Cheldrak was in his lair enjoying some peace as he was a very old strange looking Dragon he could still kill most intruders.  The slayers had got something to dry the old Dragons penises and a nice amount of acid, they also had a few Dragon slaves to help them kill Cheldrak.   Most of the Dragons were male they had no idea they were on their way to die but they knew they would be helping to kill the oldest Dragon.  The slayers reached Cheldraks lair and were surprised to see he was a turtle Dragon hybrid.   Cheldrak looked at the entrance of his cave seeing the slayers he roared at them and slowly ran at them the slayers laughed at the lumbering Dragon and ran in several different directions surrounded the old Dragon.   A group of slayers brang the acid in and a group of Dragon slaves most of them young males.   The old Dragon looked at the slayers teasing him as they ran around him trying to reach his penises.   Cheldrak looked at the slayer under his penises and tryed to crush them but being so old he just could not move fast enough to catch the slayers a small group of them ran under his body and poured a strange liquid over his penises forcing them to get erect causing Cheldrak a lot of pain.   Cheldrak roared in pain as his old penises slowly became erect the young Dragon slaves where teasing Cheldrak laughing at his pain Cheldrak watched the slayers run to the side of him and try to put him on his back but they were just not strong enough to flip him onto his back to get to his erect penises so they got one of the Dragons to help a young male grabbed the side of Cheldrak and slowly turnt him over revealing his old erect penises the young aroused Dragon landing to close to Cheldrak head as the slayers poured acid over his left penis and watched as he roared in agony as the acid slowly melts the left penis.

Cheldrak was being teased by the young Dragon who was fully erect and rubbing his bollocks right infront of Cheldraks face.  Cheldrak turnt back over and grabbed the Dragons penis in his mouth and started to chew the Dragons penis, the young Dragon roared in horror as his penis was chewed.   Staggering away the young Dragon bleeding from his mouth and penis fell to his knees holding his penis before falling on his back dead.  The slayers knew they would lose a few more Dragon slaves before killing Cheldrak.  A second Dragon a young female was next to help turn Cheldrak over but as she got close he knocked her on her back and began to use his beaked mouth to rip open her vagina screaming in pain as her vagina was ripped apart the female Dragon died in a matter of seconds.

The slayers watched as Cheldrak ate her vagina her mate came charging in anger towards Cheldrak flipping him over before dragging his dead mate away from her killer before he burnt her dead body and flew away.  The slayers then poured more acid over Cheldraks left penis making him squirm in agony as his left penis burnt and began to melt, cheldrak screamed as he turnt back over roaring at the slayers.  A group of the slayers were busy building a trap for Cheldrak and his penises.

Cheldrak looked at the slayers and watched as they tried to stab his penises, just as he went to crush them another Dragon grabbed his side and flipped him on his back, squirming Cheldrak roared as more acid was poured onto his left penis but the slayers were running out of the acid and needed the trap finished and soon.   The male Dragon that flipped Cheldrak was just escaping the lair when Cheldrak flipped back over and hit the Dragon smashing him to the floor, dazed the young Dragon got up only for Cheldrak to grab his penis and start chewing, the Dragon screamed as blood poured out of his mouth it took a matter of seconds for Cheldrak to kill the Dragon but the slayers had finished the trap and were waiting for their friends to get him to chase them to the trap.

The slayers placed a male Dragon behind the trap and began to rub his penis making it erect teasing Cheldrak as the Dragon roared with pleasure, this made cheldrak angry and he charged at the slayers and the Dragon.   The young Dragon dropped to his knees as he got close to his climax he saw Cheldrak getting closer but he was in so much pleasure he didn’t move.   Just before Cheldrak could reach the Dragon he fell into the trap Cheldrak tried his hardest to free himself but due to his body and the shell around his body he could not get out of the trap and worse of all his penises were being melted by the pool of acid the old Dragon fell into.

The slayers rubbing the Dragon penis were now rubbing harder and to make Cheldraks pain worse they forced the Dragon to shoot his cum over Cheldraks face but kept the Dragon just out of Cheldraks reach, a group of slayers were watching Cheldraks penises as they slowly melted causing Cheldrak to scream and roar in agony as blood began to drip from his mouth the slayers knew he was almost dead so they all gathered around the male Dragon and just for fun they tied him to the ground and with the little acid they had left poured it over the Dragons belly and penis, the Dragon roared in agony for a few seconds before dying.  Cheldrak was now bleeding badly and his penises were now melted away and leaving just two small stumps it took a few more minutes for him to die the slayer left him and went in search of the next Dragon to kill.

18 Responses to “Cheldrak”

  1. 1 rez123
    September 27, 2010 at 3:34 am

    yay, you finally posted it! i bet the slayers will have fun with Toxxulia and her wyvern and wurm guardians.

  2. 3 rez123
    September 28, 2010 at 11:45 am

    its no problem. i know my friend is a little annoyed with me though for asking him about it all the time though.

  3. 7 xenodragon
    September 28, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    thats fine with me buddy i dont need upto the ones im doing now

    • 8 rez123
      September 28, 2010 at 12:19 pm

      ok cool i added 2 more special ones. the other ones that are there besides toxxulia are not too strong so when you get the chance to write those ones, they dont have to be as long

  4. 10 rez123
    September 28, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    ok. and from now on i will delete them as you finish them. also when you finish all of these ones. i have found an extra special dragon that needs killing, that is alot stronger than all of the other ones combined

  5. 12 rez123
    September 28, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    ok, what do you think of the other ones ive added so far. what order do you think you want to do them in?

  6. 16 xenodragon
    September 28, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    will do buddy

    • 17 rez123
      September 28, 2010 at 1:32 pm

      cool. i think though that unless you get alot of free time that you should try doing the easy ones first since they would be shorter but its up to you. anyways i am going to bed now. see you later and i miss typing to you

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