The Shepard-boy and the dragon

The village was silent. It was dark. Only a deep growl was hearable. A big dragon stomped over the place.
Kids and woman hide themselves in their homes, while the man prepared an ambush for the dragon.
With forks and knifes, yelling and cursing they attacked from all sides.
But the dragon was unimpressed.
They did not succeed in placing a single weapon into the body of the dragon.
Instead of it the beast bit five men in half while the others desperately tried to dove their weapons into the beast.
But the skin of the dragon was too hard so they fled and the dragon walked further.
Unable to stop the beast they all left the village, the dragon behind them.
He was catching a girl then creeping out of the village.

A young boy named Milutin with a small knife followed him. He saw the beast, saw that the underside made a path on the ground.
“Maybe his underside is soft and vulnerable?”, the boy thought.
On bare feet he followed the dragon further, saw him taking his snack from safe distance.
It was terrible, the poor girl was ripped apart.
After the dragon finished eating it grew tired. Without thinking about a possible threat the beast went to its side and fell asleep.
Milutin sneaked to the dragon found it sleeping and realized that the belly had no scales at all.

He took the knife out, went to the middle of the unprotected stomach of the dragon.
He was waiting just a little bit, aimed and shoved his knife as fast as he could repeatedly into the soft belly.
The beast woke up, started to flounder on the side and roar.
Milutin stabbed ten times within seconds.
In pain the beast failed in standing up, received blow after blow.
Then, while standing up it collapsed in pain on the side and Milutin stabbed again and again.
Finally the dragon stood up, but the boy had stabbed him thirty-five times.

The neck reared up and it collapsed on his belly.
Milutin circled around the dragon, mocking it. Unable to catch him, the dragon stood up, turned around.
But when it was on the other side the boy was behind him again.
The blood went out of its belly and the beast screamed in pain.
When Milutin flew the dragon followed him. He had a plan, walking to the near lake.
With his knife in hand he went into the water, hoping that the dragon would follow.
And it did.

When the boy had lured the dragon into the middle of the lake, he started diving.
The dragon unable to dive looked confused.
But soon it started to roar.
Milutin was under it, stabbing the belly again. The dragon swam to the shore, getting stabbed continuously into the defenceless
underside on different places.
The beast bucked and twisted in torture while the boy attacked further.
When reaching the shore, the beast fell on the belly again.

Over fifty holes the boy made into it.
The neck went up in pain and agony.
“Yes, that is fun”, Milutin yelled.
“Now, collapse on your side!”.

All strength was gone. The beast lifted its neck, lost balance and rolled over.
Instead of its side, it landed completely helpless on its back.
The boy jumped onto the belly and gored the underside of the dragon, who was squirming around.
Stab after stab hit the stomach.
He was ramming the knife in for minutes. After his weapon sunk in the hundredths time the beast shivered and died with a last roar.
One small shepard boy freed his whole village.

2 Responses to “The Shepard-boy and the dragon”

  1. November 3, 2010 at 11:56 pm

    Nice bloody story – he liked doing that dragon

  2. 2 Jim W.
    November 5, 2010 at 11:14 am

    I have missed reading your stories. They are always so exciting. Thank you. I am working on one too.

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