Amazon Treena Barehanded vs Dragon

Treena had proven to be the best young warrior in her Amazonian village by far with the defeat of three dragons, the latest having been beaten with just her bare hands. This fact had not gone unnoticed by the village shaman, an older Amazon woman of 44 years named Winnota. Though she was older by Amazon standards the 44 year old was still a stunning piece of female construction. She stood tall and proud with just the slightest trace of soft flesh covering her still basically flat torso. Her breasts were huge, round and stood out from her bosom like great melon that may have begun to sag just a bit but not much. Winnota commanded respect of all the Amazons, which is why Treena never questioned for a second when she was asked to come to Winnota’s hut.

Winnota was interested in hearing Treena’s first hand accounts of her adventures in dragon slaying. Treena had fed the village well with her efforts and Winnota gave her well deserved kudos for her efforts. However Winnota had suspected that Treena had other motives for going on such dangerous huts for animals as deadly as dragons armed with just a spear and this latest time armed with nothing at all but her own muscular body.

“Pride” Winnota said, as Treena cocked her head slightly somehow she knew exactly where the shaman was going with her conversation and felt slightly uncomfortable.

“Pride is what drives you Treena. You are a strong, powerful warrior, perhaps the finest I have ever seen but be cautioned about fighting and hunting to fulfill your ambitions. You have great gifts and you want to use them that is natural. We all do. But always be mindful that no matter how powerful you are, no matter how great a warrioress you may be being too confident in your own abilities can lead to your ruination.”

“Why do you caution me of such things?” Treena asked. She was slightly insulted but kept her feelings in check in the presence of the great shaman. “I never take my foes or my prey lightly.”

“No?” asked Winnota with a raise of one eyebrow “Then tell me my dear one, why did you take no weapons with you when you fought and killed your last dragon? Why did you throttle him to death with nothing but your bare hands and feet?”

“Because I, I felt I could and I wanted to…to..”

“Be show off just how great you are?” Winnota finished her sentence for her.

It was the very definition of pride. Winnota had nailed Treena’s motives right on the head and the teenager dropped her head in embarrassment, “Yes Winnota. Yes, I wanted to…show off I suppose.”

The woman nodded, smiled and picked Treena head up with a lift to her chin, “Now that you’ve acknowledged that we can get on with why I asked you here today.”

Winnota stood and plucked something from a wood box. Treena couldn’t make out what it was as Winnota sat back down clutching the object within her aging but strong fist. She handed Treena the object. Treena let the ring fall into the palm of her own hand.

“A ring? It’s beautiful” The girl said

It was indeed a beautiful gold ring, beautiful in its simplicity not outwardly indicating the power that lay inside it. The ring held the mystical power of the Amazon world allowing its wearer to channel its incredible strength to the user’s own body. Treena stood in awed wonder as she slipped the ring onto her right index finger.

“Simply tap the ring three times with your other forefinger and you will feel the rush of our ancient gods enter your body. With them working with you, you shall be virtually immortal possessed with great strength and animal like quickness and senses.”

Treena bowed her head accepting the incredible gift.

Wanting to try out the powers the ring possessed Treena went to the forest the following day as soon as the sun rose. Killing dragons had become the norm for her. She had no doubt she could find another and kill it. She had beaten to death a young dragon with her bare hands just two days ago. Now, with her enhanced power she hoped to find an even larger one and slay it with her bare hands and legs. The idea created a substantial wetness in her loins. She rubbed her hair covered pussy lips and shuddered with delight. This would indeed be a day to remember.

Treena had gone about a mile into the woods before she came upon a still, clear water pond. She had a feeling this would be a good place to find a dragon…she was right. She dropped down behind a large boulder and peeked over the top.

Before her a large dark green colored dragon was leaning his fang filled maw into the cool water drinking deeply. He lifted his head and wiped some dripping water from his lower lip with his tongue and plunged his head back into the water drinking deeply again.

Treena reasoned this would be a difficult fight even with her power ring. But she had no idea just how much power the ring would impart onto her. She did as instructed and tapped the ring three times with her other forefinger. She expected a thunderclap or something, but no, no sound, no beams of godlike light from the heaves struck her. She felt warmth over her entire body but nothing more. She wondered if the ring had worked but knew Winnota would not steer her wrong.

She picked up a rock that fit neatly into the palm of her left hand. She closed her fist around it and squeezed. The rock crumbled in her hand. ‘Incredible’, Treena thought as she stared at the pulverized dust as she dropped it. Renewed with confidence she smiled and stood up from her hiding place. Her body looked the same as it had, the perfect female from of large, firm breasts, slender torso with well muscled abs, a thick carpet of brown pubes at her crotch and firm, muscular legs spread wide in her stance.

The dragon looked up from his drinking and swiveled quickly to face the human female. He had heard the stories of a human female warrior that had killed many of his kind. This had to be her. He reasoned correctly. He reared up on his hind legs to show his full size and strike terror into his opponent’s heart. His underbelly was pale yellow with hard breast plates protecting his heart & lungs. His soft belly had no such protection but he had no intention of allowing her access there. Besides she didn’t even carry one of those long, sharp spears. This was going to be all too easy he thought. He let out a loud, deep bellowing roar showing his outrage at this puny human then spoke, “I am Jader, the strongest dragon of my clan. You must be the one called Treena, yes?”

“Indeed” Treena said confidently “Tell me Jader, do you think this a good day to die?”

“For you perhaps” the dragon snarled.

“Not likely you scaly monster.” Treena said. “Prepare to meet your end Jader.”

The dragon was roughly five times the size of a large brown bear undoubtedly with a nasty temperament to match. He was a young adult having just entered the prime of his life equal to a 20-year-old male in human terms. He would never be stronger then he was right now, neither would Treena with the use of her ring.

It was the dragon that moved first. Jader lunged with surprising speed for a beast his size snapping his long, tooth filled snout at Treena. But to the Amazon with her enhanced senses his movement almost seemed be in slow motion. She ducked his attack with ease dodging right. With the dragon’s head now right beside her at waist level Treena punched him in the head right on the hole that was his ear opening.

Jader’s world was rocked as the girl’s fist slammed his head with astonishing force, so strong it was that it sent the massive dragon reeling sideways, his senses scrambled by the force of the blow. He staggered to his hand legs to steady himself by grabbing a tree with his left fore claw. He succeeded as he rested his back against another tree.

Treena was shocked by the blow she had delivered, and that had not even been a full strength punch. This was going to be a blast. She sprinted foreword and struck the still stunned dragon again. She leapt off her feet and easily jumped five feet straight up bringing her fist up into the dragon’s chin with a forceful uppercut punch.

The impact of the strike sent Jader’s head backwards into the trunk of the tree crashing the heavy wood tree trunk to splinters. The tree itself came crashing to the ground behind them, as Jader’s upper body lay draped over the splintered trunk. He incredibly dazed at the moment. Treena stood between his legs watching his stomach heave has he sucked breath then grabbed the end of his thick tail with its arrow tipped end. Tucking the end under her armpit she held the middle of the scaly tail and began to spin. It was not long before she had Jader lifted off the ground whipping him in circles with centrifugal force building his momentum. At just the right moment she let go and watched the huge dragon sail through the air and crash into three more trees across the pond. The hard impact shattered all three tree trunks with the rest of the tree remains falling forward covering Jader with their weight leaving just his right claw showing on the sandy soil.

Treena moved over to inspect the corpse but soon saw Jader was not dead. His claw scratched the ground and with a roar of anger he burst out from the thicket of tangled fallen timber and swiped his claw at Treena’s breasts. Treena was startled but avoided the swipe and seized his claw holding it at bat as easily as she would a child’s.

Then, using her right foot she sent a series of brutal kicks up and into the dragon’s right armpit. Jader howled in pain as each kick crushed the nerves in that sensitive area. She gave a fifth and final kick to his armpit then clutched Jader around the neck and dropped down onto her on butt bringing the dragon’s throat down hard onto her shoulder. Treena felt the gristle with his throat crunch and grind as it came down hard on her shoulder.

She stood, surveyed the downed dragon and cocked her elbow and brought it down hard onto his head right between his big eyes. The impact was intense and a trickle of blood came out Jader’s ear hole. Despite his beating Jader was true to his words. He was indeed a strong dragon. He shook his head and staggered to his four legs. But Treena knew the fight was hers.

She sent another uppercut punch into his jaw that stood Jader upright. She then delivered and standing drop kick to his hard, plate covered chest. Despite the chest armor Treena felt her bare feet make a sizeable indentation in Jader’s chest and she knew ribs had been fractured. But the impact from the drop kick sent Jader backwards into the boulder Treena had once hid behind. His back hit and his arms fell draped over the rock on either side with his tail & back legs sticking straight out in front on the ground. Indeed the dragon seemed to be almost reclining against the rock but the blood leaking from his ear and now seeping from the corners of his mouth gave indication that he was in severe distress.

Treena stepped closer to her obviously defeated opponent. His belly still heaved up and down as he sucked wind with labored breaths. Treena decided to see just how far her new powers would allow her to jump. She sprinted a few steps the leapt as high as she could. She was startled to see that she was soon at least 100 feet above the highest trees of the forest canopy. Jader looked like a small, insect in the clearing by the pond which itself looked now little more than a puddle. As Treena began to fall back to earth she pressed her bare feet tightly together and raised her arms high over her head to become streamlined. She pointed her toes up and angled her heels down as they aimed for their target.

Jader was still reclining and gasping trying to stay alive. He had no idea Treena was now falling from the sky with malicious intent. He opened his eyes when he heard Treena’s war cry just before she hit. Treena’s heels struck the intended mark, Jader’s soft stomach. Her falling weight created a deep impact crater into the tender belly meat. Treena felt the dragon’s yielding stomach meat envelop her feet and legs as her heels crushed deeply into his guts. She could feel the abdominal organs move aside along with the distinct impression that something soft had burst inside his gut from her crushing blow. Jader arched his neck forward in a horrific roar of agony. The human had hurt him terribly. Blood spewed from his mouth and splashed onto his fractured breastplate. And even more blood poured from his asshole giving a telltale signal as to the damage down to his abdominal innards.

Treena bounced off his now bruised stomach and leapt up high over Jader again and came back down with a fist that drilled him hard on top of his snout knocking his senseless yet again. Treena was now filled with both rage and sexual excitement as she beat the dragon to a pulp with her bare hands and feet.

Jader reached up at her weakly now. She grabbed his left forearm and brought it down hard over her thigh snapping it like a twig creating a compound fracture. Then, just to be safe, she took the right arm and wrenched it with a powerful twist that caused the shoulder to not only dislocate but also actually spin near 360 degrees in its socket. Now both his arms dangled helplessly at his sides the left one hemorrhaging badly from the compound break.

Treena sat down upon his upper chest and began a series of wicked duel handed hammer strikes onto his hard but slowly yielding breastplate. Over and over the sound of hard dragon bone slowly cracking filled the forest as Treena struck Jader’s chest again and again till the spot she had been striking was reduced from hardened bone to a spongy, yielding and very badly bruised crater. Jader’s tail and legs stuck straight out and quivered as Treena smashed his chest to a squishy pulp. Blood now gushed out the corners of his mouth and his breathing was nearly nonexistent.

Treena was like a shark in a feeding frenzy except it was her bare hands doing the killing not sharp teeth. She spun around and pulled Jader’s head up and brought a bone crushing forearm wallop down across the center of his skull between his big, reptilian eyeballs. She felt the skull sag and heard its crack as blood went shooting out both ear holes like water from a fountain. Two more blasts of blood came spurting out his nostrils and splattered Treena’s bouncing, wobbling tits. She laughed and jumped off him and surveyed her handiwork.

The once mighty dragon lay limply over the boulder a beaten and blood covered mess. She could still hear his raspy breathing but knew it would not go on for long. His belly was bruised, as was his chest both having been crushed. His head was fractured and blood was running in rivers from every opening on his body, ears, nostrils, mouth and asshole. Treena rubbed her now hot & heavily leaking cunt to a mind-blowing orgasm. Her cry of pleasure coincided with Jader’s last breath of life as his crushed belly failed to inflate with any more wind. In a strange way Treena was sorry he was gone. Killing him had been the greatest thrill of her young life. But at any rate his corpse would make for a fine feast. She hoisted his enormous bulk of seven tons over her shoulders with ease and carried her latest prize back to the village.

3 Responses to “Amazon Treena Barehanded vs Dragon”

  1. 1 rez123
    September 14, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    welcome back. its been a while since i saw anyone write some stories. i like the idea of fighting a dragon without weapons. maybe treena could encounter a massive dragon, way too big to harm in the normal way. like when she encounters the giant dragon she can force her way up its urethra and inflict horrible pain from the inside of its organ

  2. 2 juranar
    September 18, 2010 at 9:05 am

    Very hot story, I liked it!

  3. 3 dragcentury
    June 24, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    This is story is well written, i hope to see her slay another dragon barehanded. Or maybe even two dragons. I’d like to see her taunt and crush those two beasts…

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