to “Fatalis death”

  1. 1 Rez
    May 31, 2010 at 4:09 am

    Great job! It turned out great. Trakanon is next then? Maybe have that one a tiny bit longer, but overall the story length is nice!

  2. 4 xenodragon
    May 31, 2010 at 4:21 am

    i think so they will require a bit more time but they will die

  3. 7 Jim W.
    June 1, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    Great story! I loved how they really made him suffer as he died.

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