Trakanon was in his lair enjoy the blowjob he was getting by his mate she was able to take the whole of his 25foot penis in her mouth, the slayers watched as his cum dripping penis went painfully into her vagina, after several hours of mating Trakanon removed his penis in pain the slayer saw blood drip from his penis and this gave them an idea.   The slayer return to tell the others to build a huge machine to trap Trakanon’s penis and make sure it is very powerful to crush his penis as he bleeds after his penis is in the female dragons vagina.  The slayers returned to his lair to study him more, Trakanon got up and went to a corner near the slayers and began peeing the slayer looked at him and sure his was enjoying himself two of them went under his penis and just as he finished saw inside and there was alot of meat to crush they needed to wait for the female to pee so they can extract her scent to arouse Trakanon.  They were waiting for hours before she finally got up and peed then she licked Trakanon and left the cave, only for another male Dragon to attack Trakanon’s mate hearing this he rushed out of his lair and charged the rival the rival Dragon grabbed Trakanon’s penis and tried to crush it smashing his claws laughing Trakanon hit the Dragon with his penis knocking him to the floor, the dazed Dragon looked as Trakanon grabbed his penis and crushed it in his powerful claws the Dragon roared in agony as he penis went limp then an angry Trakanon stabbed his claws into the Dragon’s belly and ripped him open the dragon began to bleed from his mouth as Trakanon ripped his guts apart throwing them out of his belly, Trakanon then grabbed the Dragon dead and with his claws broke his neck killing him, the slayer could not believe the power of his penis and ran to tell the others.  Trakanon returned to his lair as the female continued on her journey just to find food for her and Trakanon the slayers following Trakanon could see he was missing his mate as he rubbed just above his penis the slayers got one of his Dragons to give him a message that his mate wants to see him far away from his lair but it won’t be his mate there but a bunch of slayers and a crusher machine for his penis.  The slayer poured the scent of his mate around the machine knowing it will arouse him and get him erect they will have to get him on his hind legs to get his penis into the crusher. Trakanon reared up when he arrived hoping for his mate to suck on his 25foot penis again but instead a few slayers started to rub his penis and although he could just feel them they were making him walk his penis into the machine for a large Dragon the pride of his penis ran him when aroused.  Before trapping his penis they offered Trakanon some meat of the Dragon he just killed not known to him it was drugged with a muscle relaxant after he offering his penis was inserted into the trap and the machine started Trakanon looked as the machine started to slowly crush his mushroom head Trakanon tried to free his penis but the machine was as powerful as him.  The slayers were enjoying watching his penis get crushed but until the drug kicks in the penis will slowly be crushed Trakanon roared as the mushroom head of his penis was crushed and some blood dripped out of it.  Trakanon watched as the machine began to crush the meat of his long penis Trakanon was still fighting the machine but he could not remove his penis from its grip the slayers tried to help the machine and drug work faster by rubbing his bollocks this was making Trakanon come very close to his last climax but he managed to stop himself shooting his load.  Trakanon was beginning to fell weak as the drug started to kick in he was unable to continue trying to pull himself free but his penis was still strong and hard to crush, the penis was slowly getting crushed as Trakanon was getting weaker and weaker his penis was now weakening as the machine finished crushing the meat it took 7 hours to crush during the crushing of the mushroom head Trakanon was trying hard to release himself he then looked at his penis as the mushroom head crushed under the pressure of the crusher Trakanon watched as the mushroom split in two making Trakanon scream in agony he had never felt such pain before and he didn’t like it.  Trakanon was crying as his mushroom head was split by the crusher which looked like the crusher from a car wreckage place it has enough force to crush his penis and this worried him.  Trakanon watch in agony as the machine slowly crushed his erect bleeding penis, the meat of his penis was slowly being crushed the machine, Trakanon tears made the slayer cheer with joy as that showed them the machine was working Trakanon’s penis was in trouble as the machine was squishing the meat and this was very painful for the once pride and mighty Dragon.  Trakanon’s penis meat was turning a purple colour as his penis meat was being crushed he saw blood drip from his penis meat and knew it was only a matter of time before the crusher was going to be crushing his pee hole and he did not want that so he tried again to fight the machine but he could feel himself getting weak his watched the meat start to go black as the crusher stopped as ripped the flesh of his penis Trakanon screamed in horror as the meat fell off his penis leaving the pee hole and the veins looking at his exposed penis he screamed and gave up trying to fight the machine as his muscles went weak the machine was restarted as it needed to cool down the sight of his penis was shocking and hardly looking like a penis anymore, Trakanon screamed as the machine crushed again on his penis the crusher was crushing the veins make him scream in agony and horror the slayer watched as he started to tremble as the pain was becoming unbearable to handle as his veins were slowly being squished the pain of his veins being crushed the veins were changing to a bright red as one by one they split open and blood pouring out and down the sides of the crusher Trakanon screamed his horror as now his pee hole was the last thing to crush not wanting to die like this so he tried pleading with the slayers to let him go and heal his penis but the slayers wanted him dead and continued to crush the pee hole Trakanon screamed in pain as the crusher left him crying as the crushing made him feel weak and useless the crusher squished the pee hole, his pee hole split in two as the crusher continues to kill his penis the pain was horrific his screams were loud and painful to hear but worth it watching as more blood comes out of his penis.  Trakanon screamed as his pee hole was squashed and split in two with blood pouring out of his destroyed penis.  The slayer knew he was defeated but they wanted him dead so they released the ruined penis as Trakanon fell to his knees holding his ruined penis then the weak Dragon’s face was pushed into the machine and it restarted.  Knowing what was about to happen Trakanon closed his eyes as his snout started to be crushed the crushing made Trakanon pee himself the slayers all giggled to each other as blood coloured pee came out of the twitching Dragons penis, Trakanon died halfway through his face being crushed when his brain was squished by the machine but the slayer let the machine continue till his face was totally crushed then they released him and sent a message to the female and his sons most of the slayers ran to find the next Dragon but a couple waited to see the three Dragons horror when they see their king is dead.  The three Dragons looked at Trakanon’s body in terror as his penis was ruined and his face had been crushed the female went over crying and held her dead kings penis as his sons cuddled his dead body.

19 Responses to “Trakanon”

  1. 1 Rez
    June 1, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    this was good but i think maybe you needed more time to describe more of the crushing, i think there was a mistake because it said his pee hole was crushed twice. maybe later you can add more about all the things that were happening to his penis for the 7 hours.

    • 2 xenodragon
      June 1, 2010 at 2:38 pm

      will do i will add it after work i will chat 2 u later

      • 4 Rez
        June 1, 2010 at 3:06 pm

        sounds good. it will be cool to read all about how his penis muscles become weaker and weaker, and about all the different parts of his huge penis that are being slowly crushed in those 7 hours to the end. i want to see how descriptive you can be for this good story

    • 5 Rez
      June 1, 2010 at 9:51 pm

      the part where he sticks his huge penis into the machine until the end i think is a good place to start since it wasnt too clear at the end, it said his pee hole was squished and then crushed, i think maybe the second one was talking about his urethra/ penis tube

      • 6 Rez
        June 1, 2010 at 9:54 pm

        it will be cool to read in greater detail about what happen to his mushroom head, the meat and muscles, and what happens to the penis shaft, pee hole and cum tube.

      • 7 Rez
        June 1, 2010 at 10:38 pm

        it would be cool to add that near the end, after the meat and muscles are crushed while the machine is squishing his tube and squishing his pee hole, the pain makes his huge penis shake and lose control and climax, but before his sperm can shoot out of the massive damaged penis the machine crushes the pee hole and tube while the sperm is going up so almost nothing can come out.

  2. 8 xenodragon
    June 2, 2010 at 10:22 am

    it will be fun to write in detail the killing of his penis

  3. 13 xenodragon
    June 2, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    i bet he has a nice big penis for me to ruin

  4. 17 xenodragon
    June 2, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    that would be nice i would like to see the dragon

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