xenomorph 3

Susy and Vio were enjoying each other’s company for the first time in six weeks both were rubbing each other’s body. Susy and Vio were interrupted by Zara just as Susy went to grab Vio, since they were both needed to gather information on the Aliens from a research lab near the armoury. They were ordered to take a squad of at least twelve in case they engage the Aliens. Susy and Vio quickly put their gear back on. Susy was now wearing Lizzie’s broken jacket, since Lizzie grabbed a new one and put it on. Upon being reminded of Lizzie, Susy told her to stay behind and take care of the boy and to keep him safe.

Susy lead her team of fifteen out of the armoury and down the corridor where the large Alien was killed. It would be a long and hard day for them, but who knows of what they would find. After a measly seven hour walk and with only one Alien attack, unfortunately leaving an elder human dead. They reached the research lab and once again found dead bodies all over the place. Not all of them were human, though. There were other creatures like dragons, sharks, and even a crocodile. Susy was nearly in shock when she found a working computer. She found out that, to her surprise, the scientists were trying to create more deadly versions of the Aliens by having them impregnate the host and wait to see the new Alien. She concluded that it must have gone wrong as the Aliens are no longer in the research lab apart from one. Vio, who was now quite aware of the situation, went up to a glass window in the lab and looked in. Curled up on the floor was the biggest Alien that neither he nor anyone else had ever seen. It was like a giant cobra, yet it still possessed some of the Alien’s traits, such as its slenderly bladed tail. It looked at him and hissed before moving quickly and powerfully smashing through the wall at the opposite end of its enclosure. Vio turned and stumbled upon the dead body of a snake, which had apparently been used for the experiment that just broke out of its enclosure.

Susy copied the files from the terminal and grabbed all of the research notes, while ordering hasty fall back to base camp, especially after seeing the new Alien’s potential lethality. It wasn’t long before both Susy and Vio noticed a medium-sized dragon. He was a bit dazed, and Susy could not see one of the Aliens near the dragon, so Susy and Vio went over to help the dragon, who’s left leg was badly cut. Both of his sides had been cut open and the dragon looked like it had been left to die by someone, or something. Vio applied some first aid and helped the dragon up and went to return to base, all with horrified looks and expressions for what they had found.

When they made it back, Susy gave the research to Zara, went back to the security room and sat down feeling very sick and now very worried. Zara was contacted by Mitch over the radio after he had fixed the comms tower and he ordered her to send a squad into the cargo bay after a squad failed to check in. At this point it had been labelled as a rescue mission. Zara asked Susy to lead the team to the cargo bay, but she warned Susy that they would have to go through a swamp-like area to reach it. Susy assembled her team again, this time with Lizzie, the boy, and the dragon. They headed for the cargo bay and most likely to something ominously unapparent.

In the swamp, Susy spotted two Aliens and a chained-up female dragon. The Aliens were not killing her, but using their claws, and lightly cutting her belly. Next to her was a dead male dragon, who’s stomach had been torn from the abdominal cavity completely and was still bleeding. He had died not long ago from the amount of blood coming out. Susy got her new friend, the female wolf Cara, to take out the Aliens. She lined the first Alien’s head in her crosshair and fired, attracting the attention of the second Alien, who, instead of attacking, ran into a small security building a few metres from them. Susy went over to the dragon and pried her legs and arms free of the black substance the Aliens used to stick many others to walls and objects. Cara was glad the Alien ran, since she had no more rounds in her clip. She quickly reloaded and took point, keeping her eyes open for the Aliens. Susy went to clean the dragon’s wounded belly only for the Alien to return and jump on the belly of the dragon, hissing at Susy. Vio aimed his rifle at the Alien and shot a few rounds into the Aliens head dropping it dead on its and the dragon’s belly. The battle had ended, for now.

The squad set up camp in and around the security building. Sometime during the night, a female dragon wandered out of Cara’s sight as she watched for any Aliens, and within mere moments the female dragon was ambushed by a group of Alien’s. She was forced on her back as one of the Aliens, a large alpha male, had mounted her and began to mate with her. The dragon closed her eyes as the Alien continued for an hour before finally removing himself from her. She didn’t scream, for fear that she might anger the Alien. It then proceeded to charge towards the camp. The first shot from Cara’s sniper, who had spotted it from a ways away, woke Susy and Lizzie. They grabbed their guns quickly and both opened fire on the incoming Alien’s, cutting them down as they got closer. Lizzie lobbed a frag grenade in the middle of a group of Alien’s. They looked at it, puzzled as it exploded, ripping half of the Aliens completely apart and badly wounded the rest. The Aliens gave up when they saw that the female dragon had returned to the group. The ones that could still walk ran off into the darkness, and the rest were left to the mercy of the marines. The dragon sat on a crate just outside the security building, feeling very sick.

Later that night, a male dragon warrior named Shooter was taking his shift as watchman when he noticed an Alien sneak into the security building. The Alien went inside and while standing over a sleeping raptor warrior’s breasts, began drooling on them. The raptor, named Ruby, woke and within moments she tried to push the Alien away but was cornered into the wall. Then, just as the Alien was going for the kill, Shooter came running in and with a minigun in hand, shredded the Alien. He went over to Ruby and with his bandanna wiped the drool off Ruby’s breasts before she covered them. They both went back on guard duty. The rest of the night went with only the odd Alien attack but luckily no-one was killed so the team got ready and continued through the swamp heading for the cargo bay.

Not far into the second day Susy noticed that three in her team were missing, two of them were Shooter and Ruby, and the third was a young female lizard warrior named Abbi. She was still in the security room, trying to sort out her jammed pistol mechanism. Having no idea that she was there, Shooter and Ruby left the security building and tried to find Susy. Susy on the other hand ordered the team to set up camp, since they had travelled nearly twenty miles through the swamp and most were happy to rest. So, with Vio, Lizzie, Cara, and the male dragon, Susy went back for the others.

Abbi holstered her pistol, grabbed her shotgun and began to run out of the security room just as a group of Aliens charged into the building. Abbi stopped, and without hesitation, she shot at the Alien’s attacking her. Abbi managed to kill seven Aliens but with one shell left in her gun and a busted Pistol she was in deep trouble then a Alien burst through the window and spat acid over Abbi’s right arm burning  through nearly to the bone, which caused her to drop the Shotgun. Then, the Alien grabbed her and with its inner jaw, it stabbed in between her breasts and stabbed her left one. Abbi, now bleeding badly, got free, turned, and attempted to flee, but as she went to run the Alien drove its tail through her back and out through the bottom of her chest, knocking her to her knees, coughing and choking on her blood. The Alien removed its tail and left just as Susy entered. She and found Abbi on the floor, bleeding to death. The dying Abbi was helped to her feet by Vio and Susy. They began to escort her back. Cara stayed behind the group and kept watch while Lizzie watched in the front. One dragon flew overhead, high enough to see all the trees and animals in the swamp. They did not get far before Abbi stopped breathing and was unable to be resuscitated. Susy mournfully took her weapon and tags. Lizzie was told to burn her body in order to prevent the Aliens from using her for incubating their young. Susy and her squad then went after Shooter and Ruby before the Aliens got them.

Shooter and Ruby were running back towards the security building and Susy’s team as a large group of Alien’s were charging after them. Being faster and more agile, the Aliens caught up with Shooter and Ruby in little time. As Shooter turned to fire, one Alien jumped on him, knocking him onto his back. As he began to get up, the Alien grabbed him and tried to plunge its inner jaw into Shooter’s chest and then into his belly, causing him to roar in agony. Shooter finally managed to knock the Alien off him and watch as Ruby shot at the Alien’s with Shooter’s minigun. Shooter struggled to his feet and, with Ruby’s rifle, began shooting the group of Alien’s charging them.

With ammunition running low and more Aliens approaching Ruby and a wounded shooter began their retreat trying to escape the Alien’s. Shooter tripped and fell onto his knees, and just as an Alien went to stab its tail through Shooter’s body, Cara appeared behind some brush nearby and shot its head, as Lizzie and Vio began blasting the Aliens with their weapons. The dragon, who was still in the air was burning the Aliens with his fire as he flew over them. Susy threw her gun to Shooter after she reloaded it. Then, Ruby was laying down, providing covering fire so Vio can get Shooter to safety. It was not long before the Aliens gave up, stopped attacking, and returned to their hive. Shooter was found to be bleeding from two deep wounds.

When they got to base camp, lucky for Shooter, Ruby was a highly skilled Medic. she cut away Shooter’s top and began to operate on his wounds. This would take some time, something the female dragon didn’t have. While Ruby tended to Shooter, Shooter had, at most times, a face full of breasts; not that he complained. It helped to take his mind off the pain.

Susy and Vio both had scouted ahead and at the end of the swamp, they found a large open area borh 2-3 miles long and wide, with the cargo cay at the other end. At least there were no Aliens. Just as Susy and Vio returned, Ruby had finished tending to Shooter and was taking him to a tent so he could get some rest. It had been set up by Cara for him. Shooter asked Ruby to stay with him, and Ruby accepted his offer. While she was with him, she would rub his belly below his wounds. The only thing they forgot to do was clean the blood off Shooter’s body, but they didn’t mind so much.

A few hours later, Shooter and Ruby were contacted by Vio, as they were now moving out to make for the cargo bay across the open area, and hopefully away from the Aliens. Thankfully, the trip across the exposed open field was painless for everyone, including Shooter, who was quickly recovering. When they reached the cargo bay, they saw that most of the team sent in before had been tied up to walls, beds, anything, so that the spider Aliens could impregnate them. Two of only a handful yet to be impregnated were a female T-Rex warrior and her best mate, a female allosaur, both  stripped naked and tied to the same bed. As a scout sent ahead by Vio went to wake them up the allosaur quickly closed her legs hiding her exposed nether regions and moved them to the side. The T-Rex, a strong warrior, was too angry to care about what parts of her body were showing, since she was told what would happen. Meanwhile, back in the swamp, Susy’s squad had finally reached the cargo bay. Just before nightfall, she ordered them set up base camp away from the swamp and set up the sentry guns, to give them time to equip themselves when the Aliens attack again. What horrors await them in the night?

End of part III…

2 Responses to “xenomorph 3”

  1. 1 Jim W.
    June 1, 2010 at 6:42 pm

    Great action, great imagination. You really think out of the box. I like the different animal warriors.

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