Darathar was laying on his back, rubbing his penis and shooting his very hot cum over the body of a young male fire dragon that tried to beat him.
The young dragons belly was ripped open and his guts where being burnt by Darathar’s cum.
Darathar let the Dragon go as he died from his guts being melted.
The slayer entered with a ice Dragon following them. Darathar saw the Dragon and charged and smashed his claws into the Dragons side, knocking him on the floor.
Darathar then grabbed the ice Dragons body and slowly pushed his burning hot penis into the Dragons belly. The ice Dragon screamed in horror as Darathar’s penis burnt through his skin and through his vital organs.

The Dragon began to bleed from the mouth as Darathar pulled his penis down the Dragons body destroying his penis.
The slayers were shocked at the power of Darathar’s penis and were glad they ripped Vrewwxs gland out of his penis.
They went up to Darathar and offered to clean his penis. Looking at them Darathar laughed and accepted the offer.  The slayers took Vrewwxs gland and rubbed it over Darathar’s penis he looked and wondered what the tingling feeling was around his penis as Vrewwxs gland cooled his huge penis.
Darathar could feel his penis cool down but he was not bothered as his penis could not be hurt with weapons or so he thought.  Darathar’s penis became erect as they began to rub his penis.
They had made a deal with Darathar’s witch for a deadly poison to kill his penis and they were just fixing it to a tube attached to a tooth from Trakanon.
Darathar was enjoying his pleasure but was getting bored.

Some of the slayers attacked Darathar with bows and swords trying to harm him but all the hits just bounced of his scales.
They even tried to harm his penis but the weapons just kept bouncing of the scales.  Darathar got a bit annoyed at this and reared up showing his full size and grabbing his penis.
He taunted the slayers laughing at them he rubbed his penis making it fully erect shooting his cum over the floor near them.
The slayers ran as the ground began to burn from his cum.
Darathar looked at the slayer and told them to bow down to him or suffer and painful death. The slayers making the needle were going to plunge it into the large vein on Darathar’s penis then they would pump the poison into the vein and watch the suffering.
Darathar looked at the slayers on floor and laughed at them more this was only making his death more and more pleasant to them. 
He looked at the slayers and told them to bow down to him or he will kill them.

Darathar growled at the slayers as they knelt down pretending to worship him, he landed and lay on his side and ordered them to kiss his penis to prove they worship him.
Lucky for the slayer his was no longer fully erect. The slayers reluctantly kissed the penis of Darathar, he ordered them to tell him where they go the gland of an ice Dragon.
The slayer told him they found Vreww’s dead body and cut out the most valuable parts of his body.
Two of the slayers started to rub the mushroom head of his penis, massaging his penis. As they did that another slayer was rubbing the meat in his pee hole forcing Darathar to groan with pleasure and watch as his penis became fully erect.
A couple of the slayers started to rub the huge vein at the bottom of his penis. Darathar was roaring to the sky in pleasure as they played with his penis unaware of his fate.
Darathar arched back as his felt the knot at the base of his penis tighten he was ready to shoot his load so the slayers quickly ran over and without any hesitation rammed the needle deep into his vein and pumped the poison into the huge penis.

The machine to pump the poison was like a giant syringe with enough poison to kill 300 smaller dragons but more than enough to kill darathar’s penis.
The slayers were pushing the poison into the vein as fast as they could but they were lucky that Darathar was still groaning in pleasure from the slayer tricking him playing with his penis.
Darathar was beginning to feel a bit funny his penis was feeling a bit different to when they first started to pleasure.
Looking down his saw the giant syringe and roared in horror knowing his penis has been stabbed. Trashing about Darathar saw the witch laughing at him and he ordered her to explain herself, the witch told him she agreed to help with his death to stop his reign of terror and to help them kill another dragon.
One Darathar did not like as he only liked himself. If he could he would mate himself. She also told him to look at the needle in his vein and see if he could notice who it was from.
The slayers thanks to the witch had finished pumping the poison into his penis he looked down and looked in horror at the tooth that had been used as the needle.
He cried at the slayers asking them how they killed Trakanon with him killing them.  The slayers happily told him how they killed Trakanon by using a machine to crush his penis and then used the same machine to crush his face and how they got covered in his blood.
At that moment Darathar began rubbing his penis hard to try and flush the poison out with his cum but instead he let go and began to pee himself.
The witch and slayer started the laugh at him making him take flight to try and find a way from stopping the poison, two young female ice Dragon looked at his penis as he flew by and followed wondering why he was uncontrollably peeing himself and rubbing hard on his penis.

Darathar looked at his penis and screamed as they watched the pink penis begin to turn dark now.
He knew they had poisoned his penis with the poison from a deadly rattlesnake. His penis was being killed from inside out as the muscles began to fail.
Darathar was not watching where he was flying and crashed into a mountain side he fell to the floor smashing his wings as he landed. The ice Dragons landed near him watching his penis begin to swivel. Darathar looked at the Dragons and growled at them giving them threats to stay away or he will kill them but they fell over laughing at him.
Tears fell down Darathar’s face as he continued to try and masturbate the poison out of his rotting penis the dragons called him and started to play with each other in front of his face they were rubbing each other’s vaginas making him more aroused and scream in agony as his pee hole began to swivel up and shrink.
Darathar looked at his now completely black penis and screamed the female Dragons could not help themselves but grabbed the nearly dead penis and rubbed it as hard as they could causing Darathar to roar in agony as blood began coming out of the penis and his mouth.

The slayer were following him also but kept out of view so not to bother the Dragons they were rubbing the near dead penis so hard Darathar could only scream with pain.
Once the Dragons stopped they squeezed his penis hard, crushing the dead rotted flesh.
Darathar screamed as his once proud penis lay limp on his body.
The ice Dragons giggles as they poked the dead penis making him cry then they went to his belly and saw the fear in his eyes as both Dragons stabbed their claws into his weak belly and ripped it open, making Darathar choke at his own blood
The Dragons loved the feel of his guts they started to rip all his guts out throwing them all over the floor.
The two Dragons then started to rub his blood over their scales giggling as they did it. Then the once mighty cocky Darathar stopped breathing suffering a nasty death, the slayers got out from the bushes and without making a noise trapped to the female ice Dragons knowing they would be good for attracting some males dragons, as they cut Darathars heart out for the witch.
After giving Darathar’s heart to the witch and collect a large amount of acid and a potion to dry the next Dragons penises they headed for the next target ready to kill him and they had got a few male Dragons.
Thanks to the female ice Dragons, the poor Dragon slave have no idea they are going to die.

5 Responses to “Darathar”

  1. 1 rez123
    July 8, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    Another great job. This one I think was the best one yet. I cant wait to see what you come up with for Cheldrak next.

  2. 4 xenodragon
    July 9, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    cool im going to have lots of dragons

  3. 5 jim825
    September 21, 2010 at 11:25 am

    Thak you for a good story. I like how darathar was able to take som many types of damage. He was powerful indeed. But even the most powerful dragons must die when they get wounded so many times.

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