Brachiosaurus vs triceratops in Corribula

“But there are only girls here?” Megan outered entering the tribunes of the dragonslayer-arena i Coria. She was on her first holiday there, visiting her long time pen-friend Katie.
“Yes” Katie Answered. “Lets go down and sit in the front seats, they give the best view. But yes, it is a kind of a lesbian thing watching the dragons get killed here. I think you will find it very interesting”
The girls made their way through many other girls and women filling the stadium – one of Katies friends had secured them two of the best seats in the first row.
“You told me you people down there get on by killing them?” Megan whispered.
“Yes, but no reason to whisper” Katie said. “We like stabbing them and enjoying to kill them slowly. That is why only girls are here – so we can masturbate while we watch”
“Wow” Megan said – A little scared and a little exited. “I am courius whether I will like it”
“You will” Katie said. “The first fight is a dinosaur-fight – Brachiosaurus versus Triceratops”
“Isn´t that the one with the long neck and the one with the horns? They both eat plants???” Megan asked.
“You will see – the fighters will make things happen” Katie licked her lips and touched her breasts. Through her T-shirt you could see her nipples were already hard with exitement.
Shortly after a trompet sounded, a gate as big as a house openend and a Brachiosaurus bigger than an elepant slowly made its way in. It was blindfolded and a girls sat on back on it – naked. All the audience cheered.
“That is the slayer” Katie explained.
Another gate opened, a little smaller than the first one and a triceratops ran in, throwing its head around. It seemed mad.
“They stab him a little before they let him in” Katie said. “I tried it once behind the gate”
“to make him angry?”Megan asked
“Yes. When I did it, they said I stabbed him too much. I dit it four times, I liked the blood” Katie said, licking her lips.
“You are just mean” Megan laughed.
The girl on top of the brachio had a long, thin basket with hidden things hanging on each side of the tall dinosaur and now she pulled out a crosbow and loaded it with an arrow. She fired at the triceratops and the arrow planted itself into its side and drew the first visible blood from it. All the audience cheered and some girls had already taken off their tops or moved their hands around in their trousers.
“It gets mad, but it cannot get to her” Katie smiled.
The triceratops immediately aimed for the Brachiosaurs belly, which was just in reach of its horns. It was able to run quite quick for such a large animal and even though the Brachio was much, much bigger it was hit hard when the Triceratops horns pierced its soft belly and made a bleeding wound. The Brachio moaned and twisted its neck in pain.
“Wow, but it is blindfolded” Megan said
“Yes it cannot escape, it can just take the punches” Katie said.
The triceratops was attacking eagarly, jamming its horn into the underbelly of the brachio with angry moves. The thin skin underneath was pierced again and blood began to be painted all over the triceratops head. The girl on top slipped her fingers all over her body, enjoying the movings of the animal for a moment, then she pulled out another arrow and shot it into the triceratops just below her. The triceratops now howled as two arrows stuck from bleeding wounds. The girl fired again. And again. Until six short arrows stuck up from something which seemed a united red, big wound on the horned dinosaur.
“It is hot. I kind of like it” Megan said. “And I see you do to” She watched Katies hand which she has put down her pants and masturmated herself in front of all the audience. Many girls around did so too – Katie could see many kissing and some who had taken off their clothes. One was licking another one, but all seemed totally focused on the battle.
“I totally enjoy it” Megan said. “She has to weaken the triceratops enough to kill it on foot before it kills the Brachio. The Brachio dies. Normally a trihorn does not kill another animal that much larger, so i takes time. And it takes pain for the Brachio to die that way”
“You are evil” Katie said. But smiled at Megan. She was beginning to feel hot.
The girl had now picked up a spear with a 10 inch blade on it, long enough to reach the fourius triceratops back from the safety on the Brachio. The brachio howled, whipped its tail and twisted its neck, slowly moving backwars as the angry trihorn jammed its horns up into its defenceless belly again and again. The smaller dinsoaur was now all cowered from blood, totally puring from the many wounds in the destroyed belly of the Brachio.
The girl on top used both hands to sting the triceratops hard with the spear. It went deeper than the arrows and blood pured out and ran faster down the animals back as it groaned in pain and anger.
“The stupid thing thinks it is attacking her” Katie whispered. “She sure makes it suffer”
The slayer-girl retracted the spear and seemed to masturbate herself with one hand and she pierced the triceratops again. And again. And again – sticking holes and drawing blood from all over its back.
The brachio had now moved as far back as i could and stood pressed against the side of the arena on the opposite side of where Katie and megan sat. Katie slipped of her T-shirt and shorts and suddenly sat naked on her seat, masturbating eagarly.
“I would like to sit on one of those longnecks one day” she said. “And feel it twist under me”
“This is wild” Megan whispered, slowly getting more wet and hot between her thies.
“I use to make myself cum as she kills the dino” Katie said.
The Brachio finallly seemed to loose a great deal of strength as the bloodloss became bigger. The slayergirl sticked the triceratops with the spear again and again, took back up the crossbow and fired more arrows into its neck. Masturbated herself on top of the large dinosaur as she moved the spear up and down on the trihorn.
Finally the brachio began to bleed like the triceratops had hit the heart or something, and the big dinosaur collapsed with blood puring all out of it. The slayergirl managed to jump off to the other side and run away before the longneck rolled over and the triceratops totally buried its head and horns in the destroyed underbelly.
The audience cheered and Megan saw Katie masturbate heavily.
“Kiss me!” Katie demanded and pulled Megans head to her lips. Megan followed her request and slipped her toungue into Katies mouth as the longnecked dinosaur twisted in its last spasms, died and left the triceratops seeming as a winner.
But only for a while. The triceratops was bleeding from countless wounds all over its back and head, arrows stuck up from it, pointing up into the air.
“The arrows are deep” Katie whispered, massaging her clit eagarly.
The slayergirl had now picked up a long sword  and ran towards the wounded trihorn. The tri threw its head after her, but she was to quick, stinging the sword deep into its shoulder and jumping away.
“She kills it that slowly” Katie mumbled, half way to Megan, half way to herself. She was all wet by now and her belly was totally hard. Around them almost every girl in the spectatorseats masturbated eagarly, enjoying the sufferings of the dinosaur.
The slayer attacked it again stinging her sword into the same shoulder. The dinosaur was almost to weak to try to hit her with its horns – blood pured out all over its back, only the defended soft underbelly was protected. The slayer had come so close in her last attack that she had gotten the triceratops blood on her left hand and now she rubbed it all over her naked breasts, making the audience cheer.
She ran around the triceratops which seemed too hurt to keep facing her. Now she was behind it and could run op the side of it without being seen and she jammed the two foot sword into its shoulder almost up to the handle. The tri roared and twisted and blood pured out from the shoulder, running down its leg and into the sand.
Finally the triceratops one front leg collapsed and it rolled over on its side, still roaring from pain.
“She is going for the kill. Watch closely” Katie said, barely able to keep back her orgasm. Megan felt her own hand had found its way down her pants and massaged her clit slowly. She was all wet to.
The slayer had picked up a new spear, this time it seemed with a point that was almost a sword – a two foot long razorblade. She ran the spear into the underbelly of the triceratops with all her strengh and it seemed to go at least three foot in. The triceratops roamed and spasmed and blood pured out from the bellywound like water from a fountain. The slayer was convinced of her victory, she managed to jump on top of the dinosaur and sit on top of it, rubbing its blood over her body for some seconds, before it finally twisted and died.
“I am cumming” Katie mumbled with closed eyes and bent her head back as the orgasm went through her body. She enjoyed every bit of it, and it seemed as a lot of the audience did the same, as it took a moment before everyone cheered.
“You are wicked” Megan grinned.
“Ah, yes” Katie said with a deep feeling of satisfaction. “Get naked girl, or people will think you do not enjoy the show. There are more fights than one today”

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  1. 1 jim825
    September 21, 2010 at 11:22 am

    Thanks for a good story to read. I never thought of a triceratops attacking a brachisaurus but its an interesting take.

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