Short Shotgun Story

As the big dragon Lao approached the five young girls hid themselves between the rocks, took their shotguns out and started to shoot his back.
The beast walked by, simply ignoring them. That made them angry a bit but they went on shooting.
They believed to hurt him, although the dragon did not react.
When he was past them, they took more ammo, climbed barefooted to the ground and ran around the mountain to meet the slow, big dragon.

They aimed to the head and neck and only after five powerful blast the dragon reared back a bit.
The girls smiled, reloading. One of the girls ran to his left side, shooting the flank.
Two of them aimed at his shoulders and the rest at the long neck.
While one of the girls shoot the head, luring the beast to her, the others attacked from both sides, making the dragon rear up again.

The beast had wounds on his left side and now all girls attacked him there at once, shooting bullets until the dragon reared and snapped at them.
So they run forward, turning around and shooting the dragon from the front.
Rocks fell on his back, letting him rear up again, they shoot head, neck and shoulder further.

He reared up again and some girls even hit the chest. The belly was still hidden on the ground.
But he reared up more frequently while the girls laughed and hitting his body on many different spots. His side had wounds on it as they attacked further
when the beast was walking past them.
They run forward again, the dragon came and got hurt by their attacks on the head.
He reared back many times, swinging the long neck around, screaming in agony.

Some girls where climbing on the rocks again, hitting the back, this time they made the dragon rear back in hard pain.
While their girlfriends aimed at the chest and the long neck.
With a roar the dragon coiled his body up and collapsed. He was not death, only unconsciousness.

They attacked more and the beast went up, walked a bit and reared up again.
His movements became slower, seeing him rear up under attack was so hot for the girls. He bent his neck to the left, rearing it up while moving it to the right.
“Ahhh, yess” the girls screamed.
The dragon had enough. He did it again and moved on his hindlegs, sat back and rearing himself completely upwards.
His exposed underbelly hung between his strong legs, defenceless and vulnerable.
They wasted no time, started shooting at the soft abdomen on the underbelly and made some nasty wounds in a short time.

The dragon was defeated. He stomped on his hindlegs, getting hit further by grinning, barefoot girls into the stomach.
His underside was convulsing in pain. He tighten his belly, bent the neck back and screamed hard.
But they shoot even more into the soft abdomen, shot the belly more and more.
The giant beast was so helpless, getting hits it into his unprotected guts.
The neck went back further. The beast was clearly dying.
Like a rock the big dragon fell on his side and was instantly death. The girls jumped up and down in joy, they had killed a dragon.

2 Responses to “Short Shotgun Story”

  1. 1 rez123
    September 20, 2010 at 5:35 am

    a short, and nice story.

  2. 2 jim825
    September 21, 2010 at 11:20 am

    Thank you for a good story. I like how the dragon takes so many hits and still keeps on living. The girls with shotguns are very sexy

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