Sniper Girls

Little Lucy was hidden between the rocks a half mile away from the dragon. She was dressed with a grey skirt and top, barelegged and barefooted.
The twelve year old sat in front of her sniper gun.
When she was looking through the scope she saw the dragons big head and her gun was pointing directly at it.
Around the area five of her friends, Nadia, Sue, June, Kate and Dani sat with sniper guns too waiting for her to start the attack.
They would kill the dragon for sure, so they thought.
Lucy looked through the scope again, felt her own excitement over attacking the dragon without it knowing of her.
She pressed the button of her gun. Through the scope she watched the dragons head going upwards.
“Yesss”, she thought.

She watched through the scope the body in pain and saw two new wounds on the long, rearing neck appear. Kate and June did her best.
Her heart pounded in expection of watching the big beast fall.
The dragon stomped, bending his neck. Lucy heard screams and gunshots. While the dragon was turning around, coiling the long neck upwards, she aimed at the neck from the side and shot.
She watched the creature bending the neck backwards in agony.
The desire to hurt the big beast more and more was rising into her.
Lucy was pointing her gun at the flank, down on the side of the belly, she saw the belly-rings of the dragon and shot!
With a smile she watched the belly-rings convulse, shot three times into them.
The creature reared up on its hind legs, receiving further shots into its stomach by Lucy’s friends.

“The belly, shot the belly”, Lucy thought.
It went back on all fours, turned around and walked a bit.
Its movements stopped when new red spots on the neck and chest appeared. The long neck went up again. Lucy took the opportunity to shot it once.
Then she pointed on the underside, shot once.
In pain the dragon stood up for a short time. Lucy loved to make the creature rear, hoping she would be able to belly-kill the beast.
So she shot the underside from this moment on.
The beast reared up many time, almost collapsing once. The attacks where heavy. The girls shot head, neck and even the abdomen from behind and the into the flanks.
And the movements of the creature where really a joy for the girls.
Its rearing back, the helpless squirming of the belly-rings and the long neck coiling up in almost every direction turned them on.
It made them to shot the beast further.

Finally the agonized twisting of the dragon let it turn around, having its front pointed to Lucy.
Roar after roar emerged from its mouth. After more shots into the flank the middle of the dragons underside appeared in Lucys scope.
It was different from the rest of the belly.
A small, white patch surrounded by yellow tissue before the belly-rings began.
“This must be his vulnerable spot”, Lucy thought.
She aimed quick, directly at the patch and shot. The dragon did not fall. With a tremendous scream it was rearing higher. Lucy shot and shot, always into the patch.
The beast was bending back. Dark blood flew out of the patch now.
A scream of agony, then simply its legs went limp.
It fell to its bottom, but before it started to fell, little Lucy shot the vulnerably spot further, without a way for the dragon to stop her.
The creature lost balance, slowly rolled on its side, but the defenseless belly got attacked more.

The others understood and shot the patch too, leaving nothing more than a bleeding hole there.
The dragon squirmed on its side, ready to squirm to death while the girls shooting all what they got all over the belly, after the vulnerable spot became a hole.
In torture the beast stretched the belly forwards, but the girls shooting it more and more until it was bleeding there very hard.
Several times the neck went up as the beast was writhing and winding in blood.
But when the girls came together, barefoot as they where and shooting from the front the dragon saw that little girls had defeated it and got exhausted.
The neck fell to the ground, but the belly was wriggling more.
“Lets open it”, Kate said, taking her knife.

All girls moved in, but when Kate plunged the knife into the belly the dragon reared back in a last effort, stretching the belly out.
They grinned when they saw the big belly totally vulnerable and started to stabbing and slicing it.
Deep roars came from the dragon as they butchered the big stomach, ramming their into it up to their hilts, around fifty times.
Then they where cutting it open on five spots from chest to pelvis.
Then they stepped back, watching it.
The stomach barely moved, it trembled. But after a few seconds the abdominal wall fell and never rose again.
So the girls danced on their bare soles around, their faces red in arousal.
They will do it again for sure.

2 Responses to “Sniper Girls”

  1. 1 Jim W.
    September 26, 2010 at 10:36 pm

    Thanks for a very good, fun to read story. I like their target practice!

  2. 2 xenodragon
    September 29, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    great story nice damage to the dragons belly

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